During the trip to Israel, our Costa cruise reaches the port of Ashdod. From here we travel to Jerusalem, considered a Holy City by Christians, Jews and Muslims. The Haas Promenade has a panoramic view of Jerusalem. In the narrow streets of the old town are the most representative monuments of its four neighbourhoods: the Wailing Wall in the Jewish quarter, the Muslim mosque of al-Aqsa and the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Golgotha. From the Temple Mount, the golden Dome of the Rock shines in the sun. Tel Aviv, known as the “White City”, is completely different. With little more than a century of existence, it is an open-air museum of white buildings in the Bauhaus style. At Eilath however, whether you stay on the beaches, ideal for sports and diving, or visit the fortress of Masada and the Dead Sea, everything is a thrill. Our cruise excursions allow you to visit all these great places.

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