Greece is a place where history and mythology are inextricably linked. A cruise to Greece with Costa gives you the opportunity to discover the beauty, wonders, history and the modern diversity of this spectacular country. Greece is truly blessed with some of the most beautiful islands and natural environments in the world, steeped in unique history and relics that are windows into its ancient past. On a cruise sailing the Mediterranean, you’ll be able to explore many of the Greek islands while experiencing the wonders of this sea. Greece is culture and mythology, from the magnificent city of Athens with its ancient wonders of the Acropolis and the Theatre of Dionysus; not to mention its “upper city”, with the remains of the Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, we reach the heart of the historic centre of Athens: the Plaka district. Its narrow winding streets at the foot of the Acropolis include restaurants, shops, craft shops, Orthodox churches. We travel through Greece passing the beautiful island of Crete, the largest Greek Island and home of the prosperous Minoan civilisation. But Greece is also characterised by its seas and islands: the thriving Mykonos and the beaches and vistas of Corfu: there’s something for everyone en route to Santorini, the southern-most island of the Cyclades group of islands You’ll discover a deep blue sea, volcanic rocks and breath-taking cliffs. Immerse yourself in the past of this picturesque land with its priceless archaeological heritage and unforgettable landscapes.

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The cliffs of Santorini island, located in Greece, shine with the bright white of the houses that dominate the Mediterranean from the top of their summit.

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