French Polynesia

The trip to French Polynesia is a real legend for those who love the sea. Studded with a hundred islands, it has a picture-perfect sea, white beaches and palm trees blowing in the breeze that form the backdrop to our cruise in the Pacific Ocean.  From the moment our cruise ship arrives, you’ll be struck by the light that shines on the sea. We understand at once why Gauguin retreated here to paint the beauty. All the places we visit are elements of this iconic earthly paradise. The most important and most populated island is Tahiti, followed by Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora and many others, all with dazzling beaches, seas with a thousand shades of turquoise and fragrant flowers. We’re accompanied by the dances and drums that are more than just music here: they are a real language of welcome and greeting, but also a way to thank, honour and pray to the gods.

Ports featured

Bora Bora

The world knows it as the 'Pearl of the Pacific' and the reason is soon clear when you see its magnificent beaches and dreamy views.