Geographically, Denmark is the border between Europe and Scandinavia. Looking out to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, which are the setting for our cruise. Myth is intertwined with history in this country, home of the Vikings and the land of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Denmark is the birthplace of the writer Hans Christian Andersen, and the mermaid statue at the entrance of the port of Copenhagen pays tribute to his imagination. Our cruise to Denmark brings us into contact with a country in continuous cultural ferment. In Copenhagen, we visit the architectural treasure of Christiansborg Palace, seat of the Parliament. This bicycle-friendly city allows you to get around easily on two wheels. Christiania is perhaps the most famous neighbourhood, given its unusual status as a partly self-managed community. Then witness the tranquil atmosphere of the Faroe Islands, 18 isolated rocky islands between Norway and the Atlantic Ocean, with a landscape lit up by brightly coloured houses and buffeted by the sound of the wind and the sea always in the background.

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Copenhagen is ideal for exploring by bicycle: its narrow streets and small bridges enclose all the magic that inspired the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

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