Netherlands Antilles

The Dutch Antilles are an autonomous territory of the Netherlands consisting mainly of two distinct groups of archipelagos.  On a cruise with Costa in the Caribbean Sea you’ll have any number of options to choose from between the Little Antilles near Curacao or the white beaches of Sint Maarten. Whichever destination you prefer, it will be the perfect holiday for spending some unforgettable moments between idyllic islands, wonderful natural scenery and plenty of sunshine. With an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the Caribbean is a lovely year-round destination. The turquoise sea and white sandy beaches, the crystal-clear sea and the coral reefs, lush vegetation, and, again, the rich architectural heritage and the scents of the Creole cuisine: a holiday to the Antilles is a memorable experience in every way. On our Costa cruise ships you’ll follow the routes of the ancient pirates of the Caribbean, among tropical paradises with landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

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