British Virgin Islands

The archipelago conquers us with its beauty and its relaxing rhythms. While the weather in Europe is cold and winter is looming, a Costa cruise to the Virgin Islands is a real opportunity to appreciate the warmth of these islands. The Virgin Islands, located east of Puerto Rico, form a picture-postcard archipelago, from the lush greenery and white beaches surrounded by palm trees. The Islands are divided between colonies of the United Kingdom and American territory. The British Virgin Islands have their capital in Road Town, on the island of Tortola, once a hideout for buccaneers and now a departure point for tourists on a cruise in the Caribbean. From here we take a boat to Salt Island for one of the finest scuba diving excursions in the Caribbean: exploring the wreck of Rohne, a steamboat that sunk to the seabed in the mid-1800s. You will also love the beaches on the island of Virgin Gorda, which we will not fail to visit.

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.