Bermuda is a perfect archipelago for a cruise. About three hundred islets in the Atlantic Ocean, with distinctive pink sandy beaches, dotted with colonial-style houses painted in a variety of pastel colours.
Famous for its beautiful coasts that alternate with long stretches of coastline made up of small coves like swimming pools, Bermuda gave fashion the eponymous shorts. In fact, given the weather, we don't need anything except shorts, a t-shirt, a hat, a pair of flip-flops and a nice cold beer. The main activities of Bermuda are enjoying the relaxation by the sea, dipping and diving in the clear waters, made very warm thanks to the Gulf Stream. The local culture is a fusion of British colonial history and African heritage, which we find in the traditional cuisine and music. During our cruise to Bermuda we visit the city of Saint George's with its fortifications, a UNESCO World Heritage site.