With more than 3,200 kilometres of coastline, Vietnam is a triumph of gulfs, coves and immaculate beaches where you can immerse yourself in a heavenly climate. Whether you want to sunbathe or soak up the water and snorkel, you've just arrived in a country of ancient and extraordinary culture and even more beautiful beaches: welcome to Vietnam!

Also known as Viet Nam or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, this is one of the easternmost countries of the Asian continent and a paradise highly frequented by tourists from all over the world. At Costa, we have compiled a complete list of Vietnam's most beautiful beaches:

  • Bai Truong
  • Bai Sao
  • Ganh Dau
  • Bai Cay Men
  • Bai Chuong
  • Bai Dam Trau
  • Trieu Duong Bay
  • Bai Nuoc Ngot
  • Bai Sa Huynh
  • Bai Dai Lanh
  • Bai Mon
  • Bai Ky Co
  • Beach on An Binh Island
  • Bai Bac
  • Bai Nam on the Son Tra Peninsula
  • Lang Co Beach
  • Nhat Le Beach
  • Cat Dua II Beach
  • Minh Chau Beach
  • An Bang Beach
  • Cua Dai Beach
  • Sam Son Beach
  • Beach on the small Co-To-Island

Bai Truong

Welcome to Bai Truong, a spectacular coastline that graces the already striking island of Phu Quoc. Its name means "Long Coast", and its spectacular golden sands stretch for over 20 kilometres between a crystal clear sea and a verdant line of coconut palms. This area is not just a tropical paradise worthy of being photographed, but it's also one of the most interesting locations if you like the idea of spending long hours on the beach, pampered only by the sound of the waves and the extraordinary beauty of a decidedly wild landscape. The beach is divided into the north and south parts. The northern part is mainly dedicated to luxury resorts and tourist for facilities. In the south, however, some of the beaches are free.

Those arriving here can safely walk along the coast, but local tour guides strongly recommend renting a scooter or bicycle for reaching the small fishing villages that line Bai Truong, areas that are very important for the presence of pearl crops.

We recommend that you dive into the water for a dip or, if you like, to rent the necessary equipment for snorkelling on site: Bai Truong offers some of the most striking seabeds in the whole of Vietnam.

Bai Sao

Bai Sao, the "star beach", is the postcard-perfect beach par edxcellence of Vietnam. If Bai Truong is the epicentre of tourism, Bai Sao is the destination of all those who are looking for a corner of paradise on earth where you can spread out your towel and take some unforgettable photos. Immaculate beach, pristine waters and generous coconut palms that shade the holidaymakers. It is therefore no coincidence that it is considered the most beautiful coast of Vietnam, to be enjoyed not only during the long days of sunshine, but also at dawn and sunset. The waters are calm and clear, perfect for diving and swimming in peace.

While not as well structured as Bai Truong, Bai Sao offers various services to tourists and provides restaurants, public areas, bars and small shops.

Ganh Dau N.Y.

The area of Ganh Dau, in Vietnam, offers a series of wonderful beaches to adventurous tourists who decide to reach this location. Famous for the presence of the Bai Dai beach, a coastal stretch of immaculate beaches and turquoise waters, it has become famous for the tranquillity of the environment and the photographic beauty of the place. Every year, Ganh Dau attracts thousands of tourists here by the presence of amusement parks, connected safari areas, the casino, golf courses and the many opportunities to play water sports. This is where you have to come, in fact, if you are a fan of snorkelling or diving. And at the end of a tiring day of fun, enjoy a drink on the beach in one of the many resorts available here and wait for the dusk for a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Bai Cay Men

You just arrived on the island of Nam Du driven by the many tour guides who advise you to include it in your Vietnamese itinerary. You did well: you won't regret it. The first thing to do is to look for directions for Bai Cay Men, the most beautiful beach on the island. The generous coconut palms that shade the golden beach will be your only seaside companions along with the residents who sporadically embark to go fishing. Bai Cay Men is not an entirely touristy place, and the beach is kept clean by a family that keeps it in perfect condition for tourists looking for privacy and tranquillity on their holiday in Vietnam. Around here there are only a few huts, hammocks and a small bar that serves great drinks. Everything else will be your responsibility, and you're going to have to bring a packed lunch with you.

Bai Chuong


The island of Binh Ba, or lobster island, offers tourists a spectacular demonstration of what beach means in Vietnam. The island is located about 15 kilometres from the port of Ba Ngoi and until a few years ago was occupied by a military station, so no civilians could access it. At the moment the rules have changed slightly and access to tourists is only allowed at certain times of the year. Bai Chuong is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the place and offers enchanted seabeds for snorkling, a white pearl beach and lots of sun.

Bai Dam Trau

Of all the beaches on the island of Con Dau, certainly that of Bai Dam Trau is probably the best. The soft white sand to sink your feet into welcomes you and gently accompanies you to the crystal-clear waters of a calm and inviting sea. The beach is surrounded by verdant rocks where you can enjoy the shade in the hottest hours of the day. Bai Dam Trau is located near an airport, and a portion of the beach crosses the aircraft landing trajectory. Stay here in the hours when planes pass to enjoy a respectable motorised spectacle - and safely.

Bai Dam Trau also offers another great advantage: being located on the west coast, its waters can be entered for bathing even in the windiest months, like the ones from November to February.

Trieu Duong Bay


Trieu Duong Bay is located in the south of the island of Phu Quy and it's a real paradise for shell-gathering enthusiasts. Once upon a time, this white-sand shoreline overlooking a transparent sea was perhaps one of Vietnam's most beautiful locations, while now it suffers greatly from the arrival of mass tourism. The beach is well maintained, but waste often comes to shore from the sea that spoils the atmosphere, otherwise untouched. In the hope that the government will return Vinh Teu Duong to its original beauty, spend a day here diving and snorkelling, and enjoy the shade of vegetation by stopping in one of the picnic areas. Remember to take away your waste!

Bai Nuoc Ngot


Bai Nuoc Ngot is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Cam Ranh Bay, and as soon as you get here you'll easily understand the reason. You will be immediately captivated by the beauty of its picturesque setting, where the golden sand is thrown into a calm and sky-blue sea. Come here if you are a swimming enthusiast who wants to enjoy a day of diving in a simply wonderful setting. Don't forget the sunscreen and a camera to capture the special moments you will experience here.

Bai Sa Huynh

From the city of Quang Ngai you can easily get to Bai Sa Huynh, a spectacular golden-sand beach that is not popular with tourists. Miles of coastline diving headlong into a blue sea offer hospitality to the tourist who, like you, wants to spread a towel in the sun and enjoy the warm weather of a holiday day in Vietnam. If you like to swim, be careful: the seabed dips quickly and the waves can be very strong.

Bai Dai Lanh

A stretch of sandy coastline about 90 kilometres from the city of Nha Trang, Bai Dai Lanh is just a magical location. The area is surrounded by lush mountains and white sands that throw themselves headlong into the sea, inviting you to dive in. North of Bai Dai Lanh is a small fishing village worth a visit.

The casuarina trees that line the beach offer shelter to tourists, of whom there are generally still few, since the location is still not easily accessible. It is a beautiful location for snorkelling.

Bai Mon

Welcome to Phu Yen, in the small village of Dong Be where the spectacular Bai Mon beach stands. Despite being less than half a kilometre long, this extraordinary location is home to hundreds of tourists every year who are fascinated by the fame of the turquoise waters that extend as far as the eye can see. Bai Mon has not yet been reached by mass tourism, however, and ensures a breath-taking natural spectacle, surrounded by verdant cliffs and a sea that can't wait to welcome you into its warm waters.

The reason for why this beautiful beach does not often appear in the tour guides is the almost total no tourist facilities reception in the area. This means that if you get here you will have to have enough water with you and everything you need for eat something packed. You can also stop in the area for camping.

Bai Ky Co

The Ky Co Beach boasts the reputation amongst residents of being one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. If you come here, you will realise that you have arrived in a small tropical paradise where the sky and the sea merge on the horizon line. The golden beach is dotted with coconut palms and surrounded at the ends by towering cliffs of dark rock. Despite being well organised, Ky Co is predominantly a destination for Vietnamese people, and you'll rarely find Western tourists here. Spread out your towel and enjoy the crisp waves of a location few in the world can say they visited during their stay in Vietnam.

Beach on An Binh Island


Also known by the name of Dao Be (Little Island), An Binh offers a coastline that seems to emerge from the wildest dreams of travellers looking for the perfect beach. Come here to enjoy the shade of coconut palms just a few metres from the crystal clear sea water. The casual and relaxed atmosphere will do everything else: you have arrived at one of the beaches where relaxing is an authentic pleasure and you can enjoy a truly Vietnamese atmosphere. 

Bai Bac

Welcome to Da Nang, and particularly on the Son Tra peninsula. Here stands a small beach called Bai Bac that each year welcomes tourists eager to dive into a fantastic sea. This beach full of coconut palm trees is famous for hosting the famous InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, which occupies most of the area. Although it is a very popular area amongst the Vietnamese, part of the beach is closed to protect a reproduction habitat of turtles that populate the island. At Bai Bac you may also be able to admire some beautiful loris monkeys, and many other wonderful animal species.

Bai Nam on the Son Tra Peninsula

Bai Nam is a spectacular beach on the Son Tra Peninsula that offers well-organised tourist facilities, a white beach and crystal clear waters where diving is a real pleasure. Come here for snorkelling or enjoy the quiet of this heavenly place.

Lang Co Beach

The 10 kilometres of Lang Co Beach, part of the municipality of Lang Co, stand on the slopes of Mount Hai Van. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Lang Co's immaculate beach welcomes thousands of tourists every year who are fascinated by the beauty of the place. White sands, rental parasols and water that invites you to dive.

Nhat Le Beach

Near the mouth of the river Nhat Le has the beach of the same name, where staying is an authentic pleasure that deserves a small diversion of your Vietnamese itinerary. White sands, crystal clear waters and the sound of the wind: this is where you have to come if you want to relax in a luxury resort and listen to the melody of the coast all day. Come here if you're looking for a special place to spend a romantic moment with your sweetheart: the sunset will conquer both.

Cat Dua II Beach


Also known as Monkey Island, Cat Dua offers a series of incredible beaches populated especially by these extraordinary creatures. Cat Dua II is located on the right side of the tiger rock formation and is home to a lush forest with a strong biodiversity.

Minh Chau Beach


Minh Chau's beaches are considered to be amongst the cleanest and most pristine in all of northern Vietnam. Every year, in fact, thousands of tourists disembark here to enjoy an enchanted sea that surrounds huge rocky and verdant slopes.

An Bang Beach

An Bang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An. Relatively untouched by tourist development, it offers white sandy beaches and waters where you can experience different water activities. Come here if you want to try your hand at surfing, paddle surfing or swimming: there are many courses available to tourists, suitable for all levels of preparation.

Cua Dai Beach

In Vietnam there are only 5 areas that are also UNESCO Biosphere Heritage Sites. The beach of Cua Dai is one of them. It's only 3 kilometres, but the tropical waves of this place, where you can rent beautiful huts, will enter your heart. Come here for a day at the beach and stay to enjoy a seafood dinner at one of the many beachside venues.

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son Beach is a beach resort in Sam Son City, in the Bac Trung Bo region. The area became a resort as early as 1906 thanks to the French settlers who landed here. Golden beach, clean water and plenty of space to relax.

Beach on small Co-To-Island


Despite being the inhabited island furthest from the coast of Vietnam, Co-To has in recent years become one of the most popular destinations for local tourists. Its primitive beauty is made to amaze and enchant at the same time: spread your towel out on the soft, white sand and get involved with the thousand of water activities available in the area. Restaurants also offer the best of Vietnamese cuisine, so you can really immerse yourself in the local culture.

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