Valencia is a wonderful city, the third largest in the beautiful, sunny country that is Spain. While walking along its streets and going to its beaches, you will realise that this amazing location is also the perfect holiday destination.

The old town is a real concentration of art and history,  amidst all the best places in Valencia. Sip a coffee near the ancient, majestic walls of this centuries-old city, and breathe in the unmistakeable beauty of the best attractions, such as the Cathedral and the Lonja de la Seda. Get lost in the cobbled lanes of the city and feel the magic of Valencia that will enter your heart.

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Valencia is great to visit in any season, and offers the best of itself without being too hard to get in the colder months. How can you not be in a good mood when you sitting under a palm tree, a few metres from some of the best beaches in Spain?

And if the idea is enjoying the history you are fond of, you should also try the culinary side of that. Come here to taste the authentic paella valenciana, the only, original one that will make you fall in love with this awesome dish. Seeing as though you are here, don’t forget to taste the most famous local drink: horchata, made with earth almond - a plant that grows near the coast and only in sandy soil. And if you have never tasted agua de Valencia, this is the right time to try it: this citrus-flavour cocktail hides the alcohol content that will leave you enraptured, just ideal for an aperitif by the sea.

Seen one Spanish, seen them all? Wrong! When you come to Valencia, you will see that here Spain is something else. Walk along the street and talk to the locals: you will soon realise that the language is different, and the residents carry on unique traditions, that you will only find here.

Of course, the city's jewel in the crown are the amazing beaches that are just as pretty as the ones in the best islands in Spain. Colourful, vibrant and full of life: Valencia is the home of long stretches of golden-sand coastline that are easy to reach by public transport. The sea here is never-ending, clean and just perfect for a dip: the countless beaches that fly a blue flag will make you certain that you are in exactly the right place. It will strike you that, despite its organisation, Valencia is still mostly an unspoilt seaside paradise: the difference with the Costa del Sol is obvious, but the beauty of these places is unrivalled!

To help you, we have compiled a list of the best beaches in the city. So all you have to do is make sure you have your swimsuit in your suitcase and get off one of our large cruise ships. Welcome to paradise! 

Malvarrosa Beach

Welcome to Malvarrosa, a beautiful golden-sand beach with a promenade alongside it that will make you think you never want to leave. Although it is one of the busiest and most popular areas of the Valencia coast, you feel its irresistible attraction immediately. Malvarrosa owes its name to the district where, in 1848, the French botanist Felix Robillard, the head gardener at the Champs Elysees, bought a large piece of land and planted several species there, including the “Malva-Rosa” (mallow flower, or geranium odoratissimun), that began to be cultivated on a large scale for sale to the public as an essence. This transition drove the beach in a more middle-class direction, changing it from a harbour for fishermen who came back with their full loads to an area of rest and relaxation for a higher social class. Several famous people, including Joaquin Sorolla and Blasco Ibáñez, have come to the wonderful beach of Malvarrosa.

Come here for a lovely moment of relaxation on your own, with your friends or with your whole family. The water is suitable for bathing for both adults and children and is just perfect for a dip. Hire a parasol and sunbeds and enjoy the festive atmosphere of a beach that everyone loves. The water is supervised by lifeguards. There are also public toilets, showers, changing rooms and everything else required to make you holiday comfortable and easy. And when the sun gets too hot, you can always take refuge in one of the many bars or restaurants available along Malvarrosa, where you can sit and enjoy a great drink and the best of local cuisine.

Malvarrosa is about 1 kilometre long and each year hosts thousands of tourists. Why don’t you come to one of the most popular destinations for anyone wanting fun on the beach!

Patacona Beach

If we carry on along the beautiful Malvarrosa coast, you will come to Patacona, a beach paradise on the edge of the city of Valencia. This beach is perfect for spending a day relaxing and sunbathing, with all the necessary comforts so that you are not missing anything.

Patacona Beach is on the list of the most important in Valencia, and that is no coincidence. This is the perfect choice, in addition to Malvarrosa, for spending a few hours on the beach close to one of the most charming historical cities in Spain. So: sun, sea, swimming and, just a short walk away, all the culture that your holiday needs to make it truly unforgettable. How can you resist?

Choose Patacona if you don’t want to move around a lot and, at the same time, you are looking for a slightly quieter beach than Malvarrosa, that is pretty but also rather full of people at all times of the day.

Here, the sand is clean and golden, the area has well-organised bathing establishments that offer all facilities to tourists to make sure they have a great day at the beach. Showers, changing rooms, public toilets, access for tourists with limited mobility: this and much more awaits you at Patacona, that will surprise you with its beauty!

The water is child-friendly and also suited to the less expert swimmers. Also, tourism here is slightly more local, therefore it will be lovely to place your parasol next to someone who comes to this beach almost all year round. If you are looking for some refreshments, you can always head to one of the many chiringuitos on the beach, or your can sit down comfortably at one of the local restaurants, where you can try tasty local dishes - including paella!

El Cabañal-Arenas Beach

If you go to El Cabañal, the fishermen’s district in Valencia, you must take a look at the splendid Las Arenas Beach. In addition to being the reference point for local cultural tourism, you can come here and really get a taste of the local culture, seeing how coastal life truly is for the inhabitants of this spectacular city. Whether you want to relax on the beach, search for the best restaurant, or just enjoy the architectural style of the modern-style façades, this barrio is just the right place for you!

In the summer, Las Arenas beach is a little bit of paradise on earth. Golden sand, warm, shallow waters and never-ending sun. Come here if you are looking for a place where you can relax or a characteristic Valencia beach that is a little out of the ordinary. In addition to having small bathing establishments, it is the perfect oasis for a beach volley game or some great music, that you hear from the groups of travelling musicians.

The beach is about 1200 metres long and offers parasol and sunbed hire, a sailing school, lifeguards, and public toilets and showers. Everything you need for a great, easy stay at the beach in a place where you can bring the children too.

Valencia is famous for the façades of its houses, often covered in beautiful ceramic tiles. This is especially true in El Cabañal, where walking along the streets is like being in a dream of shapes and colours. Make sure you have your camera with you. Take a trip round the great markets or buy some fresh fish at La Lonja de Pescado, the port where fishermen bring their catch to shore each day. 

Pinedo Beach

Pinedo is a small village that lies in the region of Valencia and offers some absolutely splendid beaches to tourists. Located in the south west of the city, Pinedo Beach is renowned for being one of the most spectacular beaches in Spain. With its soft, golden sand that slopes into a calm, blue sea, coming here for a day of sun and sea is a real pleasure. Come here to hire your parasol and sunbed and enjoy the bathing establishments that will allow you to have a comfortable, unforgettable stay. Bring your children with you too: the water is perfect for them.

There are public toilets, showers and everything you need for a carefree stay. When the sun gets too hot, you can always find shelter in one of the many restaurants and bars nearby, where you have the chance to try the bet of local traditional cuisine.

One and a half kilometres long, this beautiful beach is only 32 metres wide, but it is worth every moment of your visit.  Pinedo lies south of the Valencia Royal Sailing Club.

Traditionally, Pinedo has always been a town of farmers and fishermen, but in recent decades, it has turned into one of the most important seaside resorts in the region. That is due to the crystal-clear, blue sea! The River Turia flows to the south of the beach and, if you follow it inland, it leads to a number of beautiful paddy fields, all worth a photograph.

l'Arbre del Gos Beach


A wild, uncontaminated beach close to the sand dunes that are a part of the La Albufera Nature Park. This strip of golden-sand coast stretches for over 2.6 kilometres, from Paseo Maritimo to Creu del Saler. Open to the public since 2007 after environmental and landscape upgrading, l’Arbre del Gos also has a fantastic prom and cyclists. The promenade is perfect for long walks among the low vegetation and sand: you won’t be able to resist the temptation of smelling the fragrant flowers that cover the landscape!

l’'Arbre del Gos Beach is well equipped with excellent bathing establishments where you can hire parasols and sunbeds. The area is fully organised, ideal for spending a quiet day just a few kilometres from the centre of Valencia. The sea is blue and crystal clear, perfect for both adults and children who want to swim. Lifeguards supervise the coast to ensure maximum safety.

Public toilets, showers and accessibility for tourists with limited mobility make l’'Arbre del Gos the perfect place for your holidays, without worrying too much about the infrastructures. There is a small area dedicated to gay tourism between Pinedo and Saler.

You can reach l’Arbre del Gos by bus number 14 or 15. The trip takes 40 minutes, but it is well worth it.

El Saler Beach

Welcome to El Saler, probably one of the best, most exciting beaches in Valencia. Famous not just for its size, but also for the quality of its natural environment, El Saler attracts thousands of tourists each year who want to enjoy a corner of uncontaminated coastline. It lies south of Pinedo beach, north of Devesa and west of Albufera national park.

Long fine, white-sand beaches, that you can sink your feet into: the sand dunes provide privacy even in the centre of an area with facilities. El Saler slopes down gently into crystal-clear waters, perfect for children and less expert swimmers too. Enjoy the beach that is supervised by lifeguards, and has access for tourists with limited mobility.

You can get to El Saler by taking buses going to Palmar and Perellonet. Take the number 25 and get off at the Avenida de los Pinares stop. The beach access area is a short walk from the stop: so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Come and hire a parasol and sunbeds and enjoy the public facilities: showers, toilets, footbaths and other services that will make your stay in El Saler a time of true relaxation between the stages of your Costa cruise. 

La Devesa Beach


Welcome to La Devesa, also known as La Dehesa. This splendid coastline is inside the Saler Nature Park, where you can lay down your towel in some of the quietest and prettiest places in Spain if you explore the coast a little. Protected by perfect sand dunes, this beach once went by the name of Malladeta.

Nudists can also use this beach. The coast is supervised by lifeguards who make sure swimmers are safe, while the area is dotted with public toilets and showers. La Devesa is easy to access for tourists with limited mobility.

The beaches at La Devesa include Malvarrosa, Cabanyal, Patacona and El Saler. Devesa is the name of the strip of land that separates the land from the Mediterranean Sea. You will find the best the Valencia coast has to offer in these 5 kilometres of coastline, and beyond the beach, you will come across a rich ecosystem of freshwater lagoons and pine tree malladas, where birds come to nest. After being seriously damaged in the 1970s, this area was partly recovered in the subsequent decades, and the environmental restoration was completed in 2009.

Recatì-Perellonet Beach


At the point were Albufera Nature Park meets the Mediterranean Sea, we find the splendid Recatì Beach, a coast of almost 3 kilometres close to the centre of the city. Surrounded by the Gola del Perellonet and the Gola del Perellò, it is a paradise of golden sand where you can lay down your towel and relax without worrying too much about crowds. There are no organised bathing establishments here, but the area is perfect for relaxing in silence and in the calm atmosphere of a truly magical environment.

There are public toilets and showers, and the area also has wooden walkways that ensure access for tourists with limited mobility.

This is an extension of Devesa del Saler beach. Recatì is bordered by a residential area known as El Perellonet, beyond which lie a number of paddy fields that make the surrounding landscape almost surreal, especially when there is a full moon.

Come here if you want to try any water sports, such as kitesurfing, for example. And if you need any refreshments, that's not a problem. Take up a place on the terraces of the wonderful nearby restaurants and relax in front of some of the best examples of traditional Valencia cuisine. You won’t regret it!

El Perellò


Hidden in the heart of El Perellonet old town, El Perellò is one of the small beaches that not many people know about, but is worth a visit because it is so beautiful. Peace and quiet. This area has sand dunes dating back thousands of year, according to the experts. Having had the fortune to escape the mass speculation in the twentieth century, this area is just as beautiful as it was in times gone by. Anyone who comes to Perellò is looking for a different type of tourism, and wants to lay down their beach towel close to other Spaniards and local tourists.

The area has plenty of bathing establishments where you find comfort and rest even at the hottest times of the day. Come for a dip in crystal-clear waters and enjoy the golden sand that is just perfect for children to play safely, while managing to be in contact with the local culture.

If you are tired, then why not head to one of the many restaurants that are close by, offering tasty traditional dishes in places that are mostly frequented by locals. How can you resist such a temptation?

Unlike the more famous beaches, like Malvarrosa, for example,  El Perellò is not surrounded by a promenade for walking along the shore. However, the beauty of the old town will win you over, without a doubt.

Les Palmeres Beach


If you are looking for a beach close to a residential area, where the Mediterranean waters and tall, historical buildings almost touch each other, separated only by a strip of sand, then welcome to Les Palmeres. This area has so much character, and provides the perfect opportunity for you to take some unforgettable photos. Come here if you are looking for soft sands, well-preserved pedestrian pathways and an urban beach with all kinds of bathing facilities, where you can truly relax with all the comforts. Hire your parasol, sunbed and enjoy a day of endless sea and sunshine. The water is calm and clean, and offers a great space for children. There are play areas just for children, where they can have fun all day long!

The area is so well kept that it often tends to become very busy in the summer, also thanks to the walkways for tourists with limited mobility. If you come early in the morning, however, you will find a place and manage to grab a great corner of the beach. We highly recommend the restaurants in the area too. Come here to try some excellent Valencia dishes.

You can also camp in Les Palmares: don’t be surprised if you see tents or camper vans in the relevant areas.

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