Toulon was born as a port city. Protected on one side by the peninsula of Saint Mandrier and on the other by the colossal Mount Faron, this spectacular city has more than 500 years of French history and has its origins in ancient times, when the Greeks themselves understood its strategic importance.

Today, Toulon is a wonderful, sparkling and dynamic city. Whether you visit the port crowded with French navy warships, walk along the beaches or take a trip to the naval museum, Tolone offers its tourists a one-of-a-kind spectacle all along the coast, rich in history and culture.

And speaking of beaches, welcome to one of the most beautiful and evocative locations where you can immerse yourself in the waters of French Mediterranean. Toulon is the first city on the French Riviera starting from the west, and offers not only a favourable port to dock your ship, but also very long sandy coasts where you can switch off from daily routine. In this guide, we take you to some of Toulon’s most beautiful beaches:

  • Mourillon Beach
  • Mitre Beach
  • Batterie Basse Beach
  • Anse de Méjean
  • Anse de Magaud
  • Anse de San Peyre
  • Tabarly Beach
  • Cap Brun
  • Pipady Beach

Mourillon Beach

Toulon offers its tourists some of the most beautiful beaches in Provence, from out-of-the-way and inaccessible stretches of coastline to the more famous beaches. Welcome to Mourillon beach, with its blue flag for water quality and a holiday landmark for all families stopping in the city. Here the sea is lovely and the sand offers a generous space for sunbathing fans and long days by the sea reading, relaxing and swimming. Le Mourillon was formerly an old fishing port, but in the mid-1970s it was transformed into what we can see today: a conglomerate of specially designed beaches to accommodate bathing and accommodation facilities for tourists.

Come here if you're looking for an easy-to-reach stretch of coastline, with beach resorts, public services and restaurants. Not only is the water beautiful, but the area is particularly suitable for hosting families with children thanks to the presence of countless playgrounds and organised activities for the little ones. So all you need to do is spread your own beach towel and enjoy the seaside spirit of Toulon, letting yourself be overwhelmed by the residents’ many years of experience hospitality. On site you can rent everything you need for surfing courses and other water sports at all levels of experience. In addition, some activities organise a series of excursions for children that will take them on an exploration of the seabed.

Le Mourillon is equipped for the reception of tourists with limited mobility and is supervised by lifeguards, who keep a check the safety of people who decide to dive into the (very quiet) waters of the coast.

Mitre Beach


Just walk a little outside the centre of Toulon to reach one of the most beautiful and exciting beaches on the French Riviera. Welcome to Mitre beach, an incredible wild coastal strip that welcomes tourists on its soft, golden sand and lets you soak in the crystal clear, truly irresistible waters. You can get to this beach by taking the Customs Trail (Sentier des Douaniers) from Port St. Louis or Tour Royale. The main beach is located near Port St. Louis and, in high season, there are coastguards for the safety of bathers. If you decide to get away from the main areas, you will discover a real treasure made of free beaches, where the sky and the sea come together in a natural spectacle that invites you to dive right in.

Take your snorkelling equipment with you and dive into the water of the coast to explore the sea bed at Mitre beach and get up close and watch the spectacular underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea.

In this area you will find beaches suited to everyone: from the more isolated ones, where you can bring your camera and take photos as if you were completely alone, to the more populated areas, where you can bring children and the atmosphere is cheerful. There are also public toilets, restaurants and bars. The surrounding nature offers large shady spaces where you can have a packed lunch or enjoy the cool vegetation in the hottest hours of the day, without having to worry too much about carrying a parasol.

Batterie Basse Beach

Welcome Battere Basse Beach, on the Toulon French Riviera. This picturesque coastline is located between the crowded beaches of Le Mourillon and Anse Méjean. You can arrive here by walking the path to Cap Brun: from here, you will reach La Batterie Basse, which offers a slice of paradise to willing tourists like you, who are not afraid to walk a little to find the peace and quiet they want. If you prefer, for, you can drive to Fort du Cap Brun and get down to the beach from there. Golden sand coasts, crystal-clear, warm water and a Mediterranean Sea like you've never seen it. Come to Batterie Basse and relax in the sun, on your towel, or take mask, snorkel and fins with you and enjoy a day of snorkelling with the whole family. The vegetation between the rocks also offers a cosy shelter in the hottest hours of the day and a perfect location to enjoy a packed lunch. Don't forget to take your camera!

Anse de Méjean

One of the most beautiful and authentic beaches in Toulon, we can not fail to mention Anse de Méjean, a spectacular stretch of sandy coastline and pinkish quilted rocks of dense vegetation. Méjean is an ideal location for swimming with the whole family and enjoy the atmosphere of Provence. Before laying out your beach towel, take a stroll through the streets of the residential area, where small fishing huts alternate with excellent seafood restaurants ready to welcome you at any time of the day. If you're looking for a quiet, yet beautiful suburban beach , you've come to the right place. Anse de Méjean is made up of about 700 metres of coastline, populated mainly by residents, who jealously guard the secret of this gorgeous seaside area. Enjoy the sunset on the rocks and then end the day with a seafood dinner at one of the many local restaurants, where you can finally enjoy some of the traditional Toulon dishes.

We recommend that you bring your Snorkelling equipment: here the seabed really deserves a thorough exploration. You'll discover the richness of the underwater flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you're going to Méjean, remember to take a walk to the beautiful church perched on the cliff. In addition to being a good part of Provencal architecture, the terrace that it overlooks will offer you a privileged view across the beach, ensuring an unforgettable view and breathtaking photographs.

You can reach Anse de Mejéan by taking the Sentier des Douaniers (Doganieri's Trail) and continuing for 30 minutes from Mourillon.

Anse de Magaud


Continuing after Anse de Méjean you will arrive at the last village before the end of the province of Toulon. You're now at Magaud, where another truly spectacular beach awaits. Even smaller than Méjean, Anse de Magaud offers tourists a pebble sea bed and an amazing marine spectacle: you will come here attracted by the stillness, but you will certainly stay for a dip in the crystal clear waters of a location that the few tourists who know it absolutely adore This beach is frequented almost exclusively by residents, who enjoy their secret corner of Mediterranean without making too much publicity. The beach is clean and well maintained, the stillness dominates undisturbed and some lifeguards control the coast to ensure the safety of swimmers during peak season. The only flaw is the difficult access to the beach: it will be necessary to walk a very steep path that leads to the beach.

In addition to transparent waters in which snorkelling is a real pleasure, Anse de Magaud offers a number of fish restaurants where you can round off your typical Provencal day in style. 

Anse de San Peyre


Irresistible just like a postcard photo, that offers its inviting panorama on grey days in the city. We're talking about Anse de San Peyre, one of Toloni's most beloved coastal areas and one of Provence's best-kept secrets. Located between La Garde and Le Pradet, this rocky coastline is not easy to reach (you'll have to go down a staircase of about 100 steps), but it has plenty of surprises. Here the sea of Mediterranean is transparent and “kissed” by an incredible sun. You can cool down amidst the vegetation or dive into the water during the hottest hours of the day. Bring with you mask, fins and snorkel for snorkelling, a good book and, of course, your camera.

Tabarly Beach


Le Mourillon is made up of 5 spectacular coves that offer a truly remarkable landscape diversity for the Mediterranean. In order: Lido, Mistral, Source, Pins and Tabarly. The latter in particular consists of a beach of round pebbles that is accessed directly from the parking lot of the Yacht Club. There aren’t many people here and you can give free rein to the camera, which will be put to the test by a simply enchanting landscape. Tabarly has a bathing ban as the area is entirely dedicated to navigation. This stretch of coast joins Le Mourillon with the beach at Basse Batteries and can be a pleasant occasion for a walk with the whole family.

Cap Brun

Hidden between the beaches of Basse Batteries and Anse de Méjean, we find the somewhat wild beauty of Cap Brun. This spectacular gravel coastline is located above the sea and dominates Toulon from a privileged viewpoint, where you can relax and enjoy the view. Once over, the point was reached via a staircase that, unfortunately, collapsed. Now Cap Brun beach can only be reached by a steep and slightly dangerous path, so we urge you to be extra cautious. Needless to say, this path is worth every second of your time, however: when you arrive at your destination you will enjoy a lovely sea, a small sightseeing tour and a hot beach waiting only for you.

If you need some shade during the day, you can take advantage of the vegetation that covers the rocks, and enjoy a packed lunch pampered by the sound of the waves. Cap Brun is not a place for children, but it will certainly win your heart when you decide to include it in your holiday itinerary. The location also lends itself very much to snorkelling, especially on days when the Mediterranean is calm.

Pipady Beach


In front of Tour Royale you will find the magic Pipady Beach, one of Toulon's last seaside treasures. Tourism here is purely local and you will rarely find holidaymakers from other parts of the world. Pipady Beach is separated into two sections, both accessible and guarded by coastguards during peak season. Despite being a relatively unknown area of Toulon, Pipady offers all the amenities: restaurants, bars, public bathrooms and showers with changing rooms.

The beautiful beach of Pipady is reached from Le Mourillon, also on foot in a few short minutes. It is therefore a much less frequented alternative to the city's most touristy beach. The area can also be reached by car, with parking 5 minutes away from the coast.

Once you get here, you can decide to spread out your towel and enjoy the sun and sea – or take the Customs’ Trail to reach Mitre beach in 10-15 minutes of brisk walking. If you decide to stay, for, we recommend that you bring your equipment with you for snorkelling and a good book, as well as of course your camera.

When you arrive in the evening, enjoy the sunset on the cliffs and immerse yourself in the local gastronomic culture in one of the many fish restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean. A guaranteed experience.

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