Spain's beaches satisfy every imaginable need and are the ideal place for both those looking for a relaxation and peace and quiet and those who like a little social life and, lastly for people who like to do a little sport on holiday, too. 

The most attractive shorelines are certainly the Balearics and the Canaries, the two best known of Spain’s archipelagos.  The Balearics are known for their eleven islands in the Mediterranean.  The Canaries, on the other hand, are an Atlantic Ocean gem and are made up of seven islands. Choosing the Spanish beaches on a Costa Crociere trip means an unforgettable experience in which you will discover truly wonderful corners of Spain in which time seems to have stood still. Spain is a treasure trove where an immense choice is yours starting from its atolls: discover Spain’s most beautiful islands.

Dive straight in and swim around its beaches and most beautiful seas, which we have chosen for you. The most attractive shorelines are certainly the Balearics and the Canaries, the two best known of Spain’s archipelagos.  The Balearics are known for their eleven islands in the Mediterranean.  The Canaries, on the other hand, are an Atlantic Ocean gem and are made up of seven islands. Choosing the Spanish beaches on a Costa Crociere trip means an unforgettable experience in which you will discover truly wonderful corners of Spain in which time seems to have stood still.

Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is in the south of the island of Minorca and is one of its largest, too. It is famous the world over as the white sand island surrounded by majestic pines and sheltered from currents. It is a corner of paradise, then, which you get to travelling from Morro de Ponent to Penyal Vermell. It is nearly half a kilometre long and offers visitors a splendid beach where soft golden sand is centre stage. It is the ideal place for those looking for a slightly off the beaten track place for a pristine natural scenario.

Visitable on a Costa Crociere trip, the beach has all sorts of facilities guaranteed by the various seafront resorts in front of characteristic local houses on the inland side. Its sea is ideal for pleasant bathing as its waters are extremely clear with a beautiful turquoise colour. It is a pleasure to walk along the seafront, too, as the beach is sandy.  Its pleasant climate and many trees along the edge make it ideal for families with children, too. 

Playa de las Teresitas

The Las Teresitas beach is the most representative of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. It is in the centre of San Andrés and features golden sand and beautiful palm trees, a combination which gives it a one-of-a-kind look. Its protective barriers reduce the strength of the tides and the waves are gentle by the time they reach the beach.

In the light of this, the Las Teresitas beach, which can be explored on a Costa Crociere trip, is also suitable for those travelling with children or wanting to go for long walks. Despite being limited in size, it is equipped with all the most popular tourist services and is especially easy to get to.

Rodas beach

Some of Spain’s most pristine and wild beaches are to be found along its north-west coast, especially in Galizia and Asturie.  Just off the coast of Galizia are the Cies islands, a now uninhabited paradise archipelago once used as pirate refuge. The archipelago is made up of three main mini islands which look like a lagoon at first sight.

Joining the islands together is a thin strip of rigorously white sand which is called Rodas beach.  This dreamlike seafront has been nominated one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Spain but in the whole world by sector magazines. And it thoroughly deserves its title: a splendid sea is surrounded by an expanse of soft sand, light vegetation and small hills which make this archipelago scenario special.

Getting taken there by Costa Crociere is fantastic!

Maspalomas beach

The Maspalomas beach is certainly one of the best known, most famous and popular of Gran Canaria’s beaches.  This is the result of its unmistakeable dunes alongside a splendid lake with an enchanting colour.  It is a breathtaking scenario which local people and a great many tourists enjoy and you can choose to take part in one of Costa Crociere’s many exciting trips there.  A stroll along Maspalomas beach across its dunes is an unforgettable experience.

Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella is an authentic natural wonder. When you catch a glimpse of it from afar the scene is so beautiful that it feels like you’re looking at a painting. In Minorca, it is perhaps one of the world’s most famous islands.  An ultra soft beach leads to a dazzling sea which couldn’t be more blue. The cliffs around it in a semi-circle and the sailboats moored in it do the rest, making this corner of Spain a picture postcard scene.

Visitable on a Costa Crociere trip, Cala Macarella, is the ideal place for an extraordinary experience in both contact with nature and relaxation terms.

Playa es Pujols

In Formentera it feels like space and time no longer exist. Just expanses of flat beach as soft as a cushion, an ultra calm and transparent sea like a crystal, caressing the far off cliffs with its gentle breeze melding into the blue of the sky and the clouds.

This is all on offer at Es Pujols beach, in the northern part of Formentera island.. It is a very small area but one capable of offering a wide range of services for large scale international tourism.  Visitable on a Costa Crociere trip, the beach is the intersection of two semi-circles linked by a strip of cliff.

It is famous in particular for the beauty of its sea and natural scenario, as well as for its local restaurants. Here you can try Spanish culinary delicacies and take part in its entertainment initiatives which make it the heart of Formentera’s social scene.

Es Trenc beach

For many people Es Trenc beach is Spain’s most attractive. Known as the ‘Caribbean’ for its resemblance to the beaches of the Caribbean, it is a natural, rather hidden and remote gem which makes it perfect place for peace and quiet to recharge your batteries in.  It is in Maiorca and one of the last of its completely pristine outposts as man has left it practically untouched.

As you will see on a Costa Crociere trip it is a splendid expanse of sand and blue seas stretching out to the horizon.  It is certainly the ideal place for families wanting to show their children Spain’s wildest and most authentic side.

Es Figueral beach

Es Figueral beach beach is one of the most popular destinations with visitors to Ibiza and you can explore it on one of Costa Crociere’s many trips. The beach is especially popular for its fantastic crystal clear and never very deep sea and its expanse of ultra fine sand protected by an attractive strip of rocky hills.  While parents soak up the sun just a stone’s throw from the shore, little ones can play in total safety in the water. It is also an ideal base for excursions.

Cala Saona beach

Another ‘made in Spain’ natural paradise, in Formentera, Cala Saona is to the west of this well known island. Over recent years the beach has become famous, despite its small size, for its picture postcard landscape. It is just 200 metres long and 150 metres wide.

It is an oasis of peace and quiet and a chance to visit enchanted forests and a bay whose wonderful sand and seas of an intense blue are justly famous. At the sunniest time of day the contrast between the rocks and the transparent seas is truly breath-taking. With a Costa Crociere trip this beach is even more thrilling.

Trengandin beach

Who has never dreamt of walking along an endless beach admiring the immensity of the sea, on one side, and marvellous verdant mountains on the other?  Trengandin beach is all this: located in Cantabria, near the town of Noja, it naturally makes available to visitors an expanse of sea and sand which stretches unbroken even by cliffs - of which there are none - for over three kilometres. To admire it in all its beauty visitors can climb nearby Mijedo and Brusco mountains.  Relaxation, peace and quiet and nature - the most authentic - are guaranteed.

Anguileiro beach

Spain contains a great many landscape treasures whose beauty is surprising and also offer a multiplicity of entertainment opportunities. Anguileiro beach in Asturia fits perfectly into this as an authentic surf and sunbathing paradise.. It is an urban beach not far away from the Anguileiro river which it was named after.

Its sand is made up of tiny, almost imperceptible stone fragments and it is surrounded by beach facilities. There is a play park and a large car park as well as a long promenade which leads to a small port. Furthermore, it is right here, off this beach, that surfers find the ideal conditions for their sport.

Playa de ses Illetes

There’s no corner of Formentera which disappoints. Quite the opposite every single metre of the island isn experience. This is also true of the Ses Illetes beach which, translated literally, means ‘the beach of the little islands’. It is one of Formentera’s most attractive shores which ultra white sand and a sea of heavenly hues rivalling those of the Caribbean.

This natural paradise is the ideal place for snorkelling which can be done on a seabed declared World Natural Heritage Site for its fish and aquatic vegetation.

Cala Millor

There are a great many reasons to explore Cala Millor,an attractive little bay you come across on a visit to Maiorca’s eastern regions. It owes its fame to an ultra fine sand beach but also an attractive straightforward stroll along the beach and many other pedestrian only areas which enable this wonderful corner of Spain to be lived to the full.

A stop off at one of its characteristic local restaurants is a must to try one of the area’s culinary specialities. It is a ‘total’ seaside experience as there are plenty of sports and entertainment opportunities, too. So there’s plenty of fun to be had at Cala Millor, an oasis offering a dreamlike natural scenario and plenty of opportunities to relax and recharge your batteries.

Playa de Las Canteras

Las Canteras beach, to explore on a visit to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has an enchanting landscape.. It is around three kilometres in length and its tranquil waters are much appreciated.

 This is due, above all, to what local people call Barra, a complex of natural cliffs which shelter it from the power of the ocean, making it an ideal place to relax for families with children.  Part of the beach also without this natural breakwater where the ocean’s power making it a great place for water sports enthusiasts.

Cala de Formentor

One of Maiorca’s most attractive places is certainly Cala de Formentor. There are a great many characteristic small beaches and bays in this area but Cala de Formentor is the best of them.  It is a large, almost one kilometre long expanse of sand ending at a dense pine grove, the ideal place to rest during the hottest hours of the day.

And beyond the pine grove is a view of the beautiful Sierra mountains. This pristine natural paradise offers a great many services enabling visitors, including children,to enjoy the beach and the sea to the full as safety for the whole family is guaranteed.

Aiguablava beach

On the Costa Brava coast, Aiguablava beach is worth a visit as an especially popular spot for its crystal clear and pristine sea, shallow enough to make it a place for everyone. It is an ideal place for the whole family also because of the great many services near the beach, which is not far away from Begur.

You can try your hand at water sports or savour local culinary specialities. And all this after a long stroll on the beach’s fine sand, perhaps, and a glimpse of the cliffs nearby.

Punta Prima beach

Much loved by local people and popular with visitors from all over the world, the Punta Prima beach is truly a natural gem. It is located to the south-east of Minorca. It comes under Sant Lluis town council, just over five kilometres from the beach. It can be accessed on an extremely beautiful footpath once travelled on horseback.

The beach is ultra fine white sand. On the horizon fishing boats are still active along the beach. The beach is almost two hundred metres long, at the heart of a wider bay, with shallow waters and good shelter from the wind. A visit to the characteristic lighthouse is also to be recommended.

Playa Figueiras

Figueiras beach is a Galizia region gem. It can be reached via a beautiful pine grove and is a favourite with naturalists. A recognised nature park, it is in the Cies archipelago and especially popular with Germans.

It is three hundred metres long and fifty metres wide. A break in this pristine natural environment is an opportunity for relaxation and to recharge your batteries against the backdrop of a picture postcard landscape, a world away from traffic and stress.

Cala'n Porter

Hidden by large and attractive cliffs, Cala’n Porter is certainly one of Minorca’s most beautiful small bays. With its enviable location it is one of its cleanest and quietest bays.

 Transparent, crystal clear waters where shallow waters mean it feels like a natural swimming pool, it is a very large swimming pool. Restaurants and other services are easy to get to, making this Spanish beach a wonder at everyone’s reach.

Cala Mesquida Beach

In the north of Maiorca, Cala Mesquida beach is especially popular with families with children. Its very characteristic beach is surrounded by verdant mountains and splendid cliffs.

Its natural dunes are extremely evocative. The beach is very wide and offers plenty of opportunities to relax completely. In the heart of the beach a kiosk makes your stay even more pleasant. Those who love a walk have some truly beautiful trips to choose from.

Calò des Moro

In MaiorcaCalò des Moro is close to the hearts of many tourists. The beach is a small bay whose natural environment is completely pristine and hidden by sheer rocky cliffs plunging down into the sea on two sides. An even more unusual feature: these rock faces contain spectacular grottoes which contribute to making the view even more enchanting.

The water is crystal clear all year offering turquoise hues to visitors. Completing this extremely picturesque backdrop are wild natural elements such as shore pines and wild broom.

Playa de Gulpiyuri

It is not generally known but Spain also has a beach where the sea is not on the sea. This is Playa de Gulpiyuri, a fantastic beach in the middle of a field. In the heart of Spanish region which goes by the name of Asturle, it is in the centre of a completely green clearing, one hundred metres from the sea.

The sea reaches the area all the same via truly unique natural tunnels, creating an expanse of water which feels magical also because it is surrounded by golden sand, rocky cliffs and verdant mountains. A natural masterpiece you could gaze at for months.

The Tossa de Mar beaches

In Girona province, the Tossa de Mar beaches are by a splendid characteristic coastal town with historic walls and expanses of sand. Deep blue seas, soft sands and spectacular promontories, from which the view is an unforgettable picture postcard landscape.

Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta

Ibiza island’s natural gems certainly include Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta, two wonderful beaches featuring beautiful sand, especially attractive cliffs, lush vegetation and, obviously, crystal clear waters. They are both an ideal place to soak up the sun and enjoy the sea in peace.

Cala Pregonda beach

In Minorca, a stop off at Cala Pregonda is a must, a bay which is completely different from all the others with red sand making for a unique atmosphere. It is a totally wild place, an oasis of peace and quiet. It feels like you’ve landed on Mars. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Set off for Spain’s most beautiful beaches with Costa Crociere

Spain offers unique opportunities for those looking for relaxation, fun and nature exploration. With its multitude of fantastic beaches, authentic pristine natural paradises, you can leave the stresses and strains of your everyday life behind you here. All you have to do is plan your day, choose the best bay to visit or the perfect nature walk for you. In this sense, Costa Crociere’s trips are a chance to live these fairy tale settings to the full.

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