Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in Italy, surrounded by the mild waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, it welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists who all come here searching for a corner of perfect beach where they can spend their much-deserved holiday downtime.

Heavenly coastline, resorts, restaurants, luxury hotels and organised facilities: this and much more too is what awaits you in Sardinia, where the quiet life of the coastal villages still manages to live in harmony with the mass tourism that is the undisputed champion of Italian holidays each year.

While the beaches are probably the reason why Sardinia is a much sought-after holiday destination, it is no coincidence: here you can find the most beautiful Italian beaches and some stretches of coastline that will have you believing you are in the Seychelles, with enormous rocks of white granite that emerge from the stunning turquoise water. You can relax on the larger beaches or climb over the rocks to reach the smaller, more isolated coves, where you can temporarily enjoy a piece of Sardinia all for yourself.

In between dips in the water, you can always take advantage of the chance to experience the local culture, which has its roots deep-seated in the history of the Mediterranean. Walk around the streets of Cagliari, drink in the atmosphere of the place, taste the local culurgiones or seadas and enjoy a glass of the wine that is made here.  You will be amazed to discover that time passes differently here, and that there is always space for relaxation and well-being. Not just food and not castles and archaeological ruins: it is the Sardinian people who make Sardinia such a well-liked tourist destination. Their long tradition of welcoming people will make you immediately feel at home. Everyone here will be more than happy to stop and talk to you and tell you about the local festival traditions.

There are a thousand reasons why you should visit the most beautiful places in Sardinia. Today we will focus on the beaches, however. We have created a great list of the best beach areas on the island for you. So all you will have to do is get off one of our ships and head to your favourite beach, knowing you won't go wrong! You will thank us once you are back on board.

Cala Fighera

Welcome to Cala Fighera, a fantastic beach destination in the province of Cagliari, where the sea is calm, clear and bright blue and the white rocks, dotted with low-lying vegetation, plunge into a magical, stony sea bed. This is the perfect destination for those looking for a great place for a swim, but also for those who want to climb the headlands and enjoy the irresistible view over the surrounding waters. Cala Fighera offers strips of coastline filled with pure white pebbles that contrast with the sea. These areas are perfect for a rest day on the beach without a care in the world. While it does have a small beach kiosk where you can buy snacks and drinks and hire parasols, and there is also a restaurant just a few metres from the water, the place is not suitable for children, given the rocky sea bed.

The water is calm, however: the cove is protected from the winds and therefore going snorkelling here is a real pleasure, without too many risks involved. Cala Fighera Beach is usually frequented by small groups of nudists.

The area can be reached by bus (number 5 or number 10 for Calamosca) and then from there on foot or by taxi to the beach. Reaching the beach means you have to climb over the rocks a little.

Poetto Beaches

Poetto is a small seaside town near Cagliari that thousands of tourists head to each year to grab a perfect place on the beach. With its eight kilometres of coast, that start from the island's capital and go as far as Quartu Sant’Elena, the area offers gorgeous beaches, a crystal-clear, blue sea and plenty of relaxation!

From the start of the twentieth century, the inhabitants of Cagliari started to look towards Golfo degli Angeli for their days at the beach. After placing a small kiosk, a summer campsite and some facilities for the hiring of parasols and sunbeds, the area of Poetto began to fill with tourists anxious to see this beautiful sea. It is now a place so loved by everyone, locals and tourists that it has the nickname the “Beach of the One Hundred Thousand”.

Poetto has become the best, most sought-after coast in Cagliari, a must-see destination for anyone coming to visit the city and who wants to enjoy a few hours on the beach. Why not sip an aperitif on the terraces with a sea view or enjoy an ice cream while cooling your feet in the water.

Poetto may owe its name to the beautiful Spanish tower that was built along this coast, or perhaps to the word “puerto”. If you fancy exploring a little after your dip in the sea, climb the seventeenth-century tower and admire the view of the Calamosca headland, from where you could also reach the legendary Cala Fighera.

The Poetto coast is long and wide. It is perfect for welcoming a large number of tourists, children included. They can also enjoy the beauty of this place in complete safety! There are also some areas where you can bring your dog with you.

There are volleyball courts, sailing centres, diving courses, tennis courts and canoes for hire here, to meet any kind of sporting desire. If you want to go surfing or kitesurfing, you are definitely in the right place! Come here to enjoy the best of Sardinia, where international competitions are held every year.

You can move around the Poetto beaches by bus: the first section, starting from Quartu has shallow water, which is perfect for children. The second and third stops bring you to more historical areas, while the fifth allows you to admire the coast's tower and a number of free beaches. The far end of Poetto is named La Bussola, what remains of an old beach facility that is no longer open. There are other facilities here too, where you can hire everything you need for your time on the beach. 


It is not a random choice that the sector's magazines often define Tuerredda as the jewel of Sardinia’s south coast. Here, you are entering a magical coastline, and one of the island’s ten best beaches. Mediterranean fragrances, crystal-clear water and fine sand: if this isn’t paradise, then nothing is! The sea here is blue and the beach is interrupted by small areas of lush vegetation that make it such a splendid location for relaxation for all those tourists who want the best day possible at the beach.

Tuerredda lies between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento, in the territory of Teulada. This strip of coastline continues for over half a kilometres and offers a landscape that is a worthy equal of the amazing Caribbean coasts. There is also a beautiful island just off the coast that is within swimming distance. It is surrounded by a rocky coast.

Given its favourable position, Tuerredda is protected by the Mistral winds and its water are often transparent and calm, just perfect for long swims - even with snorkel and fins.

Tuerredda provides visitors with well-organised beach facilities where you can experience the best of of Sardinian tourist organisation. Hire a parasol and sunbed, enjoy good food and refreshments, hire a canoe or pedalo or many other items for water sports activities. You can come here by boat and this allow you to admire some wonderful locations, such as Chia, Porto Pino, Cala Zafferano, Sa Colonia and Su Giudeu.

Platamona Beach

Welcome to Platamona Beach, in the north west of Sardinia. A long strip of fine, white sand can be found in the heart of  the Gulfo of Asinara. It has well-organised beach facilities where swimming is fantastic, and the environment is family friendly.

Although it is several kilometres from Sassari, you should come to Platamona if you wish to experience the beauty of Sardinia in all its splendour. Its name means flat and wide, and indicates one of the largest beach areas on the island. The area goes from Porto Torres to Castelsardo, from the Abbacurrente tower to Marina di Sorso – making a total length of over 15 kilometres. The beach is 10 to 30 metres wide, and is split into free beaches (the so-called “pettini”) and organised bathing establishments. Being so large, the beaches changes a lot in its various points: from golden sand in the east to fine white sand in the west, dotted with the local low-lying vegetation.

The winds blow in this area and when that happens, it manages to attract surfers and kitesurfers from all over, all searching for the perfect wave while enjoying Platamona to the utmost. You can also hire pedaloes.

Come here if you are looking for a place where you can relax surrounded by tourist comforts, just a few steps from excellent local restaurants where you can enjoy the Mediterranean and the local Sardinian delicacies at the same time - an essential part of your stay!

Porto Giunco

Another small Caribbean-like corner in the nearby Sardinia. Lying about 45 kilometres from Cagliari, Porto Giunco is the ideal location where you can enjoy clear waters that disappear onto the horizon. You will be captivated by the beauty of this place: the soft, pale, fluffy sand with its slightly pinkish colour is due to the presence of tiny granite particles.

The colours of Porto Giunco are praised by sector magazines and attract thousands of tourists each year, all attracted by the idea of being able to spend time in a tropical paradise just a few kilometres from home. It is no coincidence that, over the years, many artists have decided to come here to live or have simply come here to film adverts or parts of their films.

The vast size of the beaches provide all the room for large numbers of tourists in Porto Giunco without them ever feeling they are being surrounded by crowds of tourists. You can come here with the whole family: the sea bed is shallow and sandy, so ideal for children too, and the water is warm, crystal clear and transparent. This location will take your breath away: You will feel like you are surrounded by a fortress of rocks and vegetation that majestically protects the coast from wind and bad weather. You need to take a part that travels along the Stagno dei Notteri to reach the beach. This pond looks wonderful under the sun. If you are lucky enough, you may see some gorgeous pink flamingoes here.

You will find kiosks, water sports equipment hire facilities, parasols and sunbeds, and of course, excellent clubs where you can enjoy excellent drinks and music along the beach.

You can go snorkelling here and admire the rocky sea bed filled with underwater vegetation and red coral. You will also have the opportunity to see several shipwrecks from all eras when diving here.

La Pelosa, Stintino

You can’t say you have seen Sardinian beaches if you have never been to “La Pelosa”. With its shallow, transparent, crystal-clear waters with a sandy sea bed, perfect for the family, La Pelosa is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Located on the west coast of Sardinia, La Pelosa is just 2 kilometres from the village of Stintino, at Capo Falcone, in the province of Sassari. The beach is 300 metres long and offers a perfect view of the islands of Piana and Asinara.

La Pelosa lies on the slopes of a sixteenth-century tower, Torre della Pelosa, that was an integral part of the island's maritime defence system. The waters are so beautiful and calm that snorkelling here is a real pleasure, dedicated to enthusiasts of this activity. The area also offers areas for hiring surf boards and canoes.

As it is a well-organised beach, the area can get very crowded in the summer, but La Pelosa is worth every moment of your visit despite the possibility of tourist crowding. A tropical paradise so close by! Why resist?

Solanas, Sinnai

In the very south of Sardinia, we find Solanas, a small tourist village about 30 kilometres from the pretty town of Sinnai, in the province of Cagliari. As well as being the melting pot of local culture, history and traditions, Solanas is the perfect place for all tourists who, like yourself, are searching a beach to enjoy life. Solanas lies on the road to Villasimius and is home to an enchanting strip of soft, golden sand. The waters are calm and takes on hues ranging from turquoise to deep blue depending on the sea bed. As well as being in a beautiful natural context, where you will want to get out your camera (bring it with you to Solanas!), this beach lies a short distance from Sardinia's green lung, the Sinnai pine forest.

Come here to enjoy the well-organised bathing establishments and free beaches that are also so peaceful. Be careful, however: the water tends to become deep close to shore: therefore adults should supervise children who go for a swim here. It is a much less crowded alternative, however , than the other beaches nearby.

If you are lucky enough, you may even catch sight of dolphins off the coast of Solanas!

Scoglio di Peppino Castiadas

One of the best-known and most popular beaches in the south of Sardinia deserves a mention, that being the Scoglio di Peppino Castiadas. This paradise emerges at the end of the ten kilometres of Costa Rei at the point of the wonderful Capo Ferrato: 120 metres of soft, golden sand that look out onto the Scoglio di San Peppino. As this is the beach’s main attraction, you can’t not see it: it is a huge granite rock clast about 30 metres wide that looks like a large whale. You can walk in shallow waters to reach the rock and it is also quite easy to walk over it. Near the rock, there are also several natural pools and gorges where the waters are calmer. The view from its top is just exceptional: bring your camera!

The beach offers a beach facility where you can hire parasols and sunbeds, as well as canoes, pedaloes and all windsurfing equipment. You can come here with your children to enjoy calm waters that are relatively accessible to all, as well as the comforts of a tourist area. Several kiosks and bars can be found here, as well as restaurants where you can try out wonderful Sardinian or Italian dishes. The area has a wooden walkway for tourists with limited mobility.

Rena Majori, Rena Majore

A beach in the north of the island where you can relax and enjoy the beauty and comforts of organised beach facilities. Rena Majori is a wonderful coastline that stands beyond the pine forest: pure white, soft sand, a sea containing all the possible hues of blue and granite rocks that create an amazing variety in a natural context, so worthy of being captured on film. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

Rena Majori is in the village known as Rena Majore, near Aglientu, and is a part of the Monti Russu nature site. The sea is bright blue, transparent and perfect: it is the ideal place to bring the family, children included, who can swim in the small, natural, shallow-water coves.

In spite of this, Rena Majori is never too crowded, and so over time, it has become the home of a multitude of amazing Mediterranean fish. Come here if you like snorkelling.

However, if you prefer a more traditional activity, you can take a walk at sunrise or sunset and enjoy the lights playing on the surface of the water. 

Cala Goloritzé, Baunei

Sea and mountains combine in perfect harmony in the paradise that is Cala Goloritzé, just a short distance from Capo di Monte Santo. Here the mountains plunge directly into the transparent waters, taking your breath away. The rock sea bed that emerges here and there with white marble rocks is well worth a visit, especially if you are a fan of underwater photos. The beach at Cala Goloritzé looks out onto Mount Caroddi, about 145 metres high, which is surrounded by other mountains and elm tree forests.

Cala Goloritzé is a part of Baunei, one of the many bays in the Gulf of Orosei where land and sea combine perfectly in a jaw-dropping natural experience. This is one of the most photogenic areas of Sardinia, and not just be chance! Come here at any point of the day and you will enjoy a small slice of paradise on earth.

As well as being one of the reference points for snorkelling on the island, this bay has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1995 and has been preserved like a true treasure ever since.

Cala Domestica, Buggerru

Welcome to Cala Domestica, on the south east coast of Sardinia. There is a wonderful bay next to Sulcis that is surrounded by mountains. There is also a fantastic Spanish watch tower that has silently stood guard here for centuries. Cala Domestica bears a history rooted in ancient times, when there was a nearby mine that continued to be operational until 1940. The extracted product was loaded onto ships from here and shipped to their destination. Currently, Cala Domestica – two kilometres from Buggerru – is not just a beautiful beach dotted with low-lying vegetation, but also a wonderful open air museum where you can see what remains of the mine, the warehouses and the deposits dug out by miners. Cala Domestica is divided into small areas, all as spectacular as each other, that will remind you of the conformation of a fjord.

The white slopes surrounding Cala Domestica make you feel a little isolated from the world, and this is the very beauty of this place. Come here to go Snorkelling and you will discover amazing sea beds with surprises for those exploring them. An excellent location for scuba fishing too.

As it is only a small beach, Cala Domestica tends to become crowded - especially at the weekend. This gorgeous place is still worth every minute of your visit, however!

The Spanish watch tower is 10 metres high and dates back to the eighteenth century. It provides a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Given its height, it was later used as an observation tower during World War Two. If you decide to climb up it, make sure you take your camera. 

Su Giudeu, Chia

Welcome to Su Giudeu, a paradise of fine, white sand and clear, shallow waters. If you are looking for a strip of coast where you can lay down your towel in the south west area of Sardinia, you have come to the right place. Su Giudeu owes its name to the species of octopus that lives in its waters.

Su Giudeu is a spectacular beach in Chia, where we recommend you also visit Sa Colonia and Porto Campana. Go to the lighthouse to truly appreciate this gorgeous stretch of coastline. From the top you will be rewarded with an incredible view.

Su Giudeu Beach is a stretch of sandy coast where the water is calm and warm, ideal for the whole family - children included. Bathing establishments allows you to hire sunbeds and parasols, and towards evening, music can be heard, hitting you with its irresistible rhythm. It is the perfect place for relaxing and having fun without worrying about anything else. Close by there is everything you need to enjoy your holiday: public toilets, bars, restaurants and a scuba diving equipment hire centre.

Come here for the beautiful beach, stay for the amazing traditional Sardinian food on the terraces with a sea view!

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli

Spiaggia Rosa is on the island of Budelli and is hands down considered to be one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. When you come here, close to the Strait of Bonifacio, you will understand why. Nature and myth combine in the Maddalena Archipelago, where Spiaggia Rosa owes its name to the colour of the sand, due to the high percentage of coral fragments. As well as this, it is also thanks to a particular organism that lives in the local posidonia and that lends its wonderful pink colour to the beach. Various regulations have been in place since 1998 to prevent large numbers of boats mooring here, to allow the beach to preserve its natural beauty.

The water is perfect and swimming here will prove to be an irresistible pleasure! If you need to choose from several beaches, choose this one: you won’t regret it.

Punta Molentis

The turquoise waters of Punta Molentis await you as an irresistible bathing paradise. This is not only the location of several advertising campaigns, but also one of the most stunning areas of Sardinia. Bring your camera! The white sand plunges into a breath-taking, transparent sea. The area is surrounded by colourful flowers and cactus plants.

Come here for the landscape, stay with the whole family (children included) for the shallow sea bed and comfort of local bathing establishments where you can hire sunbeds or small boats, so you can admire the area from a unique view point.

Cala Brandinchi

The beach at Cala Brandinchi is approximately 7 kilometres from San Teodoro, just a short distance from the village of Monte Petrosu. It is so stunning that it is also known as “Little Tahiti” to the world, a name that comes from the unbelievable hues of the waters here. Cala Brandinchi boasts a shallow sea bed, which is ideal if children and the elderly wish to bathe, and over 700 metres of white sand where you can place your parasol and enjoy the sun on the hottest summer days. Surrounded by a beautiful pine forest where you can shelter during the hottest hours of the days, Cala Brandinchi is one of the most sought-after beaches by tourists, and therefore it stands the risk of becoming a little overcrowded at the weekends.

Its beauty has several times earned it the name of being one of Italy's ten most beautiful beaches!

Cala Spinosa

Welcome to Cala Spinosa, a paradise of natural beauty where you may lose track of time. This area is formed by several coves, one of which has a perfect white-sand beach. The other two have golden sand. The water shines in the sun, is transparent and warm, while the sea bed is rocky. This is a great place for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Those who enjoy photography as a hobby can head to the Strait of Bonifacio instead, to admire the beauty of the surrounding view. Come here is you are looking for an unspoilt place to lay down your towel and enjoy a day in the sun.

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is one of the best beaches on Sardinia’s east coast. Just north of Cala Goloritzé, it is a strip of coastline that enjoys golden sands interspersed with wonderful granite rocks. The turquoise water is a sight to behold, just perfect for diving. It is no coincidence that Cala Mariolu is thought to be one of the best locations for bathing in Sardinia! The beach enjoys natural shade in the afternoon. Come here if you are searching for a little paradise all to yourself, where you can enjoy Sardinia’s rugged beauty.

Balai Beach

While a little crowded, Balai Beach is the perfect location for swimming in the sea surrounded by a breathtaking natural beauty. White sand, perfect rocks dotted with low-lying vegetation and a pleasant breeze. A tiny corner of the coast, but worth your time to visit it.

Scoglio Lungo Beach


Scoglio Lungo Beach is a few metres from Porto Torres and each year it attracts thousands of tourists who want to come here to set down their parasol in a tiny corner of this Sardinian paradise. The beach has golden sand and a rocky sea bed. The water is also perfect for children, as the area is protected by the Balai slopes.

Acque Dolci Beach


This is the beach in the town of Porto Torres, but Acque Dolci is still a great surprise. Not too busy, and this great location is ideal for enjoying some sunshine just a stone's throw from the town. It has bars and facilities, and is the perfect place for those in a hurry but who still fancy a dip in the sea.

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