Not just Machu Picchu, Peru also has many beautiful beaches to relax in: Punta Sal, Tuquillo and many more.

There are no simple ways to describe it: Peru is a wonderful country, a destination every year for thousands of travellers, especially young people, who have begun to want to discover the wonders of South America. Not everyone knows this, but Peru has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: not only because they are set in landscapes that seem to come out of a picture book, but also because they have waters so clear and crystal clear that they would attract even the most sceptical and demanding of tourists.

Peru is very popular, especially amongst very young surfing lovers. Some of its beaches, such as Punta Chicama and Punta Rocas, are the chosen venue for the international championships of the sport. So there are many fans who go to its beaches every year to ride some of the largest waves in the world.

Not just surfing: although most beaches are particularly windy and suitable for water sports, others are calm and waveless. These are the ideal bays where you can take children to play and spend a day in total relaxation, without the fear of the strong currents that often upset the ocean.

Here are the most beautiful beaches in Peru to visit:

  • Punta Sal
  • Las Pocitas
  • Tuquillo
  • Caballeros
  • Embajadores
  • Vichayito
  • Wakama
  • La Mina
  • Playa Roja (Red Beach)
  • Puerto Inka
  • Caleta San Jose
  • Zorritos
  • Colan 
  • Pimentel
  • Huanchaco
  • El Silencio
  • Pacasmayo
  • Puerto Chicama (Malagrigo)
  • Ancash
  • Tortugas
  • Ancon
  • Punta Rocas
  • Punta Hermosa
  • San Bartolo
  • Santa Maria
  • Pucusana 
  • Bujama and Chocalla
  • Cerro Azul 
  • Tumbes Beaches
  • Los Organos
  • Lambayeque Beaches

Punta Sal

Mancora it is the most famous seaside resort in Peru. It was once a quiet and relaxed fishing resort, while today it is one of the focal points of the country’s tourism, the destination each year for thousands of travellers who want to discover its incredible beaches.

Each of them has a different characteristic: there are the ones that are more crowded and frequented by tourists, and the slightly more unusual and particular ones. Punta Sal is in the middle. It is a very large beach, where you can relax and lie down to sunbathe in peace. In the area, there are cocktail bars and supermarkets where you can buy something to eat and drink. Sports such as snorkelling and diving are very popular in Punta Sal, much requested by the various visitors who flock to its beaches.

Featuring an expanse of white sand and crystal clear waters, Punta Sal is an unmissable destination if you visit the Manchor region. 

Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas is another must-see beach in Mancora. With its blue waters, palm trees and expanse of white sand, it is one of the most popular places for tourists who want a relaxing holiday.

The waves are very high, and this is why there are also many surfers crowding on the beach. Most hotels are concentrated in this part of Peru, as it is one of the busiest places for travellers who want to unplug and get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The tourism here tends to the young, with a high presence of sportsmen and disco lovers.


Tuquillo is a beautiful seaside resort located in the province of Huarmey. With its calm, crystal clear waters and fine sand, it's a real Earthly paradise loved both by locals and tourists from all over the world. It is also known as the "Pacific Ocean pool" for the rocks that create natural pools, particularly suitable for allowing children to swim in peace.

The waves are very high in that part of the sea, so it is advisable to stay inside the pools for bathing and not stray too far from the shore: the currents, in fact, are very strong. Despite this, Tuquillo beach is a must visit.


Very popular with surfers, the beach of Caballeros is one of those seaside places where waves are impressive. These are characterised not only by their average heights (which reach three metres) but also because they are long, well formed and with a very clear tubular section. But it is right near Caballeros beach that one of the most incredible waves of the Peruvian sea is formed: we are talking about Pico Alto, where the waves have the peculiarity of reaching even eight metres high.

Caballeros beach is also popular with fishing lovers, who sit on its rocks for hours trying to catch some fish.


Embajadores is a small, narrow beach made of stones and sand. Here waves are practically non-existent, so much so that it is very similar to a very well-maintained and clean natural pool. Since the waters are calm, many tourists love to go for long and relaxing swims, which is often not possible in Peru given the waves and strong currents.

There is a very strong presence of marine animals on Embajadores beach: so arm yourself with a mask so you don’t miss its spectacular fauna. It is a particularly suitable environment for those who have children, since the sea is calm and the currents are not strong. Not to mention that the little ones will have a wonderful memory of their holiday given the wide variety of fish they can admire underwater.


The beach of Vichayito is located in Mancora, in the northwest of Peru, where some of the best beaches in the country are concentrated. If Las Pocitas is very busy, Vichayito will amaze you for its incredible tranquillity.

It is the perfect place for a short beach holiday away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. Here you can bathe and sunbathe, but also enjoy some relaxing horseback riding. Forget a signal for mobile phones, in Vichayito it is practically non-existent: and this makes it the ideal place to disconnect from everything and everyone. Enjoy its white sand and crystal clear water without a worry in the world, at most with the company of a good book and that of the people who are with you.


If you are looking for relaxation and a break from the stressful life of the city, the tropical paradise of Wakama is the perfect place. The beach is very clean, large and there is room for everyone: there is no overcrowding, everyone has their own space.

This point of the ocean is very calm, but there is also a possibilty to have fun with some waves (not too high) that ripple the blue and crystal clear waters. Around there are no roads, only sand, on which picturesque and colourful wooden houses are built.

La Mina

La Mina is a beach formed in the middle of a creek of rocks, nestled between two deserted hills. It is located in the Reserve of Paracas, and is one of the pearls of Peru: the colour of its waters is incredible, ranging from ice blue to turquoise, while the sand is soft. Being one of the most famous beaches in Peru, it is very crowded, so it is advisable to go in the early hours of the morning to visit it.

Playa Roja (Red Beach)

The name says it: the colour of the sand of Playa Roja is a blinding red, so much so that it feels like you're on Mars and not on planet Earth. If you want to bathe and feel like the protagonists of a Star Trek film, Playa Roja is the one for you.

The water is blue tending towards green. It is located in the Paracas Reserve, the home to several animal species, including dolphins, sea lions, whales and a wide variety of birds. An unmissable place, impossible not to go.

Puerto Inka

Travelling in Peru means time travelling and rediscovering the ancestral tracks of the Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas and Wari; as well as its great architectural works, art, festivals, the roots of its social strength and the energy of its inhabitants. All in the midst of unforgettable landscapes and dreamy scenarios that are unparalleled in the world. Its inhabitants are hospitable, happy to welcome tourists and those who want to discover its history. So what are you waiting for to throw yourself into its moors, take a dip in its sea and experience the wonderful atmosphere that only Latin America and its history can do to us?

In Lima there are many fascinating beaches: one of them is definitely Puerto Inka, a quiet, silent beach located in the middle of the ruins of the Inca Empire. Impressive? Definitely. Magical? Of course, and you can't miss it on your itinerary: not only for its red rock beaches and crystal clear waters, but also for the historiographical richness that encompasses that place. 

Caleta San José

Caleta San José is a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful beaches, considered to be amongst the most beautiful in Peru. Its fine sands and the soft sound of its waves, make the stay of travellers a pleasure, something that many will want to enjoy. Caleta San José is between the ports of Matarani and Quilca and to get there you need to travel by boat for about 2 hours.

As the name says, it is a very small cove, whose crystal clear waters are enclosed between two incredible mountains. As it is a beach with no amenities, it is advisable to equip yourself accordingly before arriving here, especially if you have children.


Located very close to the city of Tumbes and on the border with Ecuador, Zorritos is a beautiful Peruvian beach with a tropical atmosphere and crystal clear waters, perfect for relaxation and for enjoying the sun. Considered one of the best in the country, Zorritos beach has plenty of activities to try (alone, in pairs or in company), as well as typical restaurants for refreshments and cosy places to stay.


Colan Beach is located in Piura, in the province of Paita, where the famous church of San Lucas, the first founded by the Spaniards in South America, was built. The beach – one of the largest on the coast – is a perfect place to spend a day in total relaxation, bathing in the clean and crystal clear waters.  


It is a windy beach, perfect for those who want to surf, kitesurf or try other water sports. Here you can see the fishermen on the characteristic "caballitos de totora", that is, traditional rafts like the ones used by their ancestors on the Peruvian coast since the pre-Columbian era. The water is very clean, and the softness of the sand makes it an ideal place for a day spent with the family relaxing.


A beautiful and relaxing seaside town, close to Trujillo and many other historical sites, Huanchaco is characterised for its lively boulevards, fishing boats and a widespread surfing culture. And it is therefore the perfect choice for a day of fun at the beach. Huanchaco is one of the only five International Surf Reserves, a very popular holiday spot where visitors and locals come together in their passion for the waves.

El Silencio

A few kilometres south of Lima we find El Silencio, one of the most visited beaches during the summer season. It is not a free beach and to enter you have to pay. It is a very large beach with fine, white sand and crystal clear waters. On the beach it is forbidden to sell food and alcohol to prevent waste contamination. The waves are not very strong, and for this reason it is one of the busiest beaches during the summer season and beyond. In the winter months, when the waves are stronger, it is a preferred destination for surfers.


Pacasmayo looks like it came out of a dream. With its cold waters, atmospheric pier, delicious restaurants and old houses, it's a favourite destination for all those who want to escape routine.

It consists of several beaches surrounded by beautiful republican-style architecture. You can also find a wide variety of restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood dishes made from the day’s catch. This town was founded in 1775 by the Spanish conquerors, who made Pacasmayo one of the main ports of Peru. When the pier and railway were also built, it became one of the economic hubs of the area. It is currently famous for the pier and the old houses built at the end of the 19th century. The high waves and strong current make it one of the most popular places for surfers.

Puerto Chicama (Malagrigo)

Puerto Chicama is a quiet fishing village that, over the years, has become a destination for surfers from all over the world. In its waters the so-called "chicaneras" are formed, i.e. very particular pipes that are typical of this area. And this is where the world's largest left wave is created: this is precisely the reason why Punta Chicama is one of the stages of the surfing championships

Ancash Beaches

Tuquillo, Maracanà, La Gramita, Vesique, El Dorado. These are just some of the beautiful beaches in the Ancash area, north of Peru. Usually those in the south are more frequented due to their proximity to Lima and the lively nightlife, but these too have a lot to offer, especially their beauty.

If you are looking for crystal clear waters and soft sand, the beach of Tuquillo is the one for you. It is considered one of the paradises of Peruvian fishing, and is characterised by beautiful sunsets that set straight onto the sea.

The beach of Maracanà has larger waves that attract surfers, and a very large stretch of sand where you can relax in peace. Then there is La Gramita, with its perfect crystal clear waters for bathing in relaxation, the soft sand and the incredible landscape that surrounds it, made of barren hills and features.

Another popular beach is Vesique, especially frequented by families for the many activities to do and its crystal clear waters. Then there is El Dorado, A., one of the few to have few waves, perfect for taking the children and letting them bathe in peace.


Tortugas Beach is located in the Casma area and is known for its incredible blue waters impossible to reproduce even with the best camera in the world. It's a very special place, perfect both for having fun and for relaxing: Here, in fact, you can swim in the transparent waters, fish or even rent a boat. Are you a group of friends with very different tastes? Tortugas will meet all your needs.


Ancon is a white sandy beach, with fresh and calm waters ideal for swimming. Theclear water allows you to see all the marine flora and fauna on this stretch of sea, so much so that many visitors choose to bring their snorkelling masks.

The beach is full of parasols where you can shelter from the sun in the hottest hours of the day. It is one of the most famous beaches in Peru because it seems to be in a tropical paradise, where calm and relaxation are the only thing that matters. It is therefore perfect for travellers who do not want to think about anything but resting their body and mind.

Punta Rocas

Another perfect beach for surfers is Punta Rocas. With its high and strong waves, it is ideal for training and having fun on the board: it is no coincidence that it is impossible not to see hordes of young people throwing themselves into the water to catch the waves and spend a fun-filled day.

Punta Rocas is one of Peru's beaches where surfing championships are organised. Those who do not like to surf will rarely decide to go to Punta Rocas: the beach, in fact, is very windy, and bathing without risking being dragged away by the current is very difficult. Better grab a board and jump into the waves!

Punta Hermosa


In Punta Hermosa there is a sign with a warning: "High-risk beach". This is not because it is particularly dangerous, but because you have to pay attention when bathing: the waves are very high and the currents strong, so swimming is not recommended if you cannot swim well.

There are natural pools in the sea, however, where it is possible to bathe without risk: it is better to prefer those for a matter of tranquillity and safety, especially if you have children. It is however a very beautiful beach, with soft sand, perfect for allowing the little ones to play and crystal clear waters.

San Bartolo

San Bartolo Is a Peruvian district located in a coastal area south of the urban area of Lima. It's a place for surfers due to the high, tumultuous waves, perfect for those who want to have fun on the board.

Here you will find one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Peru: we are talking about the so-called "bufadero", that is, a cave inside a hill, where the waves enter and generate pressure so strong that the water becomes gaseous, and is then thrown out through a fissure in the rocks. The jet of water reaches a very high height that generates a particular whistle. Another feature of this beach is that here the sun shines almost all year round.

Santa Maria


Santa Maria del Mar is a district further south of Lima where you will find some of the most popular and popular beaches in the area. It is known for its crystal clear waters and evening fun: it is no coincidence that it mostly attracts a very young tourism, who like to go visit the local clubs to dance and drink aperitifs.

The beaches are covered by amenities and is one of the more touristy in the area, frequented by both tourists and locals. The fine, soft sand makes it very pleasant, as well as the clean, azure waters.


The district of Pucusana is a pretty and traditional fishing village and, although it is located about 60 km south of Lima, it still belongs to the metropolitan area. The population lives mainly from fishing and tourism. The small port is the centre of Pucusana's life.

During the peak fishing season, hundreds of wooden boats show their catch on the pier, which is taken over by a huge crowd of local farmlers preparing the fish. The beaches are crowded with tourists and for this reason, are highly equipped, while the surrounding areas are packed with bars and restaurants where you can eat traditional Peruvian food.

Bujama and Chocalla


Why go to Peru? Because it's a country that's a sum of uts traditions, cultures and languages. Like the Amazon that crosses the earth, which arises from the union of numerous tributaries to become that immense river that we all know. And it is precisely this giant that can be compared to Peru, the result of a history that unites indigenous peoples, Europeans, Africans and citizens of the East.

This is the mix that made its fortune and the greatness of its history. Jungle, sea, desert: all this we find in the South American country, which on a landscape level is unparalleled in the world. Can we describe it? Of course, it can and must be done in the best possible way. But it is only by experiencing it that you can understand what Peru really is and what it means to be protected from Pachamama.

Faced with the city of Mala, in the Department of Lima, there are two perfect beaches for cooling off and spending a day relaxing feeling the waves of the sea. There's Bujama, with a long, sandy, flat expanse, and with wonderful shells to see. Here there are big and beautiful houses. The sea is calm and therefore suitable for for those who do not want to surf. And then there's Chocalla, with white sand and crystal clear sea.

Cerro Azul

The waves of the beach of Cerro Azul are much loved by surfers. But this place is also ideal for those who worship wild, unspoiled landscapes, that instill fear. Here you can admire a rock formation called "El Fraile": the legend is that the ancient Franciscans hid their treasures here so they would not be stolen by pirates during the numerous raids.

In Cerro Azul you can also spot dolphins offshore: so, if you happen to be there, arm yourself with binoculars and try to see those beautiful animals.

Opposite the city of Mala, in the Department of Lima, there are two perfect beaches for cooling off and spending a day relaxing feeling the waves of the sea. There's Bujama, with its long, sandy, flat expanse, and with wonderful shells to see. Here, there are big and beautiful houses. The sea is calm and therefore suitable for for those who do not want to surf. And then there is Chocalla, with white sand and crystal clear sea.

Tumbes Beaches

Punta Sal, Zorritos and Puerto Pizarro are the most popular beaches for tourists in Tumbes. They are all characterised by an expanse of white sand and warm sea with guaranteed sun almost all year round. Each offers different alternatives that can meet the most diverse demands: they are ideal places for surfing, diving, fishing or simply for holidaymakers in search of sun and warmth.

Other beaches in Tumbes are Cancas, Acapulco, Punta Mero, Bocapon, Playa Hermosa, Jela. 

Los Organos

Los Organos is a very nice beach located ten minutes from Mancora. It is characterised by its white sand and crystal clear sea, where fish of all kinds, stingrays and turtles swim. For this reason it is a particularly suitable place for snorkelling and diving, much in demand by tourists and residents who flock to the area. For all these factors, it is a family-friendly beach with children who want to rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lambayeque Beaches


Caleta San José, Caleta Santa Rosa, Etén-Puerto, Playa Hermosa, Hondo, Las Rocas, Lobos Crescent, Monsef, Huaca, Pimentel, are the beautiful beaches of Lambayeque. They are all very different from each other, and are the favourite destination of visitors who want to escape from the bustle of the city. Some are particularly suitable for surfing, others for spending a day with friends and family in total relaxation. They are usually spacious beaches, with amenities and with waterfront restaurants for refuelling at lunch time or dinner.

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