A country that hosts 32 UNESCO-protected sites, with thousands of years of history and that hides secrets and legends in every corner. Add a perfect climate, tasty cuisine and dreamy beaches and you will be in Mexico. Let’s start with the sea: places such as Playa del CarmenCozumelCancun and Cabo San Lucas are now well-known and famous for their picture postcard settings: crystal-clear waters, coral reef and the white expanses of sand where you can sip a drink at sunset. However, there are other enchanting places where you can relax in front of the ocean. Let’s discover the 25 best beaches in Mexico together.

  • Playa de Punta Morena, Cozumel
  • Playa de Isla Pasion, Cozumel
  • Playa San Juan, Cozumel
  • Playa Corona, El Progreso
  • Playa El Cielo, Cozumel
  • Playa Paradiso, Cozumel
  • Punta Maroma, Playa del Carmen
  • Playa Rosa, Yucatan
  • Mahahual, Riviera Maya
  • Playa de Xcacel, Riviera Maya
  • Playa Ruinas, Tulum
  • Mayan Beach, Tulum
  • Akumal Beaches
  • Playa Delfines, Cancun
  • Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres
  • Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas
  • Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido
  • Playa Carrizalillo, Puerto Escondido
  • Playa Escondidia, Nayarit
  • Playa Sayulita, Nayarit
  • Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz
  • Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca
  • Playa Balandra, Baja California
  • Playa Los Muertos
  • Acapulco Beaches    

Playa de Punta Morena, Cozumel

We are in Yucatan, which is we find Cozumel, Mexico’s third largest island, as well as being a great destination for those wanting to go diving or snorkelling. And not just for clear, warm waters, but also due to the fauna found here. There are many surprises and guests that you can meet: from turtles to moray eels, and also barracudas and parrot fish. There are at least 40 diving points where the waters allow visibility up to 60 metres.

The peninsula is full of beauty and interest: in 1959, it was Jacques Cousteau who noted the wonders of the sea bed here and began to discover the reef. There are many elements that make the island a worthy place to visit: the white beaches and the sea where the colours range from turquoise to deep blue.  The island has two souls: the lively atmosphere of the beaches in the south of the island and the more intimate, relaxed atmosphere in the east. Punta Morena is the perfect place to relax on a hammock on the seashore. Nearby we find Chiqueros Point or Playa Bonita too: anyone wanting to  avoid noise and crowding will be right at home here. 

Playa de Isla Pasion, Cozumel

You can go on a short tour on a speedboat to the Isla de la Pasiòn to make the stay in Cozumel, an unforgettable experience. This pretty island is just one kilometre one kilometre long, but has becomes a place for lovers. On the other hand, this setting made of palms, soft sand and clear waters, need no comment.  The place is often chosen by couples from all over the world to declare their love or for a romantic honeymoon. There is also a detail that nature lovers will like: there are many bird species and it is commonplace to come across turtles.

Playa San Juan, Cozumel


A little jewel, but increasingly well known among tourists. Playa San Juan is a beautiful, white-sand beach with gentle waves that make it perfect for various water sports, such as windsurfing or snorkelling. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a large expanse of sand, while the murmur of Pacific waves rock you and seem to tell you stories from lands far away. There are some rocky formation in San Juan that make the place interesting and attractive, especially for diving

Playa Corona, El Progreso

There are many people who look for a small, quiet place to relax when they are on holiday and that is exactly what Playa Corona offers in this area. Located in the south of the coastal area, it is one of the best sites for snorkelling.  Relax in its calm, clear waters and abundant sand, and go and discover the animal life. About 100 metres from shore, you will find the Chankanaab coral reef, one of the prettiest in Mexico. Nature is a true protagonist in every sense. In the Parque Nacional of Chankanaab, nearby, it is possible to go on special tours. You can feed sea lions and sea cows, or be lucky enough to swim with dolphins.

Playa El Cielo, Cozumel

El Cielo is an enchanted expanse of sand, that is about 800 metres from the coast of Cozumel. Here you can relax by swimming and snorkelling: there will be a lot of starfish for you to see on the seabed.   This beach has become one of the favourite destinations for those visiting the island. Its crystal-clear waters and white sand make the holiday unique and unforgettable: An experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Playa Paradiso, Cozumel

Just a few kilometres from the archaeological site of Tulum, you can spend the day lying on one of the best beaches in the area, as the name itself says: Paradise Beach. It can be reached from Playa del Carmen in about 35 minutes. This beach has everything: sea activities and water games, equipped for families with relaxation areas in the shade of large Caribbean palm trees, music, shops and even a large swimming pool that makes you want to take a dip and relax on even the hottest days. 

Punta Maroma, Playa del Carmen

Sixty-five kilometres south of Cancun, we find Playa del Carmen, a picture-perfect beach with fine, white sand, palm trees and crystal-clear waters. In particular, Punta Maroma is one of the prettiest, with all the elements of a perfect place: the fame of the blue sea and sky that merges with the white of the sand. The road Quinta Avenida runs alongside the beach and is full of small shops and craft stalls, restaurants and bars

It is a very busy area, but its relaxed atmosphere and the mild climate make it pleasant and attractive. There are beaches with every comfort all around, like Playa Mamitas, famous for its fashion shows on the sand. There is a swimming pool and beach volley courts for sports lovers. For those who prefer wilder or more rustic beaches, there is Chunzubul, loved by those who go snorkelling and by nudists.

Playa Rosa, Yucatan

Another attraction not to be missed in Mexico is Playa Rosa in the Yucatan: the name is explained by the fact that the water turns pink. The setting is amazing, as is the atmosphere here. Imagine spending a sunset inside this magic. The red plankton and a particular salt-water crustacean (artemia) are responsible for this particular colour. This fairytale landscape is the result of their union and chemical residue.

Mahahual, Riviera Maya

Let’s leave Cancun and move on to Riviera Maya: sea on one side, lush jungle on the other; it is just a few kilometres to leave the domestic vegetation and the noise of Cancun behind, and get lost in a network of paths that look onto the coral reef, surrounded by wild bays and islands. Riviera Maya has everything to be a Caribbean paradise: elegant white-sand beaches, warm waters and crystal-clear water. This is why it is one of the most popular, sought-after places.

An ideal place for those who love the sea, beach life and relaxation, but also for those who are looking for travel and enjoyment. Mahahual is the most authentic location on the Riviera Maya. Here, time stands still, the roads are unpaved and modern life is still a long way off. The beauty and uniqueness of nature is being preserved.

To reach Mahahual, it is necessary to go to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.  Nearby, we also find Banco Chincorro, the largest and oldest coral atoll in the country. One of the city’s main attractions is its seafront, that runs for almost two kilometres. A lively place that hosts hostels, small  hotels with view of the ocean, fish restaurants, beach bars and craft shops. The beach is a real uncontaminated paradise, the sea has hues from green to blue and the water is shallow. The landscape still enjoys that simple, rustic atmosphere, while buildings and services are still limited.

Playa de Xcacel, Riviera Maya

The colours merge together before your eyes. Playa de Xcacel seems to fade into the distance, lapped by a beautiful sea and lush vegetation. A place far from mass tourism where you can rest and recover energy.

Playa Ruinas, Tulum

Tulum is the Mexican beach par excellence, a connection of beauty, sun and activities. Start by gazing at the beauty, with its white sand, wonderful waters and the Maya ruins on the coast. The coral reef in Tulum is the second largest in the world and deserves a swim with mask and snorkel. Expect a lot of movement, a lot of tourists, a lot of hotels. Some well-preserved Maya ruins look onto the white sands of Playa Ruinas. In this area, the priority is respecting the environment. Tourism comes second, the reason why there are no large buildings.

Mayan Beach, Tulum

History, beauty, ruins, testimonies of a flourishing era. It is difficult to think that we are talking about a beach. Actually, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, also known beyond the borders: this is the wonderful Mayan Beach, located in Tulum, along the Riviera Maya. This is paradise, embellished by the imposing ruins of a Maya templeThe ruins, that stand on a cliff, look down onto the cove, where you can enjoy the soft white sand and clear waters. All surrounded by lush palm trees and wonderful, unspoilt nature.

Akumal Beachesl

Akumal is one of the best itineraries in Mexico thanks to the diversity of its beaches and the excellent tourist services offered. Fresh water caves, underground rivers, the  beach at Akumal is a surprise. The area is ideal for snorkelling lovers. One of the attractions not to be missed is Yal-Ku Lagoon (crystal cave), a small lagoon, the ideal habitat for colourful sea creatures. This is also the merit of submerged rocks that create a fertile underwater terrain.

Fine sand, clear water, and many facilities to stop you being bored: you can also hire kayaks, go windsurfing, go sports fishing. If you prefer to move around,  it is possible to hire bicycles, and rent scuba diving equipment. In the Maya language, Akumal means “land of the turtles”, and here from June to November you can see examples of various species.

Playa Delfines, Cancun

There are 22 km of white-sand beaches in Cancún, but each has its own personality. You will find everything: rest, breath-taking settings, tasty food and a bit of night life. If you need a bit of relaxation, then Playa Delfines is for you. Just a few kilometres from Cancun, this beach is a must for walks. You will have to “turn off” a little: no kiosks, only a few sunbeds and parasols, there will be no music or mobile sellers: it is the right beach for those needing peace and quiet and don’t want her to be disturbed.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small anti-stress island. It is 10 kilometres long, off the coast of Cancun. Crystal-clear water, green palm trees and white sand are all provided. The wonderful sea that continuously invites you for a swim and the white beach are the best visiting card for Playa Norte. Ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the best 25 beaches in the world, this beautiful expanse of fine sand with its turquoise sea has captured the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many of them have also been lucky enough to witness its fantastic sunsets. The sun disappears, the amazing hues remain in a moment to be contemplated.

Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas

Here, the Sea of Cortès and Pacific Ocean pass the baton.  It is very romantic and invites peace and quiet. You can go for a walk on this beach that is pays tribute to love. You will either be happy to just admire the wonderful rock formation of El Arco, or make it the frame of your photo. If you come here on holiday from December to March you might also get to see some whales Playa del Amor can be reached by boat or water taxi, starting from the port of Cabo San Lucas.

Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, which isn’t really so hidden, is a place for surfers. Merit is down to the waves that may be legendary and be over six metres high before landing on Playa Zicatela. Here obviously, around the three kilometres of beach, many championships and international competitions take place. The beauty of the place is well known, as are the strong currents.

This bay is quiet and is therefore not really suitable for those wanting to go surfing. It takes a bit of extra effort to reach it as it will be necessary to climb 150 steps. Playa Carrizalillo, like its neighbour Playa Marinero, in front of the centre of Puerto Escondido, are suitable for a swim or for a day of deserved rest. “Maximum water fun”, is one of the most common comments from visitors who leave online reviews, referring to the precious cove at Baia Carrizalillo. What will open up before your eyes once you have arrived is a true spectacle: amazing emerald green hues, mild currents, transparency and small coral gardens, next to the rocks, with the possibility of admiring sea life and meeting people.

Playa Escondida, Nayarit

It is possible to have this unique, unrepeatable experience on the Mexican Pacific Coast, in the Islas Marietas National Park. After all, as the name says (“Hidden Beach”) it is not a destination that everyone can get to. To reach this beautiful beach, also known as “beach of love”, you can count on the help of specialised local guides who will also say when the tide is low to avoid the risk of injuring your head on the sharp rocks of the coral reef. Once you have crossed the rocky wall, you will discover the beautiful beach in the natural open air crater that is the most precious treasures in the National Park. Playa Escondida is one of the most spectacular tourist places in Nayarit.

A cone of magic and attraction that will take your breath away, a protected site, a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 2008. The beach is hidden inside a large hole in the mountain. This incredible place is on the Marietas Islands, a small archipelago, opposite Nayarit. Clear sand, lapped by crystal-clear waters, reachable only by canoe or by diving along an underwater tunnel. A rocky frame, surrounded by the Pacific: a view to be enjoyed.

Playa Sayulita, Nayarit

The main beach of Sayulita is divided into two parts by a small strip of sand that descends into the sea. In both areas, there are ample parts of sand with the seashore shaded by trees and palm treesAnyone can find their rhythm here. A part of the beach is one of the favourite destinations of Mexican surfers, due to the waves. Nearby, there are several restaurants where it is possible to have a drink, snack or a meal involving local traditions and cuisine.

Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz

Costa Esmeralda is in Veracruz. It is over 50 km long and owes its name to its colour that is between  the green and blue of its waters. Here, you can relax thanks to the peace and quiet of the beach, try wonderful food, camp or even go kayaking on the rapids of the River Filobobos

The north coast offers unspoilt beaches, surrounded by abundant vegetation. Its warm sand and emerald green waters along the Mexican Gulf will be an excellent calling card. The calm waves are perfect for swimming or divingThe nearby towns of Tecolutla and Nautla embellish the path with their over 800 hectares of green mangroves: here it is possible to go for boat rides to picturesque places, such as the “pirates’ cave”.

Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca

The nine bays of Huatulco, one of the most popular attraction in Oaxaca, that winds along a 35-kilometre stretch of coast: Here you will be able to dive into crystal-clear waters of the Huatulco bays and enjoy this natural paradise where the sunrises merge with the fiery afternoon skies. There are at least thirty-six beaches that can be reached on foot. Soft sand, a fairytale setting for swimming, snorkelling in this natural aquarium with the most important coral system in the country. You can admire turtles and dolphins, hear the splendid flight of pelicans and birds that take off from these rocks.

Playa Balandra, Baja California

Playa Balandra is famous for its special mushroom-shaped rock formation, that has become one of the symbols of the city of La Paz and the peninsula of  Baja California. This humid area is surrounded by a system of mangroves, dunes, cacti and areas with prehistoric archaeological remains, where the Sea of Cortez waters are painted like a watercolour, with wonderful blue hues. A beach to be enjoyed and to try out. The best way to get to know the area and its beauty is to walk along its path, that offer wonderful natural views.

Playa Los Muertos

The name is a little misleading, as this Puerto Vallarta beach is one of the most active and frequented in the area.  It is also of an amazing beauty: it is a beautiful beach with soft sand, gentle waves and several wonderful palm trees. It is a place much frequented by tourists and local residents. Suited to families or for an evening to spend with friends, sipping a cocktail while waiting for a sunset.

Acapulco Beaches

Acapulco is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”. This charming city offers fun and opportunity to tourists. Its beaches are the main attraction for travellers, from the quieter ones, frequented by the local inhabitants, to the more exclusive, fashionable ones. One of the most popular is Pie de la CuestaIts is well known for its amazing sunsets. The sea is ideal for surfers. Playa Condesa, a perfect beach for easily planning an evening, is in the central part. When you come out of the water, you are ready for an aperitif, so just choose the right bar or restaurant. 

Other known beaches are Playa Puerto Marques, one of the most popular and appreciated by residents. More relaxation in Playa Icacos, while the best waves to ride for surfers are divided equally between Playa Revolcadero and Playa DiamanteYou can enjoy excellent restaurants in Playa Caleta and Playa Caletilla. The beaches in the Coyuca Lagoon, north of Acapulco, are even more isolated and great for relaxation.

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There are 17 States, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea: Mexico is a place full of wonderful beaches that vary a great deal. There are those with the soft, white sand of the Caribbean. Some are famous for their entertainment and night life, rather than for the beauty of the landscape (Cancun). Others are more isolated and less lively. To the west, there are the long beaches with winds ideal for surfing, as they are crossed by high waves and currents.

The Mexican coast is, in any case, a world that offers so many opportunities, water sports, walk amidst nature, but above all night life and lots of fun. Mexico is above all beauty. Imagine soft, fine white sand, that touches the clear, calm waters that in turn reflect the blue of the sky. Also, there are areas with a wonderful coral reef, where various species of colourful fish live. The beaches offer everything. Palm trees, bungalows and hammocks. For hungry people, there are chiringuitos and restaurants, but there are also traces of history with archaeological ruins and open digs near the beaches. Mexico is this too, choose the right holiday for you.

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