Welcome to Martinique, a spectacular island of the Lesser Antilles where the sea is turquoise and the white sandy beaches are waiting just for you! Martinique is a destination of Caribbean that is a little underestimated but that has nothing to envy of the more famous islands: it is a small paradise in the French Indies that doesn't really lack anything. Beaches lapped by warm waters on one side and the lush jungle on the other, exotic flowers, characteristic Creole villages and a volcano perched in the heart of the land to complete the view.

Come for the beaches, stay for the food. Anyone who has set foot in one of Martinique's restaurants knows how much typical dishes are an integral part of the island experience. You just have to try the Creole cuisine, where the goodness of French cuisine is mixed with Caribbean spices and freshly caught fish. The result is amazing!

History buffs will also appreciate the island's ties to Napoleon Bonaparte. Josephine of Beauharnais was born in Trois-Elets, Martinique. After being widowed by her first husband, she was the mistress of countless political figures of her time, one of whom was Napoleon. A walk in La Savane Nature Park and you will realise that Josephine, here, is a somewhat controversial figure. Her statue has been decapitated countless times. Apparently, she herself insisted that her husband should not abolish slavery in Martinique, so as to save the family plantations.

Among the other wonders of Martinique, we cannot fail to mention its majestic volcano. Mount Pelée it is famous for the eruption of 1902, when 30 thousand residents lost their lives within a few hours. Only two people in all managed to save themselves. Walking around the island, you'll find some reminiscence of that terrible tragedy.

Martinique is a magical island that will captivate you with its postcard-perfect beaches and the friendly, Caribbean atmosphere you've always imagined to find on your holiday to the Lesser Antilles. We have made a list of the best beaches in the hope that it can help you draw up a good travel itinerary for you and your loved ones.

  • Anse Couleuvre Beach (Le Precheur)
  • The Anses d'Arlet Beaches
  • The Anse Dufour Beaches
  • Diamond Beach
  • Anse Figuier Beach
  • Great Anse des Salines Beach
  • Anse Trabaud Beach
  • La Baignoire de Josephine
  • La Caravelle Beaches
  • Sinai Beach
  • Gros Raisin Beach
  • Pointe Faula Beach
  • Cap Macré Beach
  • L'Anse Grosse Roche Beacg
  • Anse Michel Beach
  • Anse Caritan Beach
  • Anse Mabouya Beach

Anse Couleuvre Beach (Le Precheur)

You are in the village of Le Prcheur, in the north of the island of Martinique. The first thing to do is to determine when you will decide to stop at one of the Most Beautiful Beaches of Your Life: Anse Couleuvre. Nearby you'll feel like you're on a deserted island, a feeling accentuated by the fact that the village (full of historic buildings) is almost uninhabited and lives mainly from fishing. Just a short hike for get to the beach of Anse Couleuvre, a beautiful bay with black volcanic sand – almost an exclusive on Martinique, where the beaches are usually immaculate and are formed from the fragmentation of the reef. Anse Couleuvre is accessible all year round and is not too busy: this makes it a beautiful beach where you can plant your parasol and enjoy crystal-clear waters and an incredible seabed. Come here if you are looking for an oase of peace in the tropical paradise, or if you are a fan of diving and snorkelling. There aren't many tourist accommodation facilities around here, so it's a good idea to pack a nice bottle, fresh snacks and lots of sunscreen.

From the beach you'll also see "The Pearl", a beautiful green island that resembles a pearl by way of its somewhat domed shape. Near this beautiful rock you will find one of the most beautiful seabeds of Martinique; we recommend that you bring all necessary diving equipment with you!

Beaches in Anses d'Arlet

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and evocative corners of southern Martinique. Here at Anses d’Arlet, in fact, you will find some of the most beloved beaches of the Lesser Antilles. You will have the impression of being on unknown land, where animals reign undisturbed in the trees and under the surface of the water. The area of Anses d'Arlet is made up of very small villages located in one of the bays along the coast: Grande Anse, Anse Noire, Anse Dufour and Anse d'Arlet Bourg. The towns are connected to each other by steep mountain roads from which you can take incredible photographs of the surrounding landscape.

Grande Anse is one of Martinique's most popular beaches and offers holidaymakers a small corner of immaculate coastline where you can relax and have fun in comfort. The waters where you can dive are well protected from currents thanks to the natural shape of the terrain and the presence of the reef. That's why here so many people come to dive and spend long days in the water. The pier a short distance away is the perfect docking point for sailing lovers. Beware of crowds during peak season.

Anse Noire, on the other hand, offers a small corner of virtually deserted coastline, with few tourists daring to come here for spread out their beach towel. The beach of volcanic origin, which gives its name to this beach, plunges into a water that is perfectly crystal clear. The richness of the seabed draws hundreds of tourists here each year, all eager to try their hand at snorkelling and diving.

Anse d'Arlet Bourg is a beautiful location not only for its beach, but also its history. In this village, there is a spectacular 18th century church whose doors open directly onto the beach. The sea is wonderful and here too you can breathe an area of harmony and great serenity – for a holiday suitable for the whole family!

Beaches in Anse Dufour

In the heart of a small fishing village we can find the beautiful beaches of Anse Dufour, a picture-postcard paradise that will make you want to take a multitude of photos. Although it doesn't have a primary beach function for tourists, Anse Dufour is a popular docking point for ships and a respectable location to organise picnics and beach activities. The water is beautiful, in any case, you may catch sight of a few rare swimmers about to find some refreshment from the heat of the sun.

Anse Dufour is located 6 kilometres from Fort de France, in the southwest part of the coast. We recommend that you pay a visit here even if you aren’t staying too close, because the view is worth every kilometre of travel. The beach is dotted with boats and small dwellings on the sand. Come here to enjoy a day of sun and sea immersed in the local culture, where time flows more slowly and everything seems to come directly from another historical era.

At this point, while the sun is setting, stop by one of the restaurants in the area, many of which are informal and are frequented almost exclusively by residents. It's in places like these that you'll enjoy the best of local Creole cuisine!

Diamond Beach

Those who come to Martinique visit Diamond Beach at least once, as it is a beach that deserves every single moment of your visit to this location. Here not only will you enjoy relaxation and long nap on a soft white sand, but if you want, you can also try your hand at all kinds of water sports, such as surfing or snorkelling. Diamond Beach is a relatively unpopular beach for tourists, so it's perfect for anyone looking for some peace and quiet.

Come here for the 9 kilometres of pristine coastline and stay for the relaxing atmosphere that you breathe along with the scent of the sea. And if the sun has tired you out, you can always take a few steps back and cool down in the generous shade of palm trees – a constant presence in almost all of Martinique’s beaches.

Diamond Beach doesn't have many beach facilities, but there's a great snack bar where you can stock up on food and water. You can eat your meal at one of the special picnic tables dotted around the area, offering shelter and comfort to even the largest families.

Here in the area, about 7 kilometres away, don't miss the Maison de la Canne, the museum that tells of the history of sugarcane and its processing. You'll find everything you've ever wanted to know about one of the island's flagship export products.

Anse Figuier Beach

Anse Figuier is located a short distance from the villages of Sainte-Luce and Marin and offers tourists a magnificent sandy beach that plunges headlong into a crystal-clear sea that is simply irresistible. The area is renowned for its tranquillity and, of course, the richness of the seabed – so you'll want to bring your equipment with you for snorkelling or diving. Come to Anse Figuier to admire the beauty of underwater life: visit the rocks near the beach and be careful where you put your feet. A colony of sea urchins lives here. Depending on the time of the day, the fish chase each other in an extraordinary dance of colours. Experts recommend arriving early in the morning and staying until the last light of sunset to enjoy some of the most special meetings.

Anse Figuier beach is large and bordered by spectacular coconut palm trees, under which wooden tables have been set up for picnics. Anse Figuier also has a small play area for children, so that even the little ones always have something to do.

Anse Figuier is also famous for the presence of theMartinique Ecomuseum. The installation was established here as the building once belonged to a distillery and is now preserved as a structure of historical significance.

Grande Anse des Salines Beach

The beaches of Grande Anse des Salines are amongst the most famous in Martinique, and a short trip to them will help you understand why. Located 5 kilometres from the town of Sainte-Anne, these white-sand beaches offer an incredible glimpse of the sea and a perfect retreat from the tourist heat of the other locations here in the area. The wooded area of Grande Anse des Salines belongs to the National Coastal Park and is protected.

The beach here is divided into three parts: Grande Anse des Salines, the most famous of all, Petite Anse des Salines to the west and, to the east, Grande Terre des Salines. Each of these locations is worth a visit. Remember to bring a beautiful beach towel, lots of sunscreen and your camera. You will thank us later! The Grande Anse area tends to be very busy, especially in high season and weekends. If you want to swim here, we recommend that you arrive early in the morning so that you can get the best places.

Anse Trabaud Beach

The picture-perfect beach of Anse Trabaud is located south of the island of Martinique, the flower of the Caribbean, a few kilometres from Sainte-Anne. Easy to access and well known, it is not the reference destination for lovers of tranquillity and privacy, but it is definitely for all those who want to enjoy a day at sea in a serene and cheerful climate, surrounded by other tourists like them. Thanks to Trabaud's unique shape, the area offers a perfect mix of calm sea areas and waves. That's why you have to come here if you're a fan of swimming, surfing or kayaking.

Like all other beaches in Martinique, Anse Trabaud is surrounded by a beautiful palm forest that offers shade and refreshment to tourists eager for a break from the sun's rays. Anse Trabaud has no public toilets, so be careful if you decide to take the children with you.

Just a few kilometres from the beach don't miss the Savane des Pétrifications, an area of quasi-lunar territory that does not resemble many other places on the island. This arid space owes its strange name to the fact that a long time ago here, you could admire large pieces of fossilised wood, a distant memory of the wooded area that was supposed to be there. Enjoy the hike in this area and take the Trace des Caps trail, which starts not far from here, in the Anse a Prunes: the route is perfect for hikers.

La Baignoire de Josephine


If you're planning a holiday in Martinique you've certainly heard of La Baignoire de Josephine, the bathing place of Josephine. It is a heavenly place that deserves some of your precious holiday time, and which has become progressively more famous amongst tourists and locals over the years by way of the breathtaking beauty of the landscape that can be admired. Despite being sometimes a bit crowded, La Baignoire de Josephine is worth seeing.

The unspoilt seabed of this location has become very famous also thanks to the mysterious origin of the name of this place. According to the most accredited rumours, the place was dedicated to Josephine of Beauharnais, Napoleon's lover, who often went here to bathe. The reality may be quite different, since the noblewoman was originally from Trois Ilets, which is about 25 kilometres from here. A distance not easily accessible at the time. Other sources say the place takes the name from a boat that often sailed along the coast with the aim of taking sand from the seabed, "La Josephine".

You can reach La Baignoire de Josephine by kayak or by buying a ferry ticket. If you're looking for a unique experience, avoid the tourist boats and board a small catamaran. If you can, visit this area in the off-season, or at least not at the weekends to avoid gathering.

Caravelle beaches

The Caravelle Peninsula offers pristine and almost deserted beaches and a very special location to devote yourself to activities such as trekking. Located on the north side of the Coast of Martinique, La Caravelle consists of a long arm of barren land that extends into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is part of a protected regional park and offers wonderful trails through the nature of the place. Barren forests, mangroves, grassy savannah and windy, deserted coastal areas will welcome you in a truly unique setting for an island in the Lesser Antilles.

And as you walk along these trails – with the impression of being on Mars – you look beyond the edge of the rocks to spot some of Martinique's most striking beaches. Some of them are free, while others, although beautiful, are not accessible to people as they are under the protection of the park. This is where turtles come to lay their eggs and many animal species, even endangered, find refuge.

The beaches of Trésor Bay, south of Le Caravelle, are accessible. While not providing the same spectacle as other beaches in the area, it will be a real pleasure to take your snorkel and fins out of your backpack to soak in the crystal clear water and admire the seabed teeming with life. 

Sinai Beach


You have arrived in the village of Grand Rivière, A, at the foot of Mount Pelée in the northernmost area of the island of Martinique. Like many other inhabited centres in the surrounding area, Grand Rivière lives a simple life from fishing and a few occasional tourists. In addition to the presence of several restaurants offering local cuisine, do not miss the excursions and, of course, a little bit of the famous black sands of the Sinai beaches.

The beach is known for its secluded location, where you can swim in serenity at the base of a cliff overlooking the lush vegetation of the location. There is also a prime view of Dominica Island. Stay until dusk to enjoy one of the most beautiful and suggestive sunsets on the island: see it to believe it. You can get to Sinai beach by car: the area has ample parking. 

Gros Raisin Beach

Gros Raisin is a spectacular beach on Martinique that will leave you breathless due to the tranquillity and atmosphere you breathe here. A few miles from St. Luce, Gros Raisin beach is located in the southern coastal area of the island and offers serenity and privacy to tourists looking for a small corner of paradise where no one will disturb them. Spread your towel out on the soft sand, dive into the warm waters of the Caribbean and, in the hottest hours of the day, find refreshment in the shade of coconut palms. Watch out for seaweed, not just on shore.

Around here there are also several small restaurants where you can enjoy some local cuisine delicacies in peace and outdoors, to fully soak up the seaside atmosphere of the place.

If you come here, stop at the Trois Rivieres, a historic distillery equipped with a windmill that will immerse you in the history and culture of Martinique and the very long local tradition of rum production.

Pointe Faula Beach

The windswept palm trees welcome you to Pointe Faula, one of the top locations for surfing and kitesurfing in Martinique. This beautiful beach is located in Le Vauclin and offers tourists immaculate sand, sparkling waves and plenty of opportunities to relax. Avoiding seaweed, you can also enjoy long walks on the coast with your camera at your fingertips. If you're looking for a beach to spread out your towel, opt for another, more sandy destination, where the Caribbean climate will certainly enter your soul.

Cap Macré Beach

Welcome to Marin, in the south of the island of Martinique. This spectacular area of the island offers breathtaking views of the bay, fresh seafood restaurants and picture-perfect beaches, all to be photographed. Here there is no shortage of coastline, and you can rent equipment to try your hand at water sports such as kayaking, sailing, diving and fishing. Pass by Anse Grosse or Cap Macré, a wide white-sand beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that opens onto turquoise seas and stunning views. Embraced by a line of coconut palms, this beautiful corner of Martinique is the place you were looking for if you dream of a perfect tan and a place to swim quietly rocked by magnificent waves. To get here you need to rent a car, but it's worth it: the road is a bit bumpy and in some places requires you to travel with caution.

L'Anse Grosse Roche Beach

Are you looking for a wonderful beach that is still fairly quiet? You aren’t too late, Martinique still offers some special coastal areas that haven't been overwhelmed by mass tourism. Come to Anse Grosse Roche, near Marin. You'll have to take a short walk of about 15 minutes that starts in a beautiful forest and passes through Cap Macré. From there, all you have to do is continue to one of the most beautiful white beaches you've ever seen. Surrounded by rough volcanic rocks, it's the perfect location for a romantic escape based on sun and privacy. There is one in particular, with a heart-shaped cavity, which seems like it was created on purpose to be photographed!

Anse Michel Beach

The dip of your dreams is at your fingertips here at Anse Michel, where the turquoise water of the Caribbean is protected by the reef that shields it from the strong ocean currents. Come here if you're a surfing or kite surfing enthusiast too, and you'll find the right place for your needs. Enjoy this spectacular palm-shaded beach and let yourself be lulled by the trade winds that mess up your hair. Small bars and restaurants are also available along the coast where you can enjoy the best of the local cuisine.

Anse Caritan Beach


Just under a kilometre away from Sainte Anne is the incredible beach of Anse Caritan. It is a wonderful stretch of white coastline hidden by dense vegetation, composed mainly of palm trees. Come here at low tide, when it's easier to find a place, and spread out a towel in one of Martinique's most beautiful and exciting locations. The area is relatively quiet despite the presence of a resort a short distance away.

Anse Mabouya Beach


Normally deserted, Anse Mabouya is another of the many little corners of paradise you'll find on Martinique. People don't come here often – not even residents – and it can be reached quite easily for a visit and a swim. Located in the south of Martinique, a few kilometres from St. Luce, Mabouya is unspoiled and almost completely devoid of organised facilities. If you plan to spend a day here, remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a packed lunch.

Mabouya is also a perfect location for snorkelling fans, who will be thrilled by the seabed to be explored.

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Do you dream about the Caribbean? Book your Costa Cruise now in the direction of the Lesser Antilles, in particular Martinique. Come and dive into the lonely waters of Anse Mabouya or go and have fun on the spectacular beaches of Anse des Salines, where fun and relaxation go hand in hand with your perfect holiday idea. Good food, Caribbean hospitality, sun, sea and lots of snorkelling: Martinique is just waiting for you, and we can't wait to make all your holiday dreams come true.

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