Malta, an island located between Libya, Sicily and Tunisia, is a small heaven on earth. Every year tourists from around the world come to experience its turquoise waters and breath-taking beaches. Despite the thousands who travel to its coasts, Malta offers visitors almost uncontaminated natural views and an ancient history truly worth exploring.


Malta is the perfect destination for any tourist type. It is open to the young ones, offering social beach parties and evening barbecues, and welcomes families on its quiet beaches and shallow waters. It is ideal for adventurous travellers as well, for they can explore the curvy paths on its high cliffs all the way to deserted bays. It can turn into a very romantic destination too, offering gorgeous sunsets on the island for couples to enjoy, together with its beautiful ridges, seemingly hand-drawn by a painter in love with life.


Young partygoers who love a good crowd and seaside restaurants can be found in the more popular Maltese beaches like Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Ghadira Bay. However, in places like the Blue Lagoon, tourists get lost in crystal clear waters and an uncontaminated and almost deserted landscape. Another incredible location is Peter’s Pool, tricky to reach and not too well known among travellers; once discovered it leaves anyone speechless and eager to return.


We, at Costa Cruises, selected a list of Malta’s top 10 beaches that we think you just have to see:

  • Golden Bay
  • Ramla Bay
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Paradise Bay
  • Ghajn Tuffieha
  • Ghadira Bay
  • Peter’s Pool
  • Wied Il-Ghasri
  • Imgiebah Bay
  • Gnejna Bay

Golden Bay

First on the list we find the gorgeous Golden Bay, one of the most popular beaches in Malta. The perfect spot for families and young people alike, with its crystal clear water, golden sand and well-equipped beach. This wonderful bay does not have cliffs and the waters are quite shallow, ideal traits to welcome the presence of children. Moreover, Golden Bay offers all snorkelling lovers the opportunity to explore extraordinary and rare sea-life in its turquois waters just across the bay.


As mentioned before, Golden Bay is ideal for both families and young people looking for fun. In fact, it offers several water activities like water skiing, windsurfing and sailing, as well as riding the children’s much loved banana boat. Golden Bay’s popular evening beach parties, instead, attract young dance lovers and thousands of people from around the world. Here, like on other beaches in Malta, the world-famous Maltese barbecues offer hundreds of visitors the chance to spend a memorable evening socializing and creating new friendships.


For this area it is also worth mentioning the Majjistral Nature and History Park, this is the local national park where you can enjoy an astonishing natural landscape, exploring its paths on foot, bicycle or horse riding. If you happen to visit Golden Bay, you cannot miss it.

Ramla Bay, Gozo

The words ‘Ramla Bay’ literally mean red beach and this is exactly what you should expect to see when you step on the hot reddish sands of this wonderful earthly paradise. Ramla Bay is located on the island of Gozo, within the Maltese archipelago. Do not expect a tourist tailor-made beach, here it is the tourist who has to adapt to the surroundings instead of the other way around. There are a few pubs but forget those Golden Bay restaurants and beach parties because here, on the red beach, fun is replaced by contemplation.


A valley rich in bushes and trees extends towards Ramla Bay; right above this spot you can find one of the most legendary places on earth: Calypso’s Cave. It is right here that Homer based his story of the sea nymph named Calypso, who fell so deeply in love with Odysseus that she kept him captive on the island for seven years before allowing him to go back home to his lover Penelope in Ithaca. In Ramla Bay this beautiful mythology blends wonderfully with the beauty of the sea and the characteristic redness of the beach, reminding us of stories we once studied in school.

Blue Lagoon, Comino

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most uncontaminated places in Malta. It is part of the island of Comino, the smallest island of the Maltese archipelago, and it is possibly one of the most spectacular places in the world. Nature lovers and hikers get lost venturing in the wonders of the Blue Lagoon, among its wild vegetation and the incredible turquoise water. It is virtually impossible to really get lost because of the island’s small size; in fact, Comino covers a modest surface of 3.5 square kilometres.


Officially, the island’s population counts just four residents. This might be the reason why its natural beauty is so well preserved over the centuries. Rocks, Mediterranean vegetation and no cars: when is it ever possible to see a place like this? The Blue Lagoon is of course on the top destination list for snorkelling lovers who, armed with masks, enjoy the characteristic and rare sea-life that only the island of Comino offers in the world. Every year even those yacht tourists that sail to the Blue Lagoon waters and manage to swim offshore don’t ever miss the chance to admire the spectacular surroundings.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is a small bay beside a natural cave enclosed between two promontories. The golden sand and the rocky boulders of the beach and the seabed make for a favourable environment for both the sea fauna and flora to thrive. For this reason and more, Paradise Bay, like other Maltese beaches, is visited every year by snorkelling enthusiasts. Despite the crowds coming the place and making it hard to find a free spot on the beach, the landscape is so beautiful that it makes it worth the trip.


There is a single amazing restaurant in Paradise Bay, available for lunch, dinner and even for cocktails. Evening parties aren’t uncommon for the area and mostly attract those younger crowds looking for fun. The true must for those visiting Malta are the famous group barbecues that take place all over the islands’ beaches, offering the chance to socialise while tasting the local products. Paradise Bay is the ideal destination for those young travellers looking for a mix of relaxation and healthy evening fun far away from the city.

Ghajn Tuffieha

Ghajn Tuffieha brings us closer to the ancient history of Malta. In 1929, during the construction of an aqueduct, the remains of ancient Roman baths were found underground and this charming archaeological site now attracts thousands of visitors every year eager to immerse themselves in the memories of the past. Here, aside from admiring ancient Roman ruins, this impressive bay offers the chance to spend the day by the sea with total relaxation and restful sunbathing.


Ghajn Tuffieha is adjacent to Golden Bay, but differs from it in that it is much quieter. For this reason it is particularly loved by those families who want to avoid crowded areas. You can get to the characteristic long golden sandy beach after climbing down two hundreds steps. The slight slope of the seabed makes the waters of the bay the perfect place for children to play around safely under adult supervision. Ghajn Tuffieha is considered, with good reason, one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta. 

Ghadira Bay

Ghadira Bay is the largest sandy beach and probably the most famous in Malta. It is located in the north of the island around the site of Mellieha bay, and it is a hangout destination for really young travellers, couples as well as families. Ghadira Bay is seemingly able to satisfy any type of tourist’s need thanks to its great choice of restaurants, bars and activities on offer - which explains why it is among the most popular beaches in Malta.


Ghadira Bay, with its golden fine sands, turquoise and shallow waters, is the perfect spot for both relaxation and various water sports and activities, like water-skiing, that guarantee great holiday fun. Here, like on the other Maltese beaches, we find the characteristic tradition of evening barbecues where tourists can eat, have fun and socialise. This type of activity is truly loved by the young ones, leaving unforgettable memories of their time in Malta, as well as their families that get to enjoy part of the holiday children-free.


That’s not all! Tourists do not flock to Ghadira Bay just for its large size, bars and fun activities. Here you can also find the Natural Reserve of Ghadira, a natural park hosting several protected species of animals and plants really worth admiring.

Peter's Pool

Peter’s Pool, also known as “Saint Peter’s pool” is a small gem located on the tip of Delimara. It is not too well known and consequently much less crowded, as most tourists do not get to its hidden location. Different from other beaches in Malta that are easily found to relax on for the day, Peter’s Pool is hard to reach. It is a great spot for snorkelling, like all other bays, and recommended for its rich marine vegetation and the sea-life populating the seabed. The seawater has a characteristic colour ranging from dark and light blue to a light shade of green- an uncommon mix of colours compared to the rest of the world’s seas and totally worth the visit.


Since Peter’s Pool has an almost completely uncontaminated landscape and tourists do not often visit the place, there are no services on the bay like pubs or restaurants to get food in. We therefore suggest packing a lunch and everything needed for the day, particularly when travelling with children. 

Wied il-Ghasri

Wied Il-Ghasri, better known as “the Canyon on the sea” is a picture perfect beauty, with its pebbly beach and the breath-taking water. Wied Il-Ghasri is a small and narrow inlet around 300 meters long; its entry point is tricky to walk on, due to the surrounding high and sturdy cliffs that truly resemble a sea canyon. For this reason it might not be the ideal destination for families with young children, who would find it difficult to reach this wonderful yet unequipped place.


The beach is rather small and even though it does not host many swimmers, its stunning high cliffs’ drop to the sea make it worth a visit. Even here, like in the rest of the sea surrounding Malta, luxuriant sea-life, both flora and fauna, thrives and deserves a proper look underwater with the diver’s mask. The marine caves of Wied Il-Ghasri are very well known, particularly the Cathedral Cave, truly loved by scuba divers. This location is perfect for swimming within its tight inlets and crystal-clear waters, and also offers great walks in the peculiar greenness of the canyon that we recommend to experience in person.

Imgiebah Bay

Imgiebah Bay is one of those Maltese beaches we think are perfect for those seeking peace and quiet in an uncontaminated place with no crowds. This bay offers just this: few tourists hang out here and nature seems to completely dominate and take over this sandy area, almost untouched by the effects of mass tourism. One of the reasons why it is hard to reach is that the beach is accessible only through a curvy, unpaved path in the wild.


Similarly to Peter’s Pool, here in Imgiebah Bay, it is not possible to find places to get food or drinks, or shops of any kind (including services for beach chairs and umbrellas). In order to spend the day in this heavenly corner one should come well equipped with everything you could possibly need. Please note that Imgiebah Bay does not provide lifeguards or rescue services so, even though waters tend to be shallow and the sea is normally quite calm, we suggest great caution.

Gnejna Bay

The sandy Gneja bay, characterised by clay slopes and a fresh water spring, is one of the most peculiar places in Malta and consequently one of the most visited. Tourists flock there to admire its breath-taking landscapes, particularly at sunset. A great variety of wild flowers, growing all around the area, makes Gnejna Bay one of the most beautiful spots in the Maltese archipelago. The crystal clear, almost turquoise waters are perfect for those looking for a relaxing swim far from the daily stresses of the city.


Above Gnejna Bay you can find the Lippija Tower, a rocky tower built in 1637 by St. John’s knights. This was a building used to defend the coast from enemy attacks and it was part of a greater set of towers meant for Malta’s military defence. It is possible to visit these historical buildings and admire their ancient beauty. 

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