Far from the crowds in Madrid and Barcelona, Lanzarote is one of  the most beautiful islands in Spain, and the Canaries in particular. Washed by the huge Pacific Ocean, this spectacular location is just a few kilometres from the coast of Farica offering unforgettable landscapes, a high impact cultural melting pot and subtropical temperatures ideal for a seaside holiday virtually year round. This is why Lanzarote has become one of the most sought after destinations in Europe!

Its volcanic origin has left an indelible mark on the earth: green, pristine nature, dark rocks and sands which seem brought here from Mars. There are plenty of reasons to pass through Lanzarote and almost all of them revolve around nature and its incredible beaches.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer Lanzarote is the perfect place for surfing. There are many beaches for it and each of them offers surfing for different ability levels. And if flippers and a mask are more your thing, diving is one of the best things to do in the Canaries. Majestic sea beds, ghostly shipwrecks and colourful fish are waiting for you just under the water level, if you know how to look for them.

And if you love hiking, don’t miss out on a trip to Timanfaya, the island’s nature park, and one of Lanzarote’s most beautiful places. Here you can walk along footpaths on black lava, the rock which has shaped the island we see today and admire other worldly landscapes which are difficult to find elsewhere in the Canaries. From the Fire Mountains to ultra-rare flora, there’s lots to do here. Just think of the local restaurants which cook dishes using geothermal heat alone. And whilst we’re on the subject, the volcanic soil vineyards in Lanzarote offer some of the finest and most exquisite wines in Spain. How can you resist a tasting afternoon with tapas and some of the special wines made at local estates?

Although we’re in Lanzarote, we haven’t yet mentioned its beautiful beaches: from the endless enchantment of Playa Blanca to the azure, mild waters of Playa de Papagayo, the island truly has a stretch of coast for all tastes. And the best part is that almost all of them are open and warm enough most of the year with water rarely colder than 20°C.

Together with some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches Lanzarote is the ideal place for a short seaside break for a touch of sun, sea and diving. That’s why we’ve compiled a complete list of the island’s most beautiful beaches for you so that you can soak up the place’s beauties without worrying too much about finding the perfect location. We’ll advise you!

Famara beach

Welcome to Famara beach, an enchanting stretch of coast surrounded by sinuous mountains, in the north-west of Lanzarote, around 30 kilometres from the airport. Originally Famara was simply a small, sleepy fishing village. Over time and with due tourist input, however, the area filled up with visitors interested in the landscape’s bucolic beauties and its enchanting golden sand beaches. And that’s not all: the area has also become one of the most popular surfing destinations with surf pilgrims seeking the perfect wave here in the Canaries.

Famara is located in the Chinijo archipelago nature reserve and offers visitors an enchanting view of La Graciosa, a mountainous island. The beach is around 5 kilometres long and equipped with many beach facilities offering windsurfing for all ability levels. Its weather, winds and waves make this the ideal place for safe windsurfing, especially for beginners and intermediate level surfers. When the tide is low, the beach is a mirror which reflects the far off mountains: come here with a camera and take a few snaps of unforgettable Lanzarote.

In Caleta de Famara, on the other hand, you’ll find everything you need for a beautiful day on the beach: bars, supermarkets, four fish restaurants, tapas and other things you need for a perfect seaside holiday. 

Reducto beach

Arrecife, Lanzarote’s main town, has a little and not terribly well guarded secret. It’s called Reducto beach and it is a beautiful oasis against an urban backdrop where you can while the time away in the sun. El Reducto is an artificial white sand beach specially created for tourists who don’t want to travel too far from the island’s beating heart. Around half a kilometre long the beach gradually descends into a crystal clear, transparent sea where bathing is a genuine pleasure. The area is fabulous and well-equipped.

Take the children, too. They can swim and run around in total safety. If you find the right place, you can also go snorkelling and admire the calm and gentle waters of El Reducto. Rent a sunbed or stretch your towel out on the white, well-kept sandy beach and relax between one swim and the next thanks to the services offered by the beach facilities around you. Sip a drink at one of its many bars or try the best of local cuisine at one of its many restaurants. There are also public facilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms. The area is easily accessible to visitors with limited mobility.

At the edge of the beach there are also beach volley and basketball courts. If you’re lucky you might even bump into one of the many artists who come to El Reducto to make sand sculptures.

Las Conchas beach

The beautiful Las Conchas beach is north of La Graciosa, the Chinijo archipelago’s largest islands and a few kilometres north-west of Lanzarote. This tropical paradise seems to have emerged from nowhere. The sand is white and soft and dotted here and there with small areas of low, yellow flowering vegetation. Las Conchas looks directly out onto the deserted islands of Montana Clara and Alegranza. The coastal strip is around 600 metres long and a wonderful context in which to relax fully in peace and quiet, a paradise for the senses. The presence of islands nearby means that the sea is relatively calm but it is always best to take care, especially if you are coming here with children.

The underwater currents require a certain swimming experience and windy days can sometimes be quite a challenge with children. The area is so beautiful, though, that every minute of your stay here will be worthwhile: if you enjoy beach activities, this is the place for you. Try your hand at flying a kite and enjoy the beauty of the landscape!

The area does not have organised beach facilities or services. If you decide to spend time in Las Conchas take a beach towel, a picnic lunch and lots of cold water with you.

Charco del Palo

Welcome to Charco del Palo, in the northernmost part of Lanzarote. This village is known for the frequent presence of tourists looking for a magical and peaceful place for their Canary island holiday. The village’s coast hosts a series of full equipped beach facilities for nudist bathers.

Charco del Palo is a quiet, private place, the ideal location for a holiday off the beaten track in an island as touristy as Lanzarote. The area features austere, jagged volcanic rocks, spectacular from every point of view and an other-worldly spectacle.

The waves are powerful here and tend to complicate access to the sea. However, there are various bays sheltered by the island’s natural conformation which are easy to swim in and suitable for even the least expert. Note, however, that the tourism here is mainly nudist. The area’s pristine beauty will make every moment of your stay worthwhile.

Papagayo beaches

The Papagayo beaches are a series of sections of coastline, encompassed by Los Ajaches, the nature park. And whilst each of these is called after papagayo - parrot - only the last of the beaches, at the tip of Lanzarote, is really called Playa Papagayo. This ultra-beautiful section of golden sand is one of the island’s most famous and important and it is frequently invaded by tourists attracted by its name.

The rocks around Papagayo beach protect it from the winds which make for waves on the vast majority of the island’s coast and can also be climbed on a range of routes offering unforgettable views over Lanzarote which not everyone can say they have seen. The area has no beach facilities but there is a small chiringuito in the park, close to the beach. Here the food is excellent and you can taste fabulous fish dishes directly overlooking the landscape. It’s worth it!

You can get here on one of the boats leaving from various parts of the island directly to Playa Papagayo or rent a bike. It’ll be an adventurous journey, though.

Mujeres beach

Mujeres beach is part of the golden coast encompassed by the great inclusive name Papagayo. This ultra-beautiful area offers golden sand gently descending into crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and an exquisite natural context. This is the place for you if you are looking for a magical place to stretch your towel out in the sun and soak in its warm ocean waters.

There are no organised beach facilities and it is thus worth bringing a picnic lunch and lots of cold water with you. Otherwise the beach makes every second of the journey worthwhile. And if, after a swim, you feel like a walk, there are the ruins of an old mine here and various bunkers which were used during World War Two.

To get to the area’s restaurants you need to walk to Playa de Papagayo. Here there’s plenty of excellent fish on offer, just fished at not especially competitive prices but a great chance to enjoy the place’s pristine beauties.

Charco de Los Clicos

A spectacular lagoon in a volcano crater in Lanzarote, welcome to Charco de Los Clicos. To the west of the island, near Yaiza, you’ll find a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle. Here a volcano crater has been completely submerged by the Atlantic Ocean forming a salt lagoon called Charco de Los Clicos, or the Green Lagoon. The basin is linked to the ocean via underground tunnels. Now a nature reserve, this green hued corner of paradise owes its name to the algae which give it its colour and contrast exquisitely with the blue of the skies. It is a truly exceptional scene. The ocean just a short distance away hurls itself onto the shore with majestic waves washing its black volcanic sands.

Come here and stay until sunset to fully enjoy its incredible pink light. Careful of the tourist crowds, though. The area tends to fill up with too many people who come here to see a virtually unrivalled natural spectacle for themselves.

Caleta del Mojon Blanco

A semi-deserted beach whose sand is as white as snow. You’re in Caleta del Mojon Blanco, a paradise with few rivals in Lanzarote. The area is accessible on foot from the road and you’ll be struck right away by its smooth black rocks contrasting dazzlingly with the colour of the beach.

Come here if you’re looking for a tropical paradise not too far from home: stretch out your towel and remember to bring lots of suncream, a packed lunch and plenty of water with you. The almost total absence of organised beach facilities makes Caleta del Mojon Blanco a very peaceful place to enjoy a sea rippled with fabulous waves and a warm breeze tempering the heat. On windy days you can take refuge among the rocks to enjoy this fairytale place to the full. There is plenty of satisfaction to be had with snorkelling here but it is best if you are an expert swimmer. Rent an umbrella and enjoy the atmosphere but remember: it’s not the ideal place for children!

Swimming here is not especially to be recommended while the surfing is ideal. If you’re looking for a place for a dive, head into the hinterland. There a small lagoon protected from the ocean is a pleasant place for a bathe!

La Canteria beach

La Canteria is one of many surfing paradises you’ll come across as you travel through Lanzarote. This is perhaps one of its most unbeatable places for a day on your surf board in search of the perfect wave. If not everyone in your group is a water sports lover, the La Canteria beaches also offer a beautiful natural landscape ideal for sunbathing and an opportunity for a stroll along the black cliffs which feel like they fell to earth from some far-off planet.

La Canteria’s golden sands are just a stone’s throw away from Òrzola village, the perfect place for La Graciosa and all the Chinijo archipelago’s delightful islands. La Canteria is on the tip of the tongues of all the most skilled windsurfers. Here the waves are majestic and the ocean is not easy to conquer if you don’t have a little experience. Alternatively just stretch out your beach towel on the sand and enjoy a spectacular day at a location where the sound of the waves is all that will reach your ears. Swimming is forbidden so you are not advised to bring very small children here. 

El Jablillo

Welcome to El Jablillo, a splendid easy to get to golden sand beach with gentle breezes and waters with no bathing restrictions. Something of a rarity in Lanzarote! Around 150 metres long, the beach is Costa Teguise’s best loved, a short distance away from the famous La Cucharas. You can get to El Jablillo by bus and the area is fully equipped for tourist comfort and relaxation. Rent a beach umbrella and a sunbed and enjoy bars and restaurants for refreshment in the hottest hours of the day. There are plenty of excellent local culinary traditions here and the water sports are also a not-to-be-missed experience with a less rough sea here.

Come to El Jablillo with children but it is also a place for diving and snorkelling, to explore the extraordinary seabeds which are such a feature of the area around the beach. Showers and public toilets are available for families and tourists. The presence of lifeguards watching over the coast 365 days a year makes swimming a genuine pleasure, a rarity in Lanzarote where the winds tend to be strong and the waters can be treacherous. 

Las Cucharas

If you’re looking for a family friendly beach, Las Cucharas is definitely the place for you. This tongue of golden sand descends gently into a crystal clear and transparent sea with warm waters which tempt you in, hand in hand with your children. In the tourist part of Costa Teguise, this urban beach is ideal for the whole family, including for the most difficult teenagers. As well as making available areas for windsurfing and surfing, Las Cucharas is a great place for diving and snorkelling or even sailing.

With its 650 metres of beach Las Cucharas truly offers something for everyone: surrounded by spectacular verdant gardens and beautiful walks, just a stone’s throw away from the beach there are bars and restaurants offering the best of local cuisine. Going to Las Cucharas with children? Go to the northern part of the beach for a series of mini parks where children can have a great deal of fun in a climate of complete peace and quiet. Access is facilitated everywhere to let limited mobility tourists get around.

Bastián beach

Wonderful Bastián beach is west of Costa Teguise, a tourist area where you can enjoy Lanzarote’s beaches in a relaxing context with well organised facilities. The beach here is dark coloured and dotted with a great many palm trees, giving you all the shade you might need on the sunniest days. The area is also sheltered from the wind by a series of rocks which make it the ideal place right through the day.

Come to Playa Bastián with the whole family, children included. In some areas the seabed is rocky but in others the sand is perfect for even the smallest and most delicate feet. Bastián’s beach is volcanic and this makes it ideal for snorkelling, too, an opportunity to explore its mysterious seabed packed with unique flora and fauna. On this beach you can relax and clear your mind: there are various bars and restaurants nearby for the best of Lanzarote’s cuisine. 

Flamingo beach

West of Blanca beach is Flamingo beach, just a stone’s throw away from the hotel of the same name. This ultra-beautiful strip of golden public beach offers tourists crystal clear waters ideal for safe bathing. The seabed is sandy, too. Stretch out your towel here and soak up the sun, sea and bathing with the whole family. The area is well-protected and watched over and you thus do not need to fear potentially dangerous underwater currents.

There are public toilets, waste bins, changing rooms and recreation areas such as play parks for children on long beach days. 

Playa Dorada

Near beautiful Playa Bianca is equally beautiful Playa Dorada which, naturally, owes its name to the colour of its sand. Many tourists consider it one of the best beaches in Lanzarote from every point of view: as well as being sheltered from strong winds in the rest of the island here the sea is calm, crystal clear and ultra-beautiful. The area around it is bursting with flowers and the views from your spot on the beach will give you far off views of Fuerteventura and des Lobos. Part of the beach is well-equipped, offering beach umbrellas and sunbeds for rent.

Playa Dorada has bars and small restaurants as well, naturally, as free areas where you can enjoy the coast without paying for a beach umbrella. Ideal for children, too!

Chica beach

A small Lanzarote beach where you can enjoy the island’s natural beauties worry-free. Sheltered from the wind, it is ideal for long relaxing walks free of the tourist crowds of the neighbouring beaches.

Come here with children, rent a beach umbrella and a sunbed and enjoy a swim in its calm, turquoise waters. Put your mask and flippers on and go snorkelling in the area to admire its extraordinary seabed: the colourful fish and variety of flora will leave you speechless. Around the beach there are bars and restaurants in which to try the best local cuisine and fresh local fish.

Sea, sun and relaxation. Wait for the sunset, if you can, for some unforgettable photos and a matchlessly beautiful landscape. While it is well-equipped, Playa Chica is not especially crowded with tourists. So don’t be afraid of coming here if you’re looking for comfort and not too many crowds!

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