Welcome to Kefalonia, one of the hidden gems of marvellous Greece with its sun-kissed beaches. We’re talking about one of the pearls of the archipelago of the Ionian islands, if not the absolute cherry on the cake when it comes to Greek hospitality and natural beauty.

With Costa Cruises you can visit the island of Kefalonia, where you will be magnetised by the extraordinary natural beauty promised by the tourist guides. Make no mistake: no matter how high your expectations may be, Kefalonia will still manage to take your breath away. Golden beaches, crystal clear sea, rocky grottoes and lush plants: every year thousands of tourists choose to come here and spend their holidays steeped in beauty.  Come here to relax or practise water sports; Kefalonia is also the perfect destination for all those who dream of watching turtles in their natural habitat or swimming in the calm, limpid waters of a rocky bay.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and undoubtedly a destination that can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Its history has its roots planted deep in Antiquity and, as the centuries go by, it has been contaminated by all the cultures that have had the privilege of leave their mark on it: the Greeks, Romans, Venetians then the French and latterly the British, during the Second World War.  In 1953, Kefalonia was struck by an earthquake that caused most of the buildings on the island to collapse.  When you get here, your first impression is that all the buildings are new and modern, but that some parts of the coast still reveal signs of that terrible event.

When you arrive in Kefalonia, make sure you have your swimming costume with you, a towel and plenty of sun cream. As for the map of the most beautiful beaches on the island, leave it to us: we’ve drawn up a complete list of the coasts with a special place in our heart.

  • The Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos beaches
  • Myrtos
  • Antisamos
  • Lepeda
  • Xi
  • Skala
  • Kounopetra
  • Livadi
  • Spartia
  • Dafnoudi
  • Paliolinos
  • Kamini beach
  • Koroni beach
  • Pessada beach

The Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos beaches

Just 3 kilometres from Argostoli (the capital) you come across the mesmerising beach of Makris Gialos, in the Lassi area.  Or, to be more specific, there are two beaches here. Platis and Makris Gialos. Golden sands, blue sea that merges into the sky along the horizon and a thick, lush vegetation that separates the coastline from the rest of the island: all these things, in a nutshell, are Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos.  Come here to admire one of the most beautiful, best-loved destinations in the whole of Kefalonia. Makris (long) and Platis (wide) are separated from one another by a few clusters of rocks. Although they are very busy beaches, here you’ll find the best that the Greek dolce vita has to offer: well-equipped bathing establishments, typical restaurants, bars and lots of good company, for an ideal day of sun and sea.

Makris and Platis are also known for being the island’s point of reference for fans of water sports, tennis and volleyball.  The facilities located in this area attract enthusiasts, offering hospitality and fun for everyone. Makris and Platis are suitable for all types of tourists, including children, and they are still the beaches dreams are made of, even when there are lots of people. This is why if you don’t have much time to spend in Kefalonia, you should think about stopping here to enjoy the beauty and vitality of the island.

Myrtos beach

For its many fans, and the main travel magazines, Myrtos is one of the 30 most beautiful beaches in the world. Not only is this place a very important symbol of Kefalonia but it is also one of the strips of coast that have made Greece an ideal destination for beach holidays. Located in the Pylaros region, on the north east coast, Myrtos is a breathtaking bay, enhanced by a myriad of white pebbles and sand. The colour of the sea here varies from delicate light blue to deep blue: you already know that you’ll find a beautiful beach, but when you get here you’ll be blown away just the same. This is the perfect place in which to take unforgettable photos, so don’t forget your camera! The area is easily reached by bus and can be enjoyed from dawn to sunset, when it provides unforgettable moments of natural splendour.  The sun will set right in front of you, turning the sky pink in a truly amazing spectacle. 

Myrtos is surrounded by a mountainous area full of lush vegetation that protects it as if it were a treasure chest and every year it offers visitors a spectacular panorama It has been well-known for years due to the cleanliness of its beaches. Since it is so popular, the early bird catches the worm: get there early to ensure you bag the best spots on the sand.

Although there is a small bar on the beach, regular visitors recommend bringing a packed lunch so that you avoid missing even a minute of this extraordinary bathing area, where taking the plunge is a pleasure and catching some rays never gets boring. The area is free from speedboats and dinghies, perfect for a carefree swim. 

Antisamos beach

Awarded the blue flag for its clean water, Antisamos is located a few kilometres from Sami airport and combines a spectacular sea with lush headlands which jealously guard its treasures. Well-organised, easy to reach and spangled with pure white pebbles, Antisamos was also the location for John Madden’s film “Captain Corelli's Mandolin”. One of the most popular beaches in Kefalonia, this strip of coast is equipped with bathing establishments, sun umbrella hire services, bars and kiosks where you can relax between one swim and the next.

Beyond the hill, and visible from the beach, there are several quieter areas where you can enjoy the sun, sea and beauty of Antisamos without the crowds that flock to the main part of this popular beach. If time is on your side, you could also visit the Agrillion monastery, which silently overlooks the coast from its headland on high.

Antisamos is located 30 kilometres from Argostoli. If you’re looking for a place in which to sunbathe surrounded by the rugged beauty of Kefalonia but with all the comforts of the tourist areas, Antisamos is the place for you. You’ll thank us when you’re back on board!

Lepeda beach

The captivating beach of Lepeda is located 2 kilometres from Lixouri, in Paliki, a paradise of apricot coloured sand, not more than 10 metres wide and 150 metres long. Lepeda is a stunning strip of coast in Kefalonia, offering tourists the chance to take a dip in the midst of a landscape that is truly one of a kind. 

The water near the shore is calm and shallow, perfect for children and less confident swimmers. Although small, the area is well-organised, with bathing establishments offering sun umbrellas and loungers for hire, coastguards, bars and small restaurants where you can taste some of the mouth-watering dishes of the finest Greek tradition.  Surrounded by white rocks and patches of vegetation, Lepeda can be quite busy in high season but it is worth every minute you spend there.  Come in early morning with your partner to enjoy the dawn as it tinges the crystal clear water with the orangey shades of the sand, or spend a fun afternoon here with all the family, taking advantage of all the local tourist facilities.

From your beach towel, you can also admire the view of the beautiful beach of Argostoli, the capital, the Agioi Theodoroi lighthouse and, last but not least, Mount Ainos.

Xi beach

A spectacular jewel of a beach with orange sand rises among the slopes of white clay, throwing itself headlong into a crystalline water capable of creating wonderful contrasts. You’ve come to Xi beach, on the peninsula of Paliki, a few kilometres from the town of Lixouri. Xi is perhaps one of the most characteristic beach areas on the island of Kefalonia, where the high cliffs drop steeply on to the sand, creating photogenic different shades of colour. Stop here and give yourself a mud pack with its thermal clay, take a plunge and admire the landscape: you won’t regret it.

Characterised by the white rocks, interspersed with patches of vegetation, surrounding it, Xi has a number of efficient bathing establishments where you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas or enjoy relaxing in one of the bars or eating places offering local food. Xi is a strip of coast about 4 kilometres long that reaches 50 metres in width in the most important areas.

Come here if you’re looking for a beach that changes every year: the clay rocks are continually eroded by the rain and change their structure every month. You can also decide to apply the clay to your skin: it is said that its particular composition has purifying properties, leaving the skin cleansed and fresh.

The calm, gentle waters of Xi and, naturally, the fact that it is well-organised to cater for tourists, make this an ideal place for less adventurous holidaymakers and families with children. However, in some areas you can hire water skiing equipment. 

If you want to get to Xi, you need to take a bus leaving from Argostoli or Lixouri. The line arrives directly opposite the beach. It’s an excellent idea to combine a visit to Xi with a visit to the Kipouria monastery or the beaches of Vatsa and Petani. 

Skala beach

Skala beach is located about 40 kilometres from Argostoli and 10 from Poros, in the Elios-Pronnoi region. Its beauty has made the pages of travel magazines all over the world and every year it attracts thousands of tourists, all armed with a camera and the desire to take some unforgettable shots.

Skala beach stretches for about 3 kilometres, offering soft sand, crystal clear water and vegetation along the coastline, which protects it from the rest of the island. It’s therefore no coincidence that over the years it’s become an extremely important beach location full of bathing establishments, bars and eating places where visitors can fill up on food and drink. 

Skala only has about 500 residents who mainly make their living from tourism, fishing and agriculture, bringing a mix of hospitality and tradition that makes this beach a veritable point of reference for the local tourism industry. Come here if you’re looking for a fun place that is also suitable for children, where they can enjoy calm waters and entertainment. Despite being well-organised, Skala still maintains a noteworthy rural charm. In fact, although the area is usually quite busy, just a short stroll away you’ll also find a number of much quieter areas where you can throw down your towel and relax in absolute silence.  Here you can also hire the equipment you need to go water skiing and other water sports. It is an excellent spot for snorkelling too, or for renting a boat to tour the little islands nearby.

If passing through Skala, schedule a stop at the Roman villa, where you can admire a series of splendid mosaics. History buffs will also love Sakkos cave, which hosts artefacts dating back to the Stone Age.   A few kilometres away from Skala, you’ll also find the Temple of Apollo in the Saint George area, with its foundations and Doric columns that can still be admired today. 

Kounopetra beach

Kounopetra beach is located between Akrotiri and Paliki, in the southern part of the characteristic village of Mantzavinata. Kounopetra is considered a true geological phenomenon: the coast is an enormous shifting rock back to back with the crystalline sea, enhanced by stretches of orange sand that make the spectacle even more unique and characteristic, if that’s possible. There is a sign that determines whether the rock is moving, telling you whether the beach is moving at that exact point in time or not. According to the residents, before the earthquake in 1953, you could actually see Kounopetra moving every 20 minutes; now it moves at a slower rate and its swaying is therefore harder to detect.   The scientists who observed this phenomenon determined that the perpetual movement of the rock is due to the instability of the underlying base and the movement of the waves.

If you’re lucky enough, among the rocks in Kounopetra you might find some remains of clay, ideal for giving yourself a purifying massage. An instant natural spa effect, the ideal relaxation therapy for one and all!

Kounopetra is well-equipped to host a large number of tourists. The bathing establishments have everything you might need to hire for a day of sun, sea and sand: sun umbrellas, deckchairs and loungers. And not forgetting the little bars and restaurants scattered throughout the area.   The water is calm and clear, perfect also for children to swim in and it offers a safe place where you can dive in with the whole family.

Bordered by rocks and patches of vegetation, Kounopetra beach is a picturesque gem located just a stone’s throw away from a small harbour, where you can book short yacht or boat excursions for a truly 

Livadi beach


An oasis of relaxation among the beaches that are more awkward to reach and farther away in the Kefalonia area. At a kilometre from the main town, it is a favourite with young and old alike for its beauty and the fact that it is easy to access. Welcome to Livadi, where the service is excellent, the water is transparent and the sand is silky soft between your toes. Let yourself be pampered by the fantastic bathing establishments that hire out sun umbrellas and loungers and choose a place to refuel from the many bars and eating houses in the area, finally treating yourself to a fabulous lunch with all those delicious typical local delicacies you’ve been dreaming about all year long! 

Livadi is rather underestimated, but this is definitely a point in its favour: although it hosts fewer people than more famous locations such as, for instance, those described above, the coast is extremely beautiful and offers a warm welcome to all. The clear sea is perfect for a peaceful swimming session and can easily accommodate those who are not so sure of their ability, as well as young children, in total safety.  Tourists are always well impressed by the cleanliness of the water: in fact here, you can also go snorkelling and admire some of the fabulous species of Mediterranean fish.

Livadi is a cut above many in the quality stakes thanks to the spectacular hospitality of the local bar and restaurant owners, whose generous hospitality attracts hordes of tourists every year, all eager to return time and time again. Although it is not one of the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia, it is an ideal location if you only have a few hours on the island, thanks to the holiday atmosphere it exudes at all hours of the day.

Spartia beach

Kefalonia is an amazing island where you can enjoy fantastic landscapes in the company of the whole family. And Spartia beach is no exception to this unwritten rule.  This glorious strip of coast is located in Livathos, in the southern part of the island, near a spectacular village that has always made its living from fishing and the sea. Stunning houses, neat gardens and narrow roads embedded in the rock: Spartia welcomes you with a rural charm that is impossible to resist. Its name derives from some of the local crops that grow profusely in the area. It is estimated that Spartia was founded more than one thousand years ago, a theory supported by a document in Latin dating back to the year 1200. Although it is very beautiful, the village never developed, as the residents were afraid of falling prey to pirate raids: this is why the houses appear small and generally rather unassuming. So before hitting the beach, lose yourself for a while in the lanes of Spartia where you can breathe in an atmosphere that is ancient and at the same time, authentically Greek. In fact, most of the houses in the city were lost when the earthquake of 1953 struck. All that remains now are the streets, still as quaint and original as ever, and the beautiful St George’s bell tower.  

Come to Spartia to steep yourself in the history of Kefalonia and you’ll want to stay on here for its golden sand, limpid sea and thick, shade-bearing vegetation.   The water is warm and clear, perfect for taking a dip with the whole family. You can also swim farther out and if you take your snorkelling equipment with you, you might also come across a few random starfish relaxing on the sea bed.  

Spartia has no beach facilities and the beach regulations do not allow the use of sun umbrellas or deck chairs. So remember to only bring a few large beach towels to ensure maximum comfort. If you’re looking for an organised beach, Spartia is not the right place, but you’ll definitely manage to appreciate the extraordinary landscape in which it is immersed. Don’t forget your camera!

Dafnoudi beach

If you’re passing through Kefalonia and want to stop off at the village of Fiskardo, it’s probably because you’ve heard so much about the beautiful Dafnoudi beach. Once you’ve arrived in Fiskardo, you need to go to the nearby village of Antypata, where you’ll find a pathway you can only travel on foot. It’s about 800 metres long and very easy to follow, in the shade, through a forest of cypresses. You’ll soon reach the splendid Dafnoudi beach, offering pure white pebbles, a calm sea with a greenish hue and an idyllic atmosphere. Not many people come here, also due to the lack of organised bathing establishments, bars and eating places.  However, the few intrepid beach lovers who do make it to Dafnoudi beach will be repaid time and time again by its extraordinary beauty.

If you come here, remember to bring your own sun umbrella. The shade appears from 1pm onwards but in general it’s better to come well-prepared so you can be sure to fully enjoy the atmosphere and spend a day in absolute freedom.  Remember to also bring a packed lunch.

On the right side of the coast there is a small cave with a beach nearby that is always in the shade. Come here if you want peace and quiet but above all if you’re feeling lucky. This is the natural habitat of the monk seal (Monachus monachus) and with a bit of luck you might manage to catch a glimpse of one.

Dafnoudi, the perfect beach for lovers.  If you’re honeymooning in Kefalonia, remember to make a stopover here. You’ll thank us later!

Paliolinos beach

The stunning Paliolinos beach is located only 15 kilometres from Argostoli. It is part of the coast in the Livatho region, the province in the south of Kefalonia. The turquoise water in Paliolinos will always remained imprinted in your memory: you’ll come here imagining to find an earthy paradise but what awaits you will surpass all your expectations!  Dotted with splendid jagged rocks, Paliolinos is surrounded by thick vegetation. The pebble beach is welcoming and offers some simply incredible bays, perfect for taking amazing holiday snaps. Come here if you’re looking for a quiet beach somewhat out of the way where you can spend time alone with your partner or enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation far from the madding crowd

Paliolinos è perfect for all those who adore diving, snorkelling and fishing. Enjoy the sun, the clear water and an irresistible landscape where you can while away some truly wonderful hours in Kefalonia.

Kaminia beach

Kaminia is one of the most natural and best-loved beaches in the southern part of Kefalonia. Come here to enjoy not only a spectacular turquoise sea, but also a host of well-organised bathing establishments, where you can hire sun umbrellas and loungers. Surrounded by headlands with clusters of lush vegetation, Kaminia beach is a bed of golden sand to sink your toes into.

Its first class organisation also makes it a perfect location for all the family. You can bring your children here with complete peace of mind and watch them play happily in the clear, shallow water while you top up your tan. And when you’re tired, you can also sit back and relax in one of the eating houses along the coast, where you can try some of the characteristic dishes of the local tradition. Some of the quieter areas can only be reached by foot, from the coast.

Kaminia took its name from the kilns, the ovens where the clay tiles used on the island were baked. 

Koroni beach

Welcome to Koroni, a spectacular sandy beach surrounded by the lush vegetation of Kefalonia. We’re close to the village of Thiramonas, where the rocks create a jaggy, almost lunar backdrop for a beach that dips its toes into the warm, clear water of the Ionian Sea. The little river found at the beginning of the beach adds a touch of charm to this splendid location, arriving from Mount Ainos and throwing itself headlong into the sea.

Koroni is an organised beach, with bathing establishments that hire out sun umbrellas and chairs. The water is warm and pleasant, perfect for the whole family. Many local tourist guides recommend staying until sunset to enjoy the peace and quiet of one of the beaches in Kefalonia that are not completely overrun by tourists.

Pessada beach

At about 12 kilometres from Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, you’ll find the splendid golden sands of the Pessada beach. Here you’ll be amazed by the captivating effect of the transparent water that affords glimpses of the rocks on the seabed. Come here if you’re looking for relaxation and tranquillity, far from the larger, better-organised bathing establishments. Lay your towel out on the soft sand and enjoy the natural landscape. Sometimes, at the weekend, Pessada could prove quite crowded, even despite its lack of bars and eating places.  Remember to get here early and to bring a packed lunch with you so that you can enjoy every single minute of this splendid position stress-free.

The rocks offer shelter from the wind and protection from the sun in the warmest hours of the day.  The sand features areas of small stones, which tinge the water a beautiful shade of green, making you want to plunge right in. If you’re holidaying with children, opt for better-organised beaches so that you can be sure of a more comfortable stay.

From the beach you can also see the church of Estravromenos.

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