Guadeloupe is a delightful archipelago in the heart of the French Antilles lapped by the gentle waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In recent years its popularity amongst tourists has soared due to a number of works that have turned this spectacular archipelago into an attractive magnet for tourists looking for their corner of paradise. Guadeloupe consists of five islands: Bassa-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and La Desirade, but its size makes it easily explorable by small boat. Not to mention that each of the islands that make up the Guadeloupe archipelago contains a unique identity all to be discovered, offering tourists a natural beauty that is simply disarming.

Come for the beaches, stay for the hospitality of the islanders and for the fantastic food, influenced by centuries of history from France, India and Africa. Come and enjoy a bokit, a type of fried unleavened maize bread stuffed with meat, cheese and a typical vinegar sauce. Stop at one of the food lorries you'll come across on the beach and enjoy the accras, excellent fish pancakes to enjoy at any time of the day. And for dinner, of course, try one of the many seafood restaurants, the food that moves the local economy by way of its freshness and irresistible goodness. You will also be amazed that amongst the typical dishes of Guadeloupe there is also a Creole=style curry, a dish imported from Sri Lanka in the nineteenth century and transformed over time into the version we can taste today. And to cool down, you have to try the "coco" sorbet, a delicious iced drink flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg that is popular amongst the residents and that is part of the integral experience of a trip here.

The original name of this location is Karukera, or "land of beautiful waters", and in fact, exploring this archipelago you will be able to find more than 270 beaches overlooking the sea or inland lagoons: many of them are picture-perfect and, surprise, each of them is a free beach! In this guide we offer you the best of the Guadeloupe seaside, providing you with an inclusive list of some of the most beautiful beaches on the island to help you decide on your next itinerary.

  • Beaches in Pointe des Chateaux
  • Beaches on the island of Les Saintes
  • Anse à la Gourde Beach
  • La Caravelle Beach in Sainte-Anne
  • Datcha Beach
  • Raisins Clairs Beach in Saint Francois
  • Anse Laborde Beach
  • Souffleur de Port-Louis Beach
  • Grande Anse de Deshaies Beach
  • Malendure Beach
  • Marie-Galante Beaches
  • Roseau Beach
  • Sainte-Marie Bay
  • Petit Havre Beach

Beaches in Pointe des Chateaux

Welcome to the municipality of Saint-Francois, in the southeast of the islet of Grande-Terre. This spectacular coastal town is the perfect destination for tourists looking for a glimpse of paradise and for sailing enthusiasts looking for the most intimate and exclusive beach that can be reached by sea. If you're planning a visit to Guadeloupe, this is where it should start, at Pointe des Chateaux. Not only because it is a magical place, but also because it is located in a strategic area of the archipelago, and is the starting point of many ferries that will take you to La Desirade, Marie-Galante or Petite-Terre.

Pointe des Chateaux is a simply lovely location, where rocky beaches smoothed by sea winds have carved an almost lunar landscape, where the ocean is presented in a decidedly different guise than the other beaches that have a typical Caribbean flavour. Not to mention the panorama: here the view cannot be described in words. It should simply be photographed and assimilated into the soul!

If the grey rock beaches aren‘t for you, go to the Pointe des Chateaux area, a sandy and rough beach along the promenade that leads to the top of the Pointe. Here the white beach is a paradise where it would be worth stopping at least for a little, and if the water allows it, you can enjoy the first swim of the season in peace. Finish the day with a journey to the top of Pointe des Colibris, whose statue on top was built in 1951 and overlooks a simply incredible panorama of Grande-Terre: try it to believe it. The walk is not too strenuous, but bring comfortable shoes along.  

Beaches on the island of Les Saintes

In the southern part of the Guadeloupe archipelago is the island of Les Saintes.. This spectacular coastal area, discovered for first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, offers tourists a wonderful excuse to switch off their phone and immerse themselves in the unspoiled Caribbean beaches that we have dreamed of for a lifetime. Les Saintes is especially famous for the beauty of Anse du Bourg Bay, but its eight islets – of which only two are truly inhabited – offer a unique spectacle to all tourists. Come here if you want to avoid the crowds, lots of sun, a clear and perfect sea and you are looking for a place to spread out your towel, or you are looking for the perfect spot to go snorkelling in a sea that still seems to have avoided being touched by the hand of man.

The inhabitants of the island are mainly fishermen and, early each morning, you can admire them on the surface of the water pulling their spectacular blue nets – a scene that will leave you mesmerised. But let's get to the beaches: these are lovely coastal strips to be explored. Let's start with Pain de Sucre, a small bay with shade from large coconut palms that plunges into the deep blue of a crystal clear sea – ideal for snorkelling. You can walk to it by following the directions for Anse Crawen, and you may be one of the lucky few tourists to be there that day! If you're looking for the picture-perfect place par excellence, go to Pompierre, a beautiful bay protected by the strength of the Atlantic Ocean from Ilet Roche Percees, which provides shelter to swimmers from short currents.

This beach is white and beautiful, but not completely without small restaurants and snack bars where you can refresh yourself during a long day of sun and sea. This spectacular beach is protected by a multitude of coconut palms where you can find some shade in the hottest hours.

Also spectacular are the beaches of Grande Anse, in Terre de Haut, where a kilometre of coastline offers an ideal location for kite surfers. Then switch to Fond du Curé, at Plage de la Colline: white sand dotted with palm trees, bars, restaurants and relaxation in its purest state, without even having to worry too much about arranging a packed meal.

If you prefer dark sand beaches, why not go to Anse Crawen, instead, where rocks emerge from the water and land. Despite having the reputation of being a nudist beach, this is not the case. It is also good to remember that nudism, in Les Saintes, is forbidden by law. Explore Anse du Figuier too, a huge wild beach in Front of Grand Ilet. Last location (but certainly not by importance) is Ilet à Cabri, opposite Terre de Haut. Here the only inhabitants are the iguanas and goats. The territory, in fact, was owned by the army until the twentieth century, intended to house prisoners and lepers. In addition to being a spectacular (and disease-free) location to relax in the Caribbean waters, it is also a wonderful destination for those who want to discover something new about the history of Guadeloupe. 

Anse à la Gourde Beach

A popular beach located in the southeast part of Guadeloupe. Despite being a bit far from the cities around it, the beach of Anse à la Gourde is worth every minute of travel to be reached. This very long coastal area is lapped by very gentle waves, so it is ideal for a dip in the water or a day of body boarding. Surfers, on the other hand, need to go further south, where the waves will certainly be better suited to their needs.

Anse à la Gourde is not just any beach, but one of the quietest and most spectacular areas in all of Guadeloupe. This almost unknown gem is a little more difficult to reach than the other beaches, but it is worth every single moment of the journey. In addition to being equipped with a small snack bar serving refreshments to bathers, the beach here is so beautiful that you will fall in love at first glance. Anse à la Gourde is also the perfect destination for those who want to do a little snorkelling and enjoy the biodiversity of the seabed in a simply idyllic setting.

La Caravelle Beach in Sainte-Anne

On the island of Grande-Terre, in Guadeloupe, there is a small peaceful village that takes the name of Sainte-Anne. Here the landscape offers a privileged view of what life in the Antilles would have been like before mass tourism invaded them and transformed them forever. Here you can breathe a convivial and simple climate, made of good food, bucolic life and, of course, lovely postcard beaches so typical of Guadeloupe. Just walk a little way from the facilities to reach some of the immaculate and deserted beaches that will remain imprinted in your mind forever. Turquoise waters kissed by a perfect sun just waiting to be explored with snorkelling gear in most of the coves. The bravest can instead set out in search of the perfect wave by trying their hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing.

The pinnacle of the beauty of the beaches of Sainte-Anne is reached in La Caravelle, a spectacular white-sandy coastline nestled in the turquoise waters of the sea. Bathers sunbathe on their lounge chairs and, sporadically, seek some shelter in the shade of the coconut palms. Here the waters are shallow and ideal for the whole family, even the younger children. If you want, you can stay in the resort overlooking La Caravelle, but just move the towel a few hundred metres to feel like the master of the entire island, in a very quiet setting.

Tourists, in fact, usually stop at Plage de Sainte-Anne, so beautiful that it seems to have come out of one of the many dreams we had before deciding to book a trip to the Antilles. Here the crowds are not lacking and, between dips, you can shop in the tourist centre, where bars and restaurants prepare some simply delicious dishes. Parking can be difficult, but don't be put off: the Plage is also perfect for children, who can swim happily in the turquoise waters without having to worry about the currents.

Datcha Beach

One of the favourite beaches for Guadeloupe residents: We are talking about Datcha beach, located in Gosier. The shoreline of this area is well equipped with water-side restaurants, dining areas and shops for the rental of equipment for sports activities such as snorkelling, diving and kayaking. With the latter you can also reach Gosier Islet, a small corner of paradise within reach of oars. Spread your towel on the immaculate sand and throw yourself into the mild, warm waters of Datcha for a full immersion in one of the most popular locations not for tourists, but for locals. And they, it can be said for sure, know all about Guadeloupe!

Raisins Clairs Beach in Saint-Francois

The Raisins Clairs beach is unlike any other because it is not lined with the characteristic coconut palms of Guadeloupe. Raisins Clairs is famous for being one of the most spectacular and magical areas of the Antilles, and that is no coincidence: sink your feet into its soft sands like clouds and you'll realise you're finally in one of the most evocative locations in the whole world. Raisins Clairs is located to the southwest of Saint-Francois and it's worth a visit even if you're staying a bit far away. The waters are calm and you swim without incurring the dangerous currents that you might encounter elsewhere. The absence of palm trees makes Raisins Clairs a spectacular location for unique photos, but it also means the absence of natural shade. Remember to apply sunscreen more frequently and bring a hat.

Raisins Clairs is beautiful just for its pristine nature, but be careful: there are no public bathrooms nearby. If, however, you're looking for a good location to go snorkelling, you have come to the right spot. Remember to bring your equipment with you.

If, after a nice day at the beach, you need to get back to the nightlife, you can always stop at the Casino de la Marina, one of the closest attractions to Raisins Clairs. 

Anse Laborde Beach

Anse Bertrand is a small town of Guadeloupe that should be included in the itineraries of all tourists who have decided to stay here for a few days. If you come here, you must really pay a visit to Anse Laborde, a spectacular beach with turquoise water, protected from the currents by a beautiful coral reef. This place is magical, like many other locations in Guadeloupe. If you arrive early enough, you may be lucky enough to be able to admire pelicans fishing on the water's edge.

Anse Laborde has all the amenities you need for your stay, without having to worry too much about a packed lunch. Here you'll find ample parking, restaurants, bathrooms, changing rooms and, of course, a spectacular strip of immaculate sand that plunges into the clear water, guarded as a precious secret by the reef. If you continue further south, the beach gets rockier and the waves stronger: here we recommend you avoid bathing, especially if you are in the company of children. Ah, and of course, remember to bring your camera with you: such a place deserves to be immortalised in your holiday photo album!

Souffleur de Port-Louis Beach

Before you go to the spectacular Souffleur beach, remember to take a short break at the nearby village of Port-Louis for a sightseeing tour and a pit stop at the supermarket, where you can stock up on water and food for spending a day on an unequipped beach. Located in the northwest part of the village, Anse du Souffleur is located on Grande-Terre and is the refuge of many tourists seeking shelter and serenity after spending some days in the busiest areas of Guadeloupe. Here, there are never many people and the lack of facilities makes the coastal strip even more attractive for fans of peace and quiet, in search of their private corner of Antilles.

Surrounded by the beautiful green and lush trees of the forest, Souffleur offers itself at its best during the day, when only a few street vendors offer supplies and people tend to spread out at great distances, providing ample privacy. If you're passionate, take your for equipment with you to go snorkelling: This is one of the locations where you can spot crossbow fish, starfish, butterfly fish and, with a little bit of luck, even some Manta rays that move around by dancing on the seabed. The snorkelling area is accessible from the waters opposite the cemetery.

Great Anse de Deshaies Beach

Welcome to Basse-Terre, where the sky plunges headlong into an extraordinary sea. Here you have to visit the Grande Anse de Deshaies, near Ziotte. The caramel-coloured sand protected by the gentle shade of coconut palms offers an eye-catching location for the tourist looking for a not-too-busy beach. This coastal tongue about a kilometre long is perhaps the "postcard beach" par excellence, and stretches from Pointe Le Breton to Pointe du Gros Morne. Grande Anse de Deshaies is located close to a spectacular verdant mountain and is surrounded by fruit trees. Past these, a few steps from the sand where lying down is an authentic pleasure of life, there is a small pond of fresh water.

Swimming in Grande Anse de Deshaies is easy and enjoyable, but be careful not to venture too far, where currents can be very dangerous. The area is equipped with ample parking, showers, toilets, a small bar and a number of food lorries which offer very good and, at the same time, really cheap local dishes. Grande Anse is located a short distance from the village of Deshaies, where there is a markedly Creole atmosphere. Staying here is really a pleasure to experience at least once in a lifetime!

Malendure Beach

Whoever comes to Guadeloupe to enjoy a water sports holiday, you will certainly be aware of the thousand attractions that Malendure beach offers. Enjoy a day of diving where you can admire the wonders of the island's underwater biodiversity. Malendure beach is perfect both for those looking for a bit of quiet and for adventurers who want to try water sports in one of the most favourable natural contexts in the world.

Located on the island of Basse-Terre, near the village of Mahaut, the beach of Malendure is located on the north coast and offers shelter from the tourist crowds, with an eye for sports activities. The facility here rents equipment for diving and snorkelling. Here you can enjoy a seaweed seabed and dive to spot the sea turtles, an extraordinary sight not to be missed for all true enthusiasts.

If you're hungry, stop at one of the small kiosks on the beach and enjoy a meal based on the local delicacies. Cheap and typical: nothing better!

Malendure beach is popular, but many people who come here do it to go in the water. So, you're unlikely to find yourself surrounded by people.

Marie-Galante Beaches

Welcome to Marie-Galante Island, a beautiful tropical paradise where the white sand is embraced by the forest of coconut trees and the turquoise sea. This island offers 10 beaches, one more beautiful than the other, each of which will give you the impression that you are the luckiest person in the world. And we're not kidding! Those who arrive here will feel like the first explorer of an uncontaminated desert island. Other tourists, of course, are around, but you will rarely come across them, giving you the idea of having really landed in an exclusive location.

Marie-Galante's beaches are well protected by a spectacular reef that keeps ocean currents at bay, offering tourists calm water pools where bathing with the whole family is a real pleasure. Come to Marie-Galante and go snorkelling from Petite-Anse beach: you won't regret it! Also remember to rent or take your equipment for diving off the coast: boats that take you to sight the hotspots depart three times a day from here. If you prefer the rough beauty of mangroves that throw themselves into the seawater, take a trip to Anse del Eglise, located on the west side of the coast of the island, north of St. Louis. Here the water is as blue as the sky and calm, perfect for a dip.

The beach of Anse Feuillard It's not easy to get to, but it's worth taking advantage of the GPS to get to your destination, so you can enjoy a quiet, yet at the same time, absolutely fabulous corner of paradise. We recommend that you also stop at Anse Canot, Anse Chalet, Anse Taliseronde, Anse de Mays and Plage de Folle Anse: you will feel like master of this unbelievable land!

Roseau Beach


A very long beach ideal for the whole family located in the heart of Guadeloupe. Entirely dotted with towering palm trees, this stunning location features tables, benches, shady areas and, of course, beach activities such as beach volleyball matches. The waters here are particularly calm, and the presence of protected "tubs" creates ideal areas for fun and relaxation in the water for young and old. 


Sainte-Marie Bay


In the east of Guadeloupe we find Sainte-Marie Bay, which is free from the traffic that can be found in some parts of the island and perfect for all those who are also looking for a bit of privacy during their day on the beach. On certain days, the bay offers perfect waves for surfing and sports activities, but remember to bring your equipment with you – as you won't be able to rent it on site. If you're looking for quiet restaurants and enchanted sands where you can enjoy long naps without being bothered by chaos, you've come to the right place. The rough and spectacular nature of this location also makes it perfect for photographs.

Petit Havre Beach

A small shady bay loved mainly by residents, and especially by fishermen. Welcome to Petite Havre, where snorkelling is a pleasure and the beach offers shelter under its leafy coconut trees. A short distance from Pointe-à-Pitre, near Gosier, is Petit Havre, in the southern part of Grande-Terre. We are talking about one of those locations that you see at least once in a lifetime, with its crystal clear and spectacular waters that welcome paddle surfing and diving enthusiasts. The well-equipped area offers all the services required to accommodate the whole family without having to worry about bringing a packed lunch. The local charm complements the presence of fishermen's boats docked here and there on the shore, so as to create a simply irresistible tropical atmosphere that is difficult to find in the other more touristy spots of Guadeloupe.

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