Despite its Mediterranean olive trees and scrubland, Greece can sometimes feel like an atoll in the Maldives. Each more spectacular than the next, Greece’s beautiful beaches are famed for their imposing cliffs, bright blue waters and majestic ruins nestled in verdant greenery. We guarantee you’ll find the local tradition of enjoying a cold beer on the beach truly delightful. In fact, there are just so many fun things to experience in this beautiful country, such as its lively nightlife, which will make you want to stay forever!

If you’re not one for wilderness, don’t worry, Greece is also home to a number of sheltered bays and taverns offering amazing sunset views. Greece's best islands   are home to a never-ending series of incredible bays and oases covered in white sand, where time flies and nature reigns supreme.  It’s almost impossible to choose where to go first, but some spots should definitely come top of your list. Here are the 25 best beaches in Greece. Why not visit them on a magnificent Costa Cruise?


Balos Beach is like something out of a film, with its breath-taking lagoon and magical scenery. In fact, this particular oasis is located in an area of Crete that you can only easily get to by boat. Exploring this slice of paradise is definitely worth the effort, but before you can enjoy it in all its glory, you’ll have to take a dirt road through the wilderness, before walking the last bit on foot!

When you arrive, you’ll be amazed by the pink coral sand dunes. The seabed is both shallow and crystal clear, making it ideal for a swim without tiring yourself out. If you fancy it, you can even don a mask and head off for a spot of snorkelling nearby. What else is there to say: this place is bursting with exotic charm and is definitely one of the best beaches in Crete, especially if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

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You’ll find most of Kefalonia’s most popular beaches  in Lassi, on the island’s southern coast. Covered in sand, Makris Gialos is perhaps the busiest of them all, but don’t fret, there’s no lack of space to lay down your town given its sheer size! It’s also equipped with private facilities and some free beach areas. The golden sands contrast with the blue waters here, making it a great place for children to play in the shallows when the weather is calm. When the sea gets a bit rougher, the more daring among you can have fun jumping the waves! Makris Gialos leads into Platis Gialos beach and the two are separated by a small headland home to a luscious pine forest.  


Lindos Acropolis offers amazing views of Greece’s famous white houses, as well as nearby Lindos Beach which boasts soft, golden sands and calm, crystal clear waters – making it the perfect place for families with children in tow. Together with Anthony Quinn Bay, it is one of the best loved beaches in Rhodes and is also popular with boat and motorboat owners, who often compete for the best view. This is a truly unique place thanks to the nearby imposing ruins. And after a spot of sunbathing, we recommend walking through the narrow streets of Lindos and onto the acropolis.

Cape Drastis

It only takes a few minutes to reach Cape Drastis by foot, which is one of Corfu’s best beaches. You can also get here by boat, but the view while walking down from the cliffs is truly unparalleled. You’ll find Cape Drastis on the north-eastern tip of Corfu, where it captivates visitors with its spectacular rocky cove – carefully sculpted by nature. Lord Byron once marvelled at its beauty, comparing it to the white cliffs of Dover. Indeed, this natural setting is home to caves and coves aplenty,  making it the perfect spot to jump into the sea from the rocks. If you fancy a more relaxing afternoon, we recommend basking in the sun while covered in local clay: your skin will thank you! 

Red Beach, Santorini

There’s no doubt you’ll have admired it in a photo or two, but seeing it in person is a whole different experience. You’ll hardly believe your eyes. Santorini’s Red Beach definitely doesn’t disappoint. Its brightly coloured sand and volcanic rocks will take your breath away, not to mention its crystal clear waters. It’s definitely one of Santorini’s best known and more photographed beaches.,    Hitching a ride on a sailboat is just one way to get here. And if you’re not afraid of a short walk, you can also reach it by foot. If the beach is crowded, we recommend a spot of snorkelling, as you’re bound to be captivated by the beautiful seabed. We also recommend a stroll to the village of Akrotiri, where you can watch the sun go down and admire the volcano caldera. The nearby archaeological site is also home to some very interesting ruins unearthed from volcanic ash. 

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Ornos is a quiet beach located just a few kilometres from Mykonos. Large and sandy, it’s equipped with a whole host of bars, restaurants and water sports facilities. One of the  best beaches in Mykonos, it’s often packed with umbrellas and sunbeds positioned alongside the clear, blue sea. Privacy is definitely an option, but we recommend sharing the beach with other holidaymakers, as there’s always a great atmosphere. Well shielded from the wind, Ornos Beach is also home to a small strip of free beach that’s perfect for a spot of sunbathing while listening to music.  


There’s only one way to describe Elafonissi Beach: it’s the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. Its lagoon boasts crystal clear, shallow waters that lap at white, sandy beaches. Indeed, it’s a real sight to behold, and in places, the sand almost looks pink, creating a breath-taking contrast with the blue sea. The surrounding area is fairly wild and is also home to a small island located right out in front of the beach. You can reach it by walking along a strip of white sand, or wading through the water. A real jewel in Greece’s crown, Elafonissi is unsurprisingly considered one of the best beaches in Crete, and perhaps the whole of Europe!

Saint Paul’s Bay

Off we go to Rhodes to learn about Saint Paul’s Bay, which is located just a stone’s throw from Lindos and is home to a rocky bay bathed in emerald green waters. We recommend hopping on a sailboat to get here. Otherwise, make sure you set off early to make the most of the scenery. Saint Paul’s Bay is home to an incredible natural swimming pool that’s almost completely encircled by cliffs. The seabed is shallow and crystal clear, making it the perfect place for snorkelling and marvelling at schools of fish. A chapel dedicated to Saint Paul dominates the scene. And once you’re done sunbathing, we recommend throwing on a dress or pair of shorts and taking a nice stroll to Lindos.

Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach in Zante is a mystical place thanks to its dreamy setting. It is the true embodiment of relaxation and is set between white cliffs and heavenly waters. It owes its amazing colour palette to the nearby sulphurous thermal springs and bright white cliffs. This beach is also famous for its shipwreck, which ran aground in 1980. Rusted over time, it’s since become an integral part of the landscape. Also called Navagio Beach, you can only reach it by sea, so we recommend taking a trip on one of the many boats that depart from Agios Nikolaos to make sure you get the opportunity to swim in this fairy-tale setting. The surrounding cliffs also offer incredible views. It might be tempting to take photos here, but we recommend sitting back and enjoying the moment.


Myrtos Beach (the largest in Kefalonia) is one of the most famous beaches in Greece.  Consisting of a strip of white pebbly beach, it emerges from the foot of steep cliffs and can be reached by boat or a winding coastal road towards Assos. The journey is a great opportunity to admire this beach in all its beauty, along with its amazing views. It’s a real sight to behold, especially as you watch the phosphorescent blue waters crashing against the seashore.

This is a fairly large coastal area that extends for about a kilometre and is home to a number of free beach areas, making it the perfect place to lay out your towel, even in high season. Myrtos is covered in white stones and fine sand, and its diverse seabed is home to a number alluring caves. There’s also no shortage of beach bars here, offering the perfect spot to relax with a drink while you enjoy the view. We recommend waiting for the sun to set, when the water warms up and the sky turns pink.


Paleokastritsa is one of the most famous areas in Corfu thanks to its beautiful coastline, which is home to sandy bays and stony inlets dotted with olive trees. Some areas can only be accessed by sea, but the main sandy beach is well-equipped and much more easily accessible. Here, the waters are a bright shade of turquoise and the surrounding area is home to lots of caves. We recommend booking a boat trip to visit the best ones!


Pure relaxation: Plaka Beach is an oasis of peace and one of the best beaches in Naxos. Consisting mostly of free beach areas, it’s equipped with several facilities and wild spots that are appreciated by naturists. You will be struck by the clear waters and will no doubt enjoy admiring the sea as it changes from blue to green. The sand dunes here on Paros island almost look as if they’re jutting out into the horizon, and they offer an amazing view at sunset.

Paradise Beach

Greece is home to a number of ‘paradise beaches,’ and you’ll find the best ones in Mykonos and Kalamopodi. What’s more, Mykonos is also home to a number of famous clubs. After sunset, the beach turns into a huge stage with beach parties and music lasting well into the night. If you’re looking to make the most of Mykonos’ night life, you’re in the right place. It’s also within walking distance of Super Paradise Beach, which is an equally fun, alternative destination. 


Períssa Beach stretches on for many kilometres and is bound to bewitch you with its soft, dark sands. Santorini’s surrounding volcanic landscape creates the perfect setting for this particular location. So it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that this beach – which is just a short distance from Fira – is often flooded with visitors, especially young folk! Its benefits don’t just include a great view, it’s also home to a number of chill-out bars, where you can party to DJ sets all night long. It’s difficult to stay still here, and if you’re after an extra adrenaline hit, you can to also enjoy the numerous water sports facilities on offer nearby.

Canal D'Amour

Legend has it that those who swim across this canal fall in love for a lifetime. But that’s not the only reason to visit Canal D’Amour, which is one the most iconic beaches in Corfu. Located near Sidari, it looks like a small fjord bordered by flat rocks, and if you’re up for it, you can try jumping off the rocks into the waves. Nestled between a narrow rocky mount, this beach is a real gem, and with a little luck, you’ll hopefully find the perfect spot to put up your umbrella and enjoy the romantic surroundings. 


You have to put a fair amount in to enjoy Fakistra Beach. In fact, in order to reach it, you’ll have to don a pair of hiking boots. But we assure you it’s worth it, given the scenery that awaits you. Located in Pelion, it’s surrounded by wild landscapes and caves of historical and natural interest.  Off the beaten track, this pearl on mainland Greece is surrounded by lush greenery and emerald waters. Fakistra cove is a small, remote paradise and you won’t find many sunbeds or umbrellas here, just endless beauty and unspoiled nature.


On to Milos and wonderful Tsigrado Beach. Sheltered by steep, rocky cliffs, this particular beach is very well hidden. We recommend accessing it via the cliffs – with the help of a rope – or alternatively, by boat, if you want a more relaxing journey. However you choose to get here, you won’t be disappointed when you arrive. The scenery is bound to win you over and the seabed is a real gem for snorkellers. The beach doesn’t have any facilities, but you’ll be more than happy to do without once you get to relax in this little slice of heaven. 


Kleftiko’s famous stacks are one of the many classic attractions you can admire on a boat tour of Milos. Standing tall in the middle of the sea, these giants rocks will definitely catch your eye with their nooks and arches.  The rocky ravines are fun to explore in a dinghy and are also a great spot to dive into the water with your snorkelling mask on.

The bay is also known as Pirate Beach because it was once a great hiding place thanks its imposing rocks and hideouts. Legend has it that treasure is still hidden somewhere along the bay. Of course, swimming here – and exploring with a snorkel mask on – is, in itself, a unique experience. And its beauty is a real treasure. Unless you’re up for a long walk, you can only reach Kleftiko by sea. Make sure you book a boat trip – the memory will last a lifetime.  


A small island with real charm, Kythnos is well known for its vineyards and fine, sandy beaches. And perhaps the best of them all is Kolona, which is famous for a strip of beach connecting two sides of a rocky bay. This sandy sliver of land divides the turquoise waters in two, creating two great beaches. A few lone tamarisk shrubs complete the scene. Kolona Beach attracts a lot of boats thanks to its exceptional scenery, and although the beach is hardly lavished with facilities, it does have a great tavern offering some much needed refreshment.  


Voutoumi Beach is located in Antipaxos, a small island south of Paxos. The beach is a popular destination for yachts and boats departing from Corfu, and it’s definitely worth taking the trip to bathe in its Caribbean waters. The white sand here is bound to leave you speechless. Just a short swim away are some beautiful coves, surrounded by dense vegetation. If you’re up for tackling a few steps, you can also visit the famous panoramic restaurant overlooking the bay: the perfect place for an aperitif and a traditional romantic dinner. 


Skiathos is home to some extraordinary spots and Lalaria Beach, in particular, is well known for its sea caves and naturally formed archway jutting out into the turquoise sea. In fact, this particular rock formation almost looks as if it’s in motion. You could practically spend all day admiring it. If you choose to travel here by boat, we recommend coming in the afternoon to avoid the busiest part of the day and enjoy an undisturbed view. Given that it’s one of the best beaches in Skiathos, Lalaria Beach often features as a stop on organised tours, in addition to the nearby Skotini spilia (dark caves) and Galatia spilia (blue caves), both of which are popular diving spots.


If the moon had sunny beaches and beautiful sea waters, they would probably look like  Sarakiniko in Milos. In fact, Sarakiniko is known for its unique lunar landscape. One of the most photographed natural wonders in the Aegean sea, Sarakiniko beach owes its appearance to its sparkling perlite cliffs. There’s almost no greenery here and the unusual rocks have been shaped by the elements. If you get the opportunity to do so, stay until after dusk, when the beach lights up in the moonlight. It’s a truly unique place.


Kolymbithres Beach on the island of Paros in the bay of Naoussa is well known for its smooth rocks. It’s a decidedly unique and wild-looking place, and boasts a variety of facilities. you want, you can position your sun bed in one of the many coves, or just sit on the rocks sculpted by the sea and wind. The space is fairly compact, but the water is crystal clear. And if you get hungry, you can always have lunch at the beach tavern.  

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokobios Beach in Naxos is a must-visit location. This long, sandy beach is home to clear waters and has won numerous European blue flag awards. This is the ideal place for those wanting to take it easy and spend the day admiring the sand dunes sheltered from strong winds. Depending on what you fancy, you can choose to visit the southern area, equipped with sunbeds and water sports rentals, or the free beach areas, which are generally quieter. After a day spent relaxing on the beach, you can wander around the village, where taverns and pubs overlook the sea. Agios Prokobios turns into Agia Anna bay, a very popular location dotted with a series of rocks.


Located on the southern tip of Rhodes, Prasonisi Beach emerges from the foot of the headland of the same name.  Here, the water gathers in large waves, making it one of the most popular surfer spots on the island.  The beach consists of a a strip of sand that stretches towards an islet surrounded by two lovely bays. The setting is idyllic and the beach well equipped, with lots of options for water sports lovers. So if you feel like braving the waves, why not rent a board! The best time to go is in July or August, when wind conditions are at an optimum.

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