It is well worth discovering the beaches on France’s islands. That is no easy choice as the French coasts continue for almost 3500 kilometres, providing fairytale scenarios that are characterized by the presence of wide expanses of sand and breath-taking panoramas.  Solitary, wild coves, almost as much forgotten as they are isolated, alternate with the  better known, populated beaches, that are consequently equipped with all comforts.

So, a wide range of opportunities for all tastes and needs. Choosing French beaches for your holidays means experiencing a dream stay, enjoying the sea and relaxation like few other places in the world know how to guarantee.  It will be possible to enjoy the warm climate that the Mediterranean Sea coastlines offer, or appreciate the more moderate temperatures that distinguish the shores on the Atlantic

Prado Sud Beach, Marseille

Visiting the bathing park that lies between the nautical base at Roucas and the old port of Rouge, in the southernmost part of Marseilles, we come across Prado Beach. This is actually a group of beaches that together cover a significant surface area, more than forty hectares. Some of these beaches have been created through an artificial system of controlling the sea waters. All this provides the visitor with a spectacular setting.

In particular, the Prado bathing park deserves a close up look. Inside there are seven beaches, all with a combined presence of sand and pebbles; to protect this natural wonder from the coastal storms, there is a breakwater barrier. Everyone has the possibility of freely visiting the park as it is an area open to the public. The Prado beach in Marseilles is therefore able to satisfy everyone’s tastes, as there is a large range of activities that can be tried here in the park.

Climbing enthusiasts can try a climbing wall, while speed fans can use skateboards on great tracks across the beaches. Lastly, you can refuel by going to one of the many kiosks or restaurants that can be found in abundance in the area.

Pampelonne Beach

The Cote d’Azur is a place that gifts its visitors such enchanting landscapes. This is the case of Pampelonne Beach that, while part of the municipality of Ramatuelle, is known for its close links with Saint-Tropez, which is just six kilometres away, as the crow flies. This is also the reason why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Cote d’Azur. The dedicated beach area is almost five kilometres long and can be visited from Cap du Pinet as far as Bonne Terrasse “point”.

This shoreline is pleasant in both its size and spaciousness that make it easy to visit, also due to the presence of sections that divide the beaches into distinct areas. Each of these sections has car parking spaces and that they take their name from the most well-known place or the beach in the area.

Grande Plage Beach, Biarritz

Whoever might think that you only find wonderful beaches on the Mediterranean coastline is making a big mistake. The large beach in Biarritz is an example of how the Atlantic coast also knows  how to provide wonderful seaside areas that also have all the most requested facilities. Known to be one of the most-liked shorelines in Biarritz, the large beach is over half a kilometre long and can be found on the map between Casino Barrière and Hotel du Palais.

Considering the Atlantic’s characteristics, the sea here can be partly used for bathing activities and partly for windsurfing. There are so many facilities on offer here that your visit to the Grande Plage will be an opportunity for complete relaxation. All this and fun too, with the pleasure of spending a few hours in the local bars, after regenerating yourselves by walking along the sand on this large beach.

Palombaggia Beach, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

One of the most-liked beaches in France is without a doubt Palombaggia: it is an uncontaminated area with a truly exciting atmosphere, which you come across when travelling to the south-east coast of Corsica. The beach is just over ten kilometres from Porto Vecchio in Corsica and over the years, it has become a much-liked destination for tourists due to its excellent sandy area that continues for about two kilometres.

The beauty of the waters here make this place magical, as they are extremely crystal clear, and also the characteristic pine trees that remind many people of umbrellas. In addition to beach activities, there are also the most common water sports to try here, and also diving or windsurfing. It will also be fantastic to try the traditional dishes in the local restaurants that are close to Porto Vecchio.

La Baule-Escoublac Beach

La Baule-Escoublac Beach is famous for its size and, with its nine kilometres in length, is also known as one of the longest shorelines in the whole of Europe. This wonderful beach, that is ideal for anyone wanting to spend a holiday totally relaxing, is in the Atlantic Loire, an area that is part of southern Brittany. It is a beach much loved for its gorgeous scenery that it can boast thanks to the presence of luxurious hotels and beautiful old villas. It is the ideal place for anyone who loves walking along the seashore.

Petit Sperone Beach

Petit Sperone Beach is like a treasure trove that holds a natural treasure of rare beauty. It is a place forgotten by time, where the unspoilt nature dominates the scene in all its beauty. To find the beach, you must travel to the south-east headland of Corsica: its extraordinary beauty makes it look like a work of art, with its quiet, little corners of beauty and the colours it explodes with.

Immersed in the heart of Mediterranean scrub vegetation, it is a small stretch of coast, that is just over one hundred metres long. It has the whitest sand that seems to shine when you are looking at turquoise blue waters on the horizon. Many say it is like a Caribbean island; in reality, as we have seen, it is a French pearl that gifts walkers with such unique opportunities. There are, in fact, rocky paths that are extremely pretty. In spite of the limited size of the area, there are many opportunities for finding something to eat in the characteristic small restaurants.

Espiguette Beach, Montpellier

For those who wish to relax in a corner of unspoilt, wild paradise,  Espiguette Beach in Montpellier is just for them. The beach is about forty kilometres from Montpellier and is an area that stretches for three kilometres along the Mediterranean, alternating beaches with charming areas of vegetation. While travelling along this stretch, from one dune to a small piece of woodland, you will have the impression that you are completely isolated, far from any form of stress.

During these long excursions in the name of peace and relaxation, it will be possible  to find the tranquillity that makes room for long meditations. Lastly, even the stops will produce such emotions thanks to the wonderful small restaurants here and the kiosks you find along the path.

Saint Guirec Ploumanach Beach

When admiring the Brittany coastline, you can only be bewitched by the beauty of Saint Guirec Beach in Ploumanach. This is an amazing cove that stands out with its pink granite rocks. The beach is surrounded by pink rocks - almost as if they are protecting it - that make this corner of France a real pearl.

The characteristic restaurants nearby, where you will feel a unique atmosphere, are worth a visit. Fun is guaranteed for children too, as they can take part in all the activities that the miniclubs in the area organise.

Deauville Beaches

Even Paris has a beach, or almost. Just one hour from the French capital, in fact, we come across the Deauville beaches, which have been nicknamed “the Paris Riviera”. The beach is over two kilometres long and its widest points exceed three hundred metres. It is kept and looked after like a little jewel. It is clean and the landscape is perfect. Looking around from the beach, you can see luxury villas looking out onto the sea, that bring to mind such wonderful eras gone by.

Les Sables d'Olonne Beach

Les Sables d’Olonne Beach is the ideal destination for families searching for a relaxing stay amidst the beauty of nature. Yes, because this shoreline is set within a crescent-shaped bay.

It will be amazing to discover it while walking along the Promenade Georges Clemenceau, a place where you can relax and stop in one of the bars that make this area even more characteristic. While children can have fun at the numerous miniclubs, adults will be able to take part in fantastic water sports activities, including windsurfing.

Les Sablettes Beach

You will discover one of the most beautiful French beaches in MentonLes Sablettes Beach. This beach has fantastic white sand, that gifts the visitor with a fairytale scene, embellished with the presence of bathing establishments and fashionable bars, with an extremely elegant design.

It is the perfect place to relax, dedicating yourself exclusively to sun, sea, excellent food and lovely thoughts. Anyone wanting the perfect party, Les Sablettes Beach could be the most amazing destination: your guests would be simply enchanted.

Bodri Beach, Corsica

A treasure within the treasure. When visiting the beautiful island of Corsica, a trip to to Bodri Beach with its turquoise, crystal-clear waters is just a must. This is a wild, uncontaminated corner where you can totally relax. To make the experience even more special, you could have lunch in the beach restaurant, where you can try the excellent local food, caressed by the sea breeze and looking out onto this paradise-like panorama

Alga Calvi Beach, Corsica

Corsica is a small piece of paradise in itself, but when visiting it, you will find even more pleasant surprises, like Alga Calvi Beach. This beach is in the middle of the Gulf of Revellata and provides a stunning view of an unspoilt landscape. In particular, it is recommended to go to the highest point on the beach to look at the unique setting, where the main protagonist is the sea.

The waters, that are beautifully crystal-clear, provide a view of a sea bed of rare beauty. The picture is completed by the wonderful restaurants that have been created from what were once upon a time fishermen's huts.

Tréompan Beach

Tréompan Beach is a great tourist destination in Brittany. One you have stepped onto the soft white sand, you will feel like you are on an island that has been forgotten by everything and everybody, in the middle of the ocean.

The sea breeze is like a gentle caress that encourages you to abandon yourself completely to relaxation, enjoying a wonderful natural setting, where the white sand alternates with the typical trees and wonderful green headlands that touch the water.

Robinson Beach

Anyone on their way to Cannes should not miss the opportunity to visit the wonderful Robinson Beach, located close to the Mandelieu Casino. This is a very pretty beach, given its size that makes it extremely pleasant.

Also, it is surrounded by several facilities and fun places, like golf courses and beach volley courts, that make it very convenient for visitors who want to relax by the sea without renouncing the possibility of leisure activities

Mane Guen Beach

Mane Guen Beach in Plouharnel, on the Atlantic Coast,, is a huge expanse of pale sand, without any rocks or stones, that disappears on the horizon, merging with the turquoise sea. It is impossible to see the end of this immense beach that allows you to spend a few hours relaxing in a real oasis of peace.

On the beach, in fact, there aren’t any bathing establishments. To make the atmosphere even more magical, there are flowers and vegetation that surround the beach, releasing heavenly fragrances into the air.

Le Mentor Beach

Le Mentor Beach has an old-fashioned attraction and a surreal atmosphere. It is located on the Atlantic coast, in Brittany. More than a beach, it is a huge expanse of sand, of which it is impossible to see the end. In this unspoilt area, still not touched by man, it is possible to sunbathe, swim, and also go sailing in small boats.

Around this “sea” of sand, we can see a beautiful green strip of land, with lush vegetation that makes this corner of France one of the most exciting to see.

Sainte Barbe Beach

During a visit to Corsica you really should plan a stop on the Isolella peninsula, in the region of  Pietrosella. Here you can discover coves and beautiful beaches, like Sainte Barbe.

This short shoreline is distinguished by the presence of a small island that is connected to land by a tiny, charming road.

The southernmost part of the area is also a sight to behold, where the beach becomes even wilder.

Veillat Beach

Veillat Beach is one of the main places of interest in the town of Saint-Raphaël, in Provence. It is an equipped beach with all kinds of facilities, and has great accessibility. Nearby there is a casino and several restaurants.

This is an ideal destination for those who want to spend their holiday dedicated solely to the sea, while having all comforts available that can be found in the nearby town centre. The more romantic can go on charming walks along the shoreline or go out on  characteristic boats that lead to Saint-Tropez.

Sanary sur Mer Golden Beach

In Provence, one of the many lovely beaches to discover that surely deserves a mention is Sanary sur Mer. The is the last beach you come across travelling along the coast in the direction of Bandol. Anyone visiting it, will love the large expanse of sand that provides so much room for everyone on the beach in spite of the large number of tourists who come here constantly. The beach is especially suited to families with children as the water is shallow and the sea bed falls away gently. 

The magic of France’s beaches

France has an unbelievable choice of beaches to visit. Wonderful beaches, with unique characteristics that are appreciated due to the beauty of the landscape but also for the huge range of facilities and opportunities that are provided for tourists.

The most beautiful beaches in this country are on three coasts and, therefore, have very different characteristics. Anyone preferring the wilder atmospheres and cooler climate can choose the islands that look out onto the Channel or the ones along the Atlantic coast. Anyone who wants a warmer corner of paradise, with more night life, will find a stay on the splendid Mediterranean Sea more suitable.

In any case, you will discover features of France that are unknown to many, starting with the characteristic villages that we come across while travelling  along the coast, where these small places alternate with the larger, better known towns and cities.

There are so many facilities to use too, to allow you to combine relaxation with moments of fun. A key role is played here by the many typical bars and restaurants found close to the best beaches in France, where it is not just possible to taste local French cuisine, but will also be possible to completely immerse oneself in the atmosphere of a country such as France, that never ceases to amaze us.

While in its historical cities, France mainly surprises us with its exceptional urban structures, its monuments and museums that tell of an ancient, exciting history, the coastal areas, in particular the beaches captivate us with their landscape that is luckily unspoilt and, in most cases, not ruined by man.

Spending a few days on French beaches, being gently caressed by the sea breeze and loving the super soft sands, means allowing yourself to relax and forget about daily stress.

There are breath-taking views that you can see when climbing onto headlands that tower above the turquoise seasEating is an exciting experience, with places where you can enjoy the many small bars and restaurants that spring up on the French coasts, which serve local delicacies that really deserve a taste.

Lastly, there are many opportunities for keeping fit: France's great beaches are the perfect place for long walks, great for meditation and peace and quiet, for jogging and water sports, while children will find the many great miniclubs waiting to welcome them.

So, spending your holiday on French beaches is the best way to regenerate to feel excited with your friends and family.

Because there is nothing better than a fine-sand beach, a turquoise-coloured sea and a magical atmosphere to remove any tiredness and stress and offer you moments of unforgettable relaxation

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