Impressive skyscrapers, endless department stores and desert sand dunes. Dubai is all of this and much more, such as its extraordinary beaches that, every year, attract thousands of tourists fascinated by the possibility of an off-season dip in one of the most beloved locations ever.

Dubai isn't just shopping and nighttime fun: here the sea is warm and the beaches, even the free ones, offer a slice of paradise where sunbathing is a real pleasure for the whole family. Here the waters of the Indian Ocean are mitigated by the tranquillity of the Persian Gulf and diving into the water is just an amazing experience. So, in addition to a pair of comfortable shoes, don't forget to pack a nice swimsuit and towel: it will come in very useful!

It is no coincidence, then, that Dubai is the home of the most beautiful beaches in the UAE. With its superb climate that you can enjoy from October until May, Dubai's pristine coastline offers a warm and sunny retreat for all those who have already grown weary of the western winter – each year becoming a melting pot of holiday-hungry tourists.

Tourists who come here for a dip in the sea find paradise on earth, which however is maintained thanks to some rules and a number of considerations based on local culture and traditions. For example, while there is no fixed dresscode, on the beaches of Dubai it is better to avoid bikinis that are too tight and opt instead for more traditional costumes, such as a regular bikini or a full bikini. If you're a woman, avoid going topless. Also remember to take a good water bottle with you to the beach, to stay hydrated, or if you want to be sure make frequent stops at the bar. Finally, remember that alcohol can only be consumed in bars and restaurants.

In this guide we made a list of some of the Dubai's most beautiful beaches and features, to help you choose your itinerary.

Visit Dubai, where you don’t just dream about your time in the water, but it becomes reality!

Here are the most beautiful beaches in Dubai:

  • Sunset Beach
  • JBR Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • La Mer Beach
  • Black Palace Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Jumeirah Beach Park
  • Marina Beach
  • Ajman Beach
  • Al Khan Beach
  • Lou Lou Beach
  • Banan Beach
  • Sharjah Beach 

Sunset Beach

Also known as Umm Suqeim, Sunset Beach is one of those little corners of paradise that only Dubai can give to its tourists. This is where you arrive en masse so you can steal a shot of the spectacular silhouette of the Burj Arab hotel that stands out in the Arabia sky. To get here, simply walk along Jumeirah Road and continue to Al Thanya Street. The entrance, with a large parking area, will offer you everything you need for a comfortable stay in one of Dubai's most coveted destinations. Sunset Beach is a perfect strip of sand several kilometres long: the area is free of establishments and you can take your place wherever you like. There are no shaded areas or parasols: here you enjoy the warm sun on your beach towel and dive into the water to cool down in the most difficult hours. Sunset Beach also has a number of changing cabins, but in reality there is very little else: as a free beach, there are no beach facilities.

Sunset is and remains one of Dubai's favourite beaches and, for some years now, even tourists who do not reside in the various resorts equipped with private bathing areas. If you like the idea of spending an afternoon other than the usual shopping in shopping malls, this is the right location: here you can swim, surf, kite surf and paddle surf at any level or, for the bravest, you can also simply enjoy a soft drink lulled by the wind and the noise of the waves. Not everyone was born for water sports, were they?

JBR Beach

JBR is for Jumeirah Beach Residences. JBR is an irresistible taste of the authentic flavour of Dubai's beaches. The cosmopolitan climate here is one of a kind: in this beach area anyone, in fact, is welcome and can enjoy a day of swimming in a typically arabesque climate. JBR's seaside areas are suitable for the whole family and offer a decidedly relaxed climate to counter the typical buy life that you can breathe in shopping malls and in the streets of the city. Here there are many things to do: from the classic day of sunbathing and naps, you can range in activities such as Sports or enjoy the simplicity of a wonderful walk with the camera at your fingertips. Stop at one of the spectacular bars or restaurants on the coast and enjoy the sunset in front of a dish of Dubai's best cuisines. If you prefer adventure, you can go on a camel ride on the beach. The seaside facilities here provide outdoor gyms, swimming pools, volleyball courts, yoga classes and, of course, surfing and sailing classes at all levels of experience.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is also home to the famous The Beach, a spectacular beach that is all together with the mall to which it is attached. A truly innovative location in the heart of Jumeirah where you can pamper yourself with some of the cornerstones of Dubai life: many small shops and boutiques of well-known international brands alternate with activity centres where you can give free rein to imagination and creativity. If you prefer the more rustic market climate, head to The Market. This is the place for all those looking to make a purchase that is a little different from the usual, thus opting for a much more local product. If, after shopping, you feel the need for a few hours of sunshine, you are in the right place. The Sea Breeze area is entirely dedicated to renting parasols and sunbeds, so you can reach the beach and relax in full Dubai style. Here you can also access different tennis courts, areas for water sports such as surfing and kayaking or rent a jet ski, go water skiing or simply enjoy a game of beach volleyball with friends.

And if after the sea the desire to stay at JBR has not yet disappeared, you can always go to the Reel multi-room cinema: 7 traditional cinemas and 3 platinum film suites that offer the best cinema experience you can hope for in this magnificent city of lights and parties. Those who want to eat can go to one of the many restaurants (not only with local cuisine, but international) or to one of the 10 food carts present at The Beach. The area is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. through to Wednesday, while Thursday and Friday closes at midnight. You can reach this area by metro, taking the red line trains that lead to Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station. All you have to do here is cross the Dubai Marina and you will have arrived at your destination.  

Kite Beach

Your reference point for water sports is definitely Kite Beach, Dubai's most popular and fun beach. Every year this white-sand, crisp-wave location attracts thousands of water sports enthusiasts, who arrive here attracted to one of the best equipped centres in the UAE. Whether you're an expert or just an ambitious beginner, this is where you need to come if you want to learn from the best and have a full immersion experience in a location entirely dedicated to surfing, kitesurfing and paddle-boarding. Because playing sports is nice, but to do it with other fans who encourage you and experience the waves with you, is even better. It is advisable to reach Kite Beach in the afternoon and always check the weather to know the quality of the day's waves.

Those who arrive at Kite Beach to accompany someone, but would prefer to devote themselves to more "terrestrial" activities, can always slip into a game of beach volleyball, a perfect opportunity for exercise and meet some new people at the same time.

The beach is really beautiful: white sand, crystal clear sea and all you need to relax and enjoy the warm rays of the Persian Gulf sun. Those who arrive here can devote themselves to all kinds of activities and surely find themselves in a pleasant and inclusive climate, where you can sleep in solitude or, who knows, socialise with the rest of the holidaymakers. The choice is fully yours!

Kite Beach is also perfect for lovers of jogging. With its 14-kilometre length, it offers everything fitness enthusiasts need to start their day in the best way. Running on the beach and spectacular views of the Burj Al Arab: what could be better? If you're hungry, stop at one of the many small shops near the beach and buy yourself a snack. It is also home to the famous burger bar, Salt, which offers delicious wagyu or chicken sandwiches in an extremely casual outdoor setting. The goodness of the food has made it one of Kite's landmarks and that is no accident!

La Mer Beach

La Mer is one of the most important beach districts in Jumeirah, Dubai. The area extends to the sea in some of the city's most beautiful beaches, and offers its tourists a perfect location to relax and finally switch off. Dotted with spectacular palm trees that offer their shade to holidaymakers, La Mer beach is a flourish of murals, art installations and commercial activities of all kinds: not the typical pristine seaside destination, but a meeting point between seaside life and culture. In addition to shopping, you can also come to La Mer for the various sports it offers or, more simply, to rent a sunbed and sleep until sunset under a simply lovely sun.

La Mer is suitable for a very diverse public, which is why on coming here you will find families with children, couples or groups of friends. It is also the seaside area that is most focused on reception and progress of the entire city. Here art installations mix with minimal architecture, made of wooden walkways and state-of-the-art metal structures.

And if you get hungry, you're in the right place. Along the coast you'll find a number of irresistible bars and restaurants where you can test your taste buds with different types of cuisine from every corner of the world. There is a brunch area entirely dedicated to continental breakfasts, but also an amazing Indian restaurant and – of course – an Italian restaurant. But the surprises don't end there, and sometimes it's nice to just stroll along the streets of the neighbourhood and be attracted by the signs so you can choose another chapter of your epicurean journey to Dubai.

In La Mer with the kids? Experience the thrill of Lagoon Waterpark, a water park made of slides, wave machines for simulated surfing and a series of more or less adrenaline-pumping attractions to enjoy together with absolutely all members of the family. 

Black Palace Beach

Also known as Al Soufouh Black Palace beach is one of Dubai's best-preserved beach secrets. This rare pearl of sandy beauty owes its popularity to the fact that it can only be reached by a short walk along a narrow sandy path that runs through the palaces. At some times of the year it can get a bit crowded: but it's worth it. If you want to visit this beach – and probably if you're in Dubai you should do it – remember that at Black Palace there are almost no facilities. It's a good rule, therefore, to bring along a packed lunch and lots of water. There are no bars, bathrooms or rentals for parasols and sunbeds: be sure to also bring a towel where you can lie down.

Black Palace beach is the perfect location for lovers of the perfect photograph. Come here and enjoy the beautiful views of Palm Jumeirah, the famous Burj Al Aeab and the Madinat hotel. Stop until after sunset to savour the natural splendour of the place.

As in each of Dubai's individual beaches, there are a few rules you should always abide by. For example, remember that it is forbidden to walk or sunbathe topless. It is also severely forbidden to swim after dark. Those who like to take photographs, should bear in mind that landscape shots are not a problem, but photographing people – and especially women – is never allowed. As for the style of clothing, the beaches of Dubai are not so different from those of Europe: wear a normal swimsuit. Remember to get dressed before leaving the beach and going to the shopping boulevards not far from the beach areas.

At Mamzar Beach Park

Fun for the whole family at Al Mamzar Beach Park. With 106 hectares of land, this stunning park offers tourists and residents a spectacular seaside entertainment centre within easy reach of Al Mamzar Beach and Hamriya Airport. Dotted with shady palm trees, this park located directly on Dubai's crystal clear sea offers 360-degree hospitality for all kinds of visitors. Centres for barbecue, green parks, picnic areas, changing cabins, beaches and, of course, pools. Here the beach is guarded by lifeguards who make sure of the safety of children.

Relax in the lagoon and soak up the atmosphere of the park, or take a ride aboard the Park Train and enjoy an overview of the entire area. The Al Mamzar park also features a small amphitheatre often used for music events that attract hundreds of tourists and residents who want to enjoy a different evening than usual. Whether you've decided to spend a few hours here, or a whole day, know that you've come to the right place to have fun and relax without having to worry about anything.

If you want to feel an extra thrill, rent one of the water skis and enjoy the wind in your hair!

Jumeirah Beach Park

Welcome to Jumeirah Beach Park, a small paradise of pristine beaches where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Dubai with its immense skyline, on the one hand, and the Persian Gulf sea on the other. It is called a beach park because it offers huge equipped beaches and is dotted with countless green areas and fresh gardens where you can find refreshment between takes. This is the perfect location for those who want to spend a day at the beach with the family, while enjoying a barbecue between activities. Jumeirah Beach Park is the closest natural park to downtown Dubai and is ideal for those looking for a well-equipped haven of peace with all the amenities and luxury of the case. With its 12 hectares of installations, the beach is just amazing: you have to come here at least once to rest while sipping a nice non-alcoholic cocktail.

The beach is also designed for children, so you can come here with the little ones being sure that they too will find all the attractions to have fun while being completely safe. Attention: Monday is the day dedicated to women and children, who will be the only ones to be able to access the park.

The area is equipped with basketball, volleyball and handball courts and is set up with an eye on biodiversity: you will find many green areas full of plants that do not normally grow in the area.  

Marina Beach

Dubai's new district beach, Marina Beach, born out of nowhere and in a few years has become a magnet for tourists. Until recently, in fact, those who walked in this area would have encountered only sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Now huge skyscrapers with futuristic silhouettes conquer the skyline and wrap tourists in a luxurious atmosphere made of large shopping malls, shops and a thousand different activities. Marina Beach is located a short distance from Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Park and offers a white beach where large palm trees offer shade to tourists who lazily drink their drinks sitting at the bar. The sea is perfect, the water is clean and bathing is a real pleasure. Not to mention all the side activities that can be done in such a well-equipped place, such as going to the resort with a spa, or treating yourself to a nice round of golf or maybe take the kids for a nice walk at the zoo near Jumeirah Plaza. 

Ajman Beach

About a 40-minute drive from Dubai, you will find the spectacular Ajman beach, a hidden gem that few tourists know and which, in general, is absolutely worth a visit, especially if you are going to stay in Dubai for some time. It is the perfect destination for all those who simply want to enjoy some sea without having to worry about the crowds. In addition, resort prices here are much more attractive than in Dubai, and provide a great alternative for exploring the surroundings of the city as well. Come here and enjoy the beach, the sun, the water and the sea breeze from one of the hotel-owned establishments and you'll come home relaxed, tanned and above all happier than you have been for a while.

Your hotel will think about all the chores. Choose from the beauty of a swim in the infinity pool of one of the hotel centres or opt for a dip in the sea. And if you get bored, no problem: go for a trip to theAjman Museum, built within an 18th-century fortress that once served as the first line of defence of the city of Ajman. The installation focuses on local customs and traditions, with an eye for some of the most important archaeological finds in the area.

Al Khan Beach

With its 600 metres of sand, Al Khan offers a small corner of paradise to tourists who can't wait to take a dip in the waters of the Persian Gulf. The fully equipped area provides bathrooms, changing rooms, showers and many other amenities that could make you opt for Al Khan and not a public beach such as Sunset Beach, from which, however, it must be said that the view is simply unique.

In the District of Al Khan, this is the reference beach and it is no coincidence: those who arrive here find a cosy sea, a beautiful clean beach and many people looking for a bit of relaxation. The area is also a short walk from the Sharjah Aquarium and the Maritime Museum. Enjoy a picnic on the beach or hang out at one of the surf schools to learn to master the waves.

Lou Lou Beach


A quiet beach in the heart of Dubai. Not frequented like the others, the beach of Lou Lou is a small corner of peace and quiet in the crowded city. Come here to relax and wait for the sunset to really enjoy the purest essence of Dubai city. It is a place dedicated mainly to residents, but you will also see some occasional tourists. If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, this is really the place for you.

Banan Beach

The perfect beach for those who don't like to be idle is Banan, also known as Jebel Ali Beach. There are many activities to do here and that becomes apparent the moment you arrive and observe the many structures. Here you can devote yourself, for example, to the campsite, with 47 tents to rent that can accommodate up to two people at a time. You can even stay overnight. If you want to have fun, in the middle of the camping area there is a beautiful bonfire to enjoy with the other residents, which can be combined with a dinner cooked directly in the area reserved for your barbecues.

If you like water sports, come here to enjoy the great schools and rentals of 12 different activities, including kayaking, kite surfing, surfing and many more. At various times of the day, there are also organised yoga games and classes.

Sharjah Beach


Popularly known as the cultural capital of the UAE, Sharjah is home to amazingly stunning architecture and beaches that will win your heart forever. That's why the city deserves to be part of your itinerary if you holiday in Dubai! Come for the culture, stay for the spectacular sandy coastal strips that will allow you to fully relax. There are many beaches here but we can help you with your choice: go to Al Khan, or come and stop by Lou Lou, Al Corniche Beach or Khorfakkan Beach. And finally, if you want to really spend a day in complete relaxation, spend a day on Ajman beach. You will thank us later!

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