Corfu knows how to amaze all its visitors with its beaches. This single island has so many beaches that all differ from each other, but which have a peculiarity that unites them all: the tranquillity of this little corner of Greece, a wonderful destination on Costa cruises. It is truly worth discovering these beaches as each of them offers something different. You can find very long beaches like Agios Stefanos or Vido where you can walk for hours without ever leaving the shoreline, or others that measure only a few hundred metres, for example.


The sea itself embraces the beaches of Corfu in different ways. Some have seabeds suitable for boats, while others are easily accessible to families with children, such as Halikounas, or Avlaki. Almost all beaches are equipped and allow you to practice water sports, and on some you'll also find instructors so you can take some lessons.


Another thing that makes beaches like Halikounas or Imerolias unforgettable is the vegetation that surrounds them. Not just the greenery of the local plants, but also the hills or mountains that are reflected in the sea. Not to mention other natural beauties, such as those of Paleokastrisa beach, which will charm you with its caves. And if you love even more exclusive beaches, you can't help but visit Paradise Beach, where you will really feel out of this world, surrounded by beauty.


Discover our list of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu now, and start planning your next holiday!

Corfu: the most beautiful beaches and where to find them

  • PaleoKastrirsa Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Perama Beach
  • Vido Beach
  • Barbati Beach
  • Gilfada Beach
  • Messonghi Beach
  • Halikounas Beach
  • Avlaki Beach
  • Agios Stefanos Beach
  • Agios Georgios Beach
  • Kerasia Beach
  • Liapades Beach
  • Krouzeri Beach
  • Imerolias Beach

Paleokastritsa Beach

Paleokastritsa Beach, which lies about 25 kilometres from the capital Corfu, counts on six bays to please all kinds of tourists. In fact, some are equipped with sunbeds and are perfect for families, others are free and some are more exclusive. A beach with sand and gravel, Paleokastritsa is located along the rocky coast of the island and is ideal for snorkelling and diving thanks to its crystal clear sea. Enjoy it with a Costa excursion!


The visits to the Nafsika, St Nicholas and the extremely popular Blue Eye caves, where the sunlight penetrating between the granite rock seems to draw a sea eye, where fish swim, creating an unforgettable effect.

Paradise beach

Are you looking for a beach that is not just your normal one? On the northwestern shores of Corfu you will find Paradise beach. As the name itself says it is beautiful, with high cliffs, pebble beach and clear waters but getting there takes some effort. Paradise beach is only accessible by sea, therefore it is necessary to hire a boat or take the one that leaves from Paleokastritsa and stops at the caves. There is also a Costa excursion that will take you to this corner of paradise.


Being so isolated, Paradise Beach guarantees peace of mind. You can rent sunbeds on site, you can stroll along the beach or visit the underwater cave. You'll forget to look at your watch.

Perama Beach

Surrounded by green hills: Perama beach is one of Corfu's busiest, that can be visited on Costa excursion. Its best point is the sea. In addition to being crystal clear, it is ideal for snorkelling, as it is home to a rich and varied marine life.


Well connected with the centre of Corfu and the airport, Perama beach, which lies in the peninsular region of Kanoni, is only about ten minutes by car from the capital. The beach, predominantly sandy with some stretches of gravel, is equipped with deckchairs and parasols and is full of bars and taverns. This wealth of comfort should not scare you: tranquillity and relaxation are always guaranteed on the beach of Perama.

Vido Beach

Vido allows you to leave your Costa ship and sunbathe on anuninhabited island. Vido is proud of being able to regain its freedom. In the past it was inhabited, in fact it was a fortress, but that is now a distant memory. Vido today has returned to its original beauty and has succeeded thanks to its pristine beaches, surrounded by lush nature and amazing wildlife.


Just under 4 kilometres of coastline, with two pebble beaches, equipped with everything. Umbrellas, sunbeds and even a kiosk, all arranged to offer maximum relaxation for tourists with beaches that are fortunately never overly crowded.

Barbati Beach

Relax in the shade of the olive trees. Barbati Beach guarantees this too, as well as a perfect, calm sea that has been awarded a blue flag, a symbol of how clean the water is.


Many small bays and a sandy beach with pebbles await the holidaymakers in a small town on the slopes of Mount Pantokratoras. So during your Costa cruise, you can also enjoy a glimpse of the mountains, in addition to the beauty of being at the seaside! The main area of the beach is lapped by warm water, perfect for swimming. It also guarantees all the comforts including sunbeds and huts. You can also rent equipment for all sports, from windsurfing to inflatables towed by speedboats. Diving lessons can also be taken on site.

Glifada Beach

Are you looking for a perfect beach for young and old on the island of Corfu? Glyfada is the one for you. Crystal clear water, with hues of blue and green, vegetation and rock formations that go all the way to the water and golden sand. It is also exceptionally simple to reach with a Costa excursion!


Glifada offers all the equipment you need to relax, such as parasols and sunbeds, and it offers everything for sports lovers, from a beach volleyball court to watersports. It has a lush seabed, much appreciated by those who love snorkelling. This beach, which is about fifteen kilometres from the city of Corfu, also has beach bars and restaurants for those who choose to stay at beach all day long.

Messonghi Beach

A beach that escapes the rules of mass tourism? You will find one in Corfu! This is Messonghi beach, about twenty kilometres from the city of Corfu.


With its dark sand and pebble-covered shoreline, Messonghi beach overlooks a mirror of absolutely transparent water. Despite being an out of the way beach, there is no shortage of services. In fact, according to many this would be the perfect beach for families. Several water sports are on offer at Messonghi Beach and all the equipment is available.


For those who prefer sunbathing, it will be easy to relax in the sun, perhaps enjoying the view of the olive groves that are not far awayk.

Halikounas Beach

Golden sand and unspoiled nature. Halikounas beach is about 25 kilometres from Corfu, but its wild beauty is worth the journey. A little as it is surrounded by cedar and juniper trees, and therefore offers a corner of relaxation in the middle of greenery. And moreso, as it is a beach with sand dunes where swimming is truly heavenly. In this somewhat remote beach you can enjoy total tranquillity.


Korission Salt Lake a short distance away attracts countless birds, including beautiful white herons and other protected species, and will make the children very happy. Halikounas beach is perfect for the little ones, thanks to the shallow seabed that allows them to swim safely.

Avlaki Beach

Avlaki Beach will amaze you with its white pebbles and blue sea. A very intense and always enchanting contrast. But Avlaki beach has another ace up its sleeve too: there is always a light wind here. This makes it especially perfect for all those days when it is too hot and also for taking windsurfing lessons.


Although not particularly well known, it boasts beach clubs and is suitable for families with children. Taking a small path into the woodland, you reach the small beach of Avlaki East, which is even more remote, and just wonderful for this very reason.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos Beach is an immense expanse of golden sand. With so much space available, it has been possible to equip some beaches while leaving large portions of beach free. As on many other Corfu beaches,Agios Stefanos also guarantees relaxation for all who visit it. Such a large beach can also accommodate all the equipment for water sports. Also recommended for families with children, it relies on a slowly descending seabed, providing maximum safety for the little ones.


Agios Stefanos is also recommended for walks along the shore: given its size, you can do that for hours.

Agios Georgios Beach

South of Corfu, we find Agios Georgios,a beach beloved by the night owls for its bars and nightclubs that fill it. A very long beach, which changes pace during the day and becomes an oasis of tranquillity.


Soft sand stretching all the way to the crystal clear sea, the beach of Agios Georgios offers all kinds of comfort and the possibility of trying any kind of sport. From windsurfing to parasailing, there is a myriad of choices for an exciting day.


There are lots of bars and trattorias close to the beach that are perfect for those who want to enjoy a cocktail or lunch with an unforgettable view, as well as a walk along the shore.

Kerasia Beach

Kerasia beach owes its name to cherry trees. In ancient times, there were boats that brought cherries from Sinies, inland on the island, to the city of Corfu. Its deep seabed is perfect for those who arrive there by sea.


The water of Kerasia beach stands out for its emerald green colour. Thick vegetation surrounds it, composed of olive trees, eucalyptus trees, cypress trees and some cherry trees. There is a fascinating contrast with the white pebbles on the shoreline: in this small corner of paradise, equipped with sunbeds and parasols, you can find only one bar and tavern available to visitors, who can then therefore relax while surrounded by the Nature.

Liapades Beach

Liapades Beach will make you feel like you are in a unique atmosphere. About 20 kilometres north of Corfu, this white beach is surrounded by green mountains. The highlight of this lido is also the path through the green vegetation to access it. It is another wonder within a wonder, it feels like you are inside a painting. The sea is transparent and turquoise and rich in marine species, thus proving to be perfect for snorkelling.


Despite being a narrow shoreline and therefore not overly-developed for tourists, Liapades Beach offers the possibility of renting equipment for sunbathing, as well as a tavern where you can enjoy some typical food.

Krouzeri Beach

A blue flag for the cleanliness of its waters, Krouzeri beach is located 25 kilometres from the city of Corfu and stands out for the exemplary maintenance of the coastline as well as for the services it offers to tourists. Excellent in all ways, therefore, even if there are bumpy roads to travel along to reach it.


However, once you arrive at this beach with white pebbles and golden sand, lapped by a crystal clear sea, you will immediately realise that it was worth it. Equipped with sunbeds and parasols, the beach is surrounded by flowers and olive groves as well as rich vegetation making it truly unique amongst the beaches of the island of Corfu.

Imerolias Beach

About thirty-five kilometres from Corfu you will find the wonderful Imerolias beach. A white-pebble beach overlooking a blue, crystal clear sea. An oasis in the midst of nature with a green hill that protects it from the winds, allowing the water to stay calm and protect all the bathers.


Despite its small size, all the space is used optimally. You can find sunbeds and parasols, but some rocks at the end of the beach offer additional space for sunbathers, with the possibility of diving directly into the sea. Its shallow seabed makes it perfect for a swim.


The Corfu beaches are all different from each other and unforgettable for anyone who sees them for the first time: wild or well-equipped, long or with only a few hundred metres of beach, they are all bathed by a wonderful sea that approaches them with very different seabeds. Try to spot them from your Costa cruise ship while sailing in the Mediterranean, and visit them to give yourself a day of absolute relaxation!

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