Mention the Canary Isles and the incredible beaches that await you on those wonderful islands instantly spring to mind. Welcome on board a dream-fuelled journey that will take you to some of the most beautiful Spanish land masses: we have hand-picked some of the coasts that you can’t afford not to include in your travel itinerary.

The Canary Isles are the islands dreams are made of, lapped by the generous waters of the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the African coasts. Although they are one of the most popular destinations for European citizens who choose to flee from hibernation on a warm, welcoming island, these wonderful gems of sand and rocks offer amazing surprises and breathtaking landscapes all year round.

Variety is the spice of life and here it is never in short supply, undoubtedly one of the main attractions for beach-loving visitors: just think of the range of beauty offered by Gran Canaria, the main island, which alone offers a myriad of incredibly diverse panoramas.  Golden, white and coral beaches, beaches with black sand, sparkling lagoons and steep rocks on which impetuous waves crash.

The climate of the Canary Isles makes it the ideal location for a dip in the sea in almost every season.  With temperatures ranging from 19°C to 25° C throughout the year, any time is the right time for putting on your swimsuit and taking the plunge.  And with its 500+ beaches, each one unique, luckily you’ll be spoiled for choice!  And it’s not an easy choice! This is why we’ve put together this guide for you.

Whether you want to spend a relaxing, fun holiday on one of the most popular beaches of Gran Canaria, or relax in the silence of the dark sands in Fuerteventura, all you need to do is select your special itinerary and let us guide you! Bring your swimsuit, oodles of sun cream, a towel and, of course, your camera to capture what promises to be one of the most beautiful beach holidays of your life!

  • Mogán
  • Famara beach
  • El Castillo Beach
  • Las Vistas
  • Corralejo Viejo
  • El Ancón beach
  • La Concha beach, in El Cotillo
  • Los Patos beach
  • Inglés beach
  • La Guirra
  • Antequera beach
  • Santiago beach
  • Sotavento beach

Beaches in Mogán

Welcome to Puerto de Mogán, a spectacular town in the south of Gran Canaria, which hosts one of the most welcoming beaches on the islands. Few other locations in the Canary Isles can boast as many sunny days as Mogán, a veritable paradise of sand and crystal clear waters. The beaches of fine, golden sand caress your feet and offer you a warm welcome to this idyllic corner of the world.  Mogán offers calm, exquisite beaches, where you can leave your towel on the sand and plant your sun umbrella before diving into a warm, shallow sea.

This is the ideal place for you if you are planning to visit the Canary Isles with your children: the walls of the port protect the beach area from the strong ocean currents and assure a safe, worry-free bathing experience for the whole family.  Come and swim here, or enjoy the music from the speakers as you sunbathe in full relaxation mode. If you want to go snorkelling, head for the far end of the beach near the pebble shores: here you’ll have more chance of admiring the sea bed in all its glory! You’ll soon realise that Mogàn is one of the best-kept secrets of divers: in fact the area of the “Puerto” is the venue of some of the most important underwater photography championships.

The area is well-organised and offers countless rest areas, bars and restaurants where you can fill up on food and drink during the day. In fact, after a morning in the sun, there’s nothing better than going for lunch along the streets of Mogàn, where the windows are decorated with bougainvillea and hibiscus plants and the vibrant life of the port welcomes you with its characteristic sounds and scents. If you can, stay until sunset and admire the natural beauty of the location at one of the most beautiful moments of the day. You won't be disappointed! In the evening, the harbour is animated by live music and lively bars where you can drink to a splendid day.

The area offers various excursions by boat or yacht and is also the departure point of a small submarine, on which you can literally immerse yourself in the amazing local underwater life. Not far from Mogàn, you can also join a boat trip, which will take you to the habitat of the local dolphins. And you might even get to swim with them, if you’re lucky enough! 

Famara beach

Welcome to Famara beach, a spectacular stretch of golden sand located in a natural park on the island of Lanzarote, in the north west. This extraordinary section of coast stretches for over 5 kilometres in the natural park of the Archiopelago of Chinijo, between the fishermen’s village of La Caleta de Famara and the Famara mountain range.  When the tide is low, Famara can be admired in all its extraordinary beauty: the water forms a thin sparkling gloss on the sand, naturally photoshopping every photograph with magical glints. When the water is like this, going for a swim is a real pleasure.

Come to Famara if you’re looking for an unspoiled beach that is not too overcrowded where you can dedicate your time to water sports such as surfing, paddle surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.  The waves here are impetuous and the strong winds also delight parasailing fans, who launch themselves from the sky high cliffs of Famara. 

The beach itself does not have large-scale facilities: if you want to spend a day at the beach with your children, you’d be better to choose a coast that is more organised, with public structures. 

After a day packed with sun and adrenaline, treat yourself to a fish banquet in one of the many open-air restaurants in the town of La Caleta: the perfect ending to a perfect day! 

El Castillo Beach

You’re in El Castillo beach, steeped in the peaceful beauty of Fuerteventura. The resort town is Caleta de Fuste, and nearby you’ll find a strip of coastline that you’ll find hard to resist. El Castillo is a calm, quiet beach where you can enjoy soft golden sand, calm waters and a safe environment that is also ideal for children. Its geographical location makes it the pearl of an important bay, which protects its waters from the strongest ocean currents.

El Castillo is located only 10 minutes from Fuerteventura, and it takes its name from a 17th century archaeological site found in the area. It is considered one of the best organised and structured beaches of the Canary Isles: come here with all the family, hire a sun umbrella and loungers and enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, walks and little fish restaurants waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

Bolder visitors can take windsurfing courses here, learning the basic skills that they can later try out in more thrilling locations. Some of the local tours will also take you to the habitats of the local sea lions, and at certain specific times of the year you might even get the chance to join them in the water.  Excursions on camelback are also available. El Castillo also offers breathtaking points where you can observe the sea beds, drawing hundreds of passionate divers every year.

Las Vistas beach

With a blue flag for the cleanliness and quality of its sea, Las Vistas is a fantastic beach on the southern coast of Tenerife. Although it is a piece of artificial coast adjacent to the city, which is particularly crowded in high season, this place maintains an extraordinary charm that is tangible as soon as you decide to set foot on its beach. It has an unmistakeably Spanish vibe and this is why Las Vistas is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

The beach stretches for about 1 kilometre and at its widest points can be 120 metres.  It can easily be reached on foot from Playa de las Americas and the Los Cristianos beach. Las Vistas is well-organised and equipped with bathing establishments that make your stay here extra comfy: hire your sun umbrella and loungers and make yourself at home in the soft sand. The area is equipped with public showers and toilets.

The water is cool, but calm and not too deep. This is why Las Vistas is a favourite holiday destination for families with children. The breakwaters located at a distance from the beach ensure that the waters are safe.  Las Vistas is also a perfect destination for tourists with limited mobility, as it is almost completely free from architectural barriers.

If you prefer trying your hand at water sports, here you’ll find everything you need for parasailing and water skiing. The beach also hosts various huts where you can buy relaxing massages. Come here if you’re looking for relaxation and comfort for yourself, your better half or all the family.

Corralejo Viejo

Corralejo Viejo beach can be found in the central part of the Corralejo coast, Fuerteventura, and lies along the northern area of the island. It consists of about 200 unforgettable metres of golden sand located a stone’s throw away from a series of facilities for welcoming tourists, including bars, restaurants and small shops.  Come to Corralejo Viejo to relax or soak up the sun, or for the small surfing school based here. From the sand there is a pathway that takes you to the harbour area, where you can catch a ferry to the neighbouring island of Lanzarote.

Come here with your partner or to enjoy a family holiday: the water is calm and so also ideal for children. The bathing establishments are well-organised to cater for tourists. The area offers public showers and toilets. Additionally, a specialised team is always on hand to offer a warm welcome and services to tourists with limited mobility, and wheelchair users. 

El Ancón beach

A wild, unspoilt beach where to get away from the rest of the world and fully enjoy the natural beauties of the ocean. Welcome to El Ancón, located on the northern coast of the island of Tenerife in the El Rincón protected area. This is the place to visit if you’re seeking a bit of peace and quiet and need to get away from the chaos of daily life.

El Ancón offers no bathing establishments: here there is nowhere to hire sun umbrellas or loungers. There are no showers or toilets and the coast is not patrolled by lifeguards.  It is therefore not suitable for small children and you should always be extra careful when going swimming here.  Watch out for strong currents. The locals recommend taking a trip to El Ancón at low tide, when the width of the beach can host a large number of people.

The area is a popular nudist beach due to the difficulty in accessing it. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the volcanic black sands of El Ancón, don’t forget to bring plenty of water and a packed lunch.  To get here you’ll have to make your way through the surrounding banana plantations, vines and rocks.

La Concha beach, in El Cotillo

If you’re here in La Concha, in El Cotillo of Fuerteventura, you’re the kind of tourist that loves white, fairytale sands in a picture postcard natural environment. Here the water is calm and inviting, crystal clear enough for you to be able to see the bottom with no problems.

La Concha is the ideal destination for all those who dream of a day full of sun and sea without giving up comfort.  Although it is not as crowded as the beach in Corralejo, La Concha boasts a series of bathing establishments where you can sip a coffee or have a delicious fish dish at lunchtime not far from the coast.

Come here with the whole family, including your children! The sea is warm and peaceful, the water is shallow and this means that everyone, even those who are not strong swimmers, can go for a dip without worrying about the ocean currents. In fact, the coast forms a unique horseshoe shape that protects the area from the powerful whims of the Atlantic. The swimming pools among the rocks (known as corralitos) also offer a perfect corner of paradise where you can enjoy a pool-style swim when the tide is low.

Admire the sunset on the beach and immerse yourself in the Spanish mood of the location for a truly unforgettable experience.

If you can’t find room at La Concha, remember that El Cotillo hosts some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura. If you feel like a hike, take your camera with you and prepare to be dazzled by the stunning views of the rocky cliffs. In some places you can even see the lighthouse, built back in 1897. 

Los Patos beach

A short distance from El Ancón, in the Orotava valley in El Rincon, there is a beautiful rocky beach known as Playa de los Patos or the Martinez Alonso beach. The area is separated from El Ancón by a rock that juts out, and it is easy to reach from there.

Slightly more secluded, Playa de Los Patos is a paradise for nudists as it is almost completely isolated from the rest of the beaches in El Rincon.  Come here if you’re looking for calmness, peace and tranquillity. The black volcanic sand offers a glimpse of amazing landscape, and a place where you can relax in the sun without worrying too much about the commercial tourism often found in other locations. 

Los Patos does not have any organised bathing establishments: here you won't be able to hire sun umbrellas or loungers. If you want to stay all day, bring a packed lunch. It is one of the wildest most uncontaminated beaches in the whole of Tenerife, so you won’t find any showers or toilets nearby. And the fact that there are no lifeguards makes swimming here slightly less safe. The ocean currents are powerful here so don’t jump in unless you are an expert swimmer. However, at low tide, a number of natural pools form in the area where you can take a dip in relative safety.

When you come here, remember to bring your camera: the steep cliffs offer glimpses of unrivalled landscapes that you will definitely want to share on your social media pages and remember for the rest of your life. If you don’t have any children in tow, come to Los Patos: the natural wonders here are worth every minute of your visit.

Inglés beach

You’re in Inglés Beach, one of the best-loved and busiest bathing locations in the whole of Europe. We’re talking about 3 kilometres of organised coastline, lapped by the waters of a sea that invites you to jump right in. Don’t expect a tiny claustrophobic beach: Playa del Inglés has room for everyone and is ready to welcome you with lots of surprises and opportunities for relaxing. It is linked to the Maspalomas beach and consists mainly of golden, soft sand from the Sahara desert. You’ll be surprised to know that scientists believe that Playa del Inglés was formed approximately 200 years ago, when the coast was struck by an enormous random wave.

The water here is basically calm and welcoming but when the sea becomes rough it’s a good idea to swim near one of the lifeguard stations.  In this way, your experience will be safer and more enjoyable for all the family.

Playa del Inglés, or the “Englishman’s beach”, gets its name from an English farmer who grew tomatoes in that very spot where a resort now stands, transporting them to the coast on camelback.

The area is equipped with bathing establishments where you can hire sun umbrellas and loungers. Restaurants, bars and little shops enhance the holiday atmosphere of the location and offer relaxation and local delicacies to tourists who want to enjoy a well-deserved break. There are also football fields and volleyball courts, where there is always someone busy organising the next game!

If you decide to bring your children with you, stay near the beginning of the beach. In fact, if you head closer to Maspalomas, you could come across groups of nudists. 

La Guirra

Welcome to Antigua, Caleta de Fuste, along the western coast of Fuerteventura. This dainty yet spectacular artificial beach with golden sand was designed especially for tourists seeking an oasis of relaxation, entertainment and comfort.  Equipped with large spaces, shady palm trees, bars and restaurants, La Guirra is the point of reference for all holidaymakers seeking a seaside oasis where to hire a sun umbrella and lounger and completely cut themselves off from the rest of the world.

Come here with all the family and enjoy a buzzing atmosphere, where the owners of the bathing establishments organise age-friendly activities for the young and the young at heart every day. The area provides showers, toilets and lifeguards. It’s the perfect place for teaching your child to swim, or sunbathing, just a stone’s throw away from a host of excellent fish restaurants. 

Antequera beach

Antequera beach is perhaps one of the wildest, most remote beaches on the whole island of Tenerife. Yet  to be invaded by mass tourism, this spectacular strip of coast land is composed of volcanic grey rocks and sand. The area can be reached by sea or via a slightly off-road route, but it is well worth every minute of your time.

Antequera is located in the rural park of Anaga and offers breathtaking natural landscapes that you must see at least once in your lifetime. The water is amazing and it invites everyone to jump in. The area is deserted and there are no organised bathing establishments: if you decide to come here, ensure you bring a packed lunch with you and plenty of water.

Santiago beach

Welcome to Playa Santiago de La Gomera, a small port with a beach located between the two magnificent slopes that outline the island of La Gomera. Here the tourism is not as commercial as in other areas of the Canary Isles, and you’ll often find yourself bumping into residents who want to escape the more crowded areas and enjoy a day on the beach. Here the atmosphere is decidedly Spanish and a surreal climate of tranquillity reigns supreme; children chase one another in the streets and old men play at cards along the village roads. The black beach, of volcanic sand, throws itself headlong into a wonderful deep blue sea. 

The area is well equipped, offering bars and large restaurants where you can eat and drink to restore your energy after a long day of sun and sea. Come here with your children: the waters are protected by the headlands and this means that even inexpert swimmers can take the plunge, without worrying too much about the ocean currents.  

Sotavento beach

The ultimate beach on the Canary Isles is undoubtedly  Playa de Sotavento, in the south east of the Fuerteventura coast. This beach is so beautiful and unique that every year it attracts thousands of tourists, and when you come here you instantly understand why. Indeed, the area transforms with the tides, turning into a splendid blue lagoon. When this natural pool fills up, the water warms up and swimming here is a truly fantastic experience.

Come here to take unforgettable photos and, most of all, if you want to take your children to a place sheltered from the strong ocean waves. Here you’ll find relaxation, rest and a myriad of natural wonder!

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