Dance and fun, wonderful nature and a truly warm population: this is Buzios, known as the Saint Tropez of Brazil. It stands about 180 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, and is one of the most beautiful and renowned tourist destinations, an area full of spectacular natural landscapes and breathtaking beaches. The story goes that in ancient times it was inhabited by European pirates and slave traders. It later became a picturesque fishing village, which was over the years has been celebrated as one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world. The town has become famous for its unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony and incredible beauty. Initially frequented by groups of surfers, who were attracted by the natural wonders of this land, Buzios became famous in the 1960s, when the international star Brigitte Bardot spent her holidays here. A promenade was even built in her honour: a pleasant coastal path, dotted with native vegetation, where visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the Armacao sea. There is also a life-size bronze statue of the actress, sculpted by the artist Christina Motta. Along the walk you can also see fishermen's villages and old houses full of history and everyday details.


Thanks to Brigitte Bardot the ancient fishing village thus turned into in a rich holiday area, where more and more structures, bars, restaurants, pousadas (farmhouses), hotels and clubs began to arise. Kissed by a warm and sunny climate all year round, Buzios is now one of the most popular destinations by Brazilians and foreign tourists, who flock to the shoreline in any period without seasonal distinctions. In the town you will find beaches for all tastes, from the elegant ones to the lively ones frequented by sportsmen. There are, however, also naturalistic and reserved beaches or those considered more romantic.


Let's take a look at the 11 beaches that you really shouldn’t miss.

  • Praia dos Ossos
  • Praia de Azeda
  • Praia de Azedinha
  • Praia Joao Fernandes
  • Praia Joao Fernandinho
  • Turtle Praia
  • Praia da Ferradura
  • Praia Brava
  • Praia do Forno
  • Praia do Foca
  • Praia do Forte

Praia dos Ossos

Colourful and crowded fishing boats, a tree-lined promenade with charming renovated fishing houses. An uninterrupted, characteristicwalkway. Praia dos Ossos looks a postcard, even if it is small and can be travelled through in minutes. On the left side is St. Ana's Church, with a beautiful view. It dates back to 1740 and was the first Catholic church built in Buzios. It is a simple building made with stones and mortar prepared with whale oil, which protects the image of Santa Ana (with Jesus Child), patron saint of the city. In addition to being a site of great historical importance, it is worth visiting if only for its surrounding environment, characterised by lush vegetation. From here you can enjoy a bucolic view of the beaches of Armacao and dos Ossos, famous for their colourful fishing boats. On the other side, we find the trail leading to the Azeda waterfront. Dos Ossos beach is a point of passage for tourists. Due to the large flow of boats, the beach is not a perfect place for swimming, but it is, instead, a crucial hub for those who want to take a maritime taxi and get to the other beaches in the area.


At Ossos Beach, you can choose several routes to reach Azeda, Azedinha, Joo Fernandes, Joao Fernandinho, Tartaruga and Manguinhos, in addition to the central pier, where the beach of Armacao is located. The origin of the name is a mystery full of charm and supposition. According to some, the reference to the bones is linked to whale remains that were left in the sun when Buzios was still a whale-hunting centre. Others go right back in history and name bones of the dead, mostly in reference to the nobles and warlords who fought and fell through the centuries to win power in the region.


Around dos Ossos beach, there is so much choice. The square and streets offer a good variety of amenities: ateliers, antique shops, restaurants where you can try traditional cuisine. The walk can be a good idea for anyone looking for an unusual Buzios souvenir. The area is great for those who want to stay close to the centre, without being in large crowds. 

Praia de Azeda

Azeda beach is renowned for its rustic setting and gorgeous scenery, which is reflected in every detail here. The environment, the tranquillity, the beauty that must only be admired and not even sought. The watchword is simplicity. To enter, there is a small wooden staircase. The easiest and quickest way to get to Azeda beach is to walk on the right side of Ossos beach as far as the hill which then descends and offers beautiful views. From here you can enjoy a unique, priceless view. Surrounded by rocky hills and immersed in a lush flora, the beach is located in an environmentally protected area: this has prevented the development of bars, restaurants and buildings in general. 

Praia de Azedinha

Azedinha Beach is located between Azeda beach and Joo Fernandes and is separated from these by a stone path. In just fifty metres the vegetation is rich, varied and full of colour. The real show is unveiled a little further on: fine sand, calm and clear water and a perfect climate. Under the trees you can relax in the shade, although it will be difficult to do so on weekends or in the high season, given the ever-present crowds. Azedinha is a suitable place for people who know how to enjoy their time and are patient. Returning from relaxation on the shore or a swim, a nice tradition in this place involves having a drink in the pretty boat-shaped bar which is open for guests. The bay, nestled between the rocks, combined with the crystal-clear waters, makes Azedinha a great location for snorkelling. At high tide, a natural pool forms on the rocks between Azeda and Azedinha, where you can often admire fish.

Praia Joao Fernandes

A calm sea, suspended atmosphere, lush vegetation, fine sand: Beauty is the connector for all the beaches in the area. In many ways Praia Joao Fernandes is a "cousin" of Azeda, although it is definitely bigger and there are more services and amenities for tourists. There are, in fact, several dining points and bars a short walk from the beach, which has a particular semi-circle shape. The water changes colour from green to blue, and is always calm, being free of currents. This is why families are often seen on trips here, even ones with very young children. The calm sea and the beautiful coastline make Joao Fernandes one of the main stops on boat trips available in the region.

From here you can also go to visit Isla Blanca. It's a great place for snorkelling and for fishing, particularly near rocky areas, or kayaking in the open seas. There is a chance to admire a wide variety of fish, plus starfish and even turtles. Joao Fernandes beach also boasts a diving school where you can qualify for your international certificate. Even more picturesque is the tourist centre that you'll find nearby, the Ville la Plage. In this village there are cosy inn and hotels to sleep in and great areas for relaxation, as well as numerous restaurants and clubs that will allow you to try out the local food.

The surrounding hills are easy to reach on trails. From the top of the hills you can enjoy the natural viewing platforms from where you have an unparalleled view of the sea.

Praia Joao Fernandinho

There are those who do not come to this little corner of paradise simply because they stop before they get to it, and that is a great shame. A few metres from the Joao Fernandes beach, we find Praia João Fernandinho. This is where the beauty of the region is even more intense and spills out without any filters. The beach is tiny, surrounded by woods and rocky cliffs.

The sea is extremely calm and inviting, whether it is for swimming, going on a sup board (like surfing standing up) or a schooner ride. Those who decide to go snorkelling might find themselves right in front of darting colourful fish and sea urchins. Praia Joao Fernandinho, located in the far north of the peninsula, deserves to be experienced with as much intensity and tranquillity as possible. The food is an experience not to be missed too: enjoy a moment's pause in small restaurants and beach kiosks. Order fried fish and sip a passion fruit caipirinha.

Praia da Tartaruga

The golden sand, the breaking waves in the background and the crystal clear waters create a heavenly environment. In the morning you can admire the fisherman's boatsthat diappear on the horizon, while in the afternoon you can relax without worrying. Tartaruga (Turtle in Portuguese) Beach, located to the north of the peninsula, is perhaps the most popular one with tourists, attracted by the presence of farmhouses, resorts, restaurants, excellent bars and clubs with Brazilian music and a wide range of drinks and snacks.

It's a relaxing beach, with a calm sea, warm waters and enough space to avoid being disturbed by others. Ideal, then, for those who love swimming and for children having fun. The water is rich in colours and marine life, making it an ideal place for snorkelling and for seeing tropical fish, sea turtles corals.

There are also some small pools that form among the rocks where the little ones can have fun. You should never leave before it gets dark: the sunset seen from this beach is unforgettable. Praia da Tartaruga was the place where sea turtles have nested in recent centuries. During the day, the nests, which are protected by local laws, are also kept safe thanks to some volunteers and people who visit this beach.

Praia da Ferradura

Praia da Ferradura is the most coveted place by the families of Buzios. Merit for this is the calm sea that dominates with its colours and the very low seabed. It is a long strip of sand with an equipped centre where you can rent umbrellas and deckchairs. The water is clean and transparent. It is wonderful to walk along the shore and play carefree with children. Praia de Ferradura is surrounded by greenery and you can also take walks amidst nature and get lost in lush vegetation. The fun is guaranteed by pedalos, kayaks and stand-up paddles (surfing while standing), in addition to the sailing schools that also rent out the necessary equipment. The right corner of the beach, without kiosks and tents, is quieter and is surrounded by seaside villas.


Now consider Praia de Ferradura and imagine it slightly smaller: the result will be Praia de Ferradurinha, named so as it is a miniature Ferradura. The scene is the same: crystal clear sea, unspoiled nature, fairytale scenery. A perfect beach for families, with every comfort and many bars. Ferradurinha Beach is a small strip of sand characterised by exceptional natural landscape. At the sides are two walls of rock, which enter partly into the sea, thus always making it very calm compared to the neighbouring areas. An ideal space for spend the day with children, or to use as a departure for kajaking and canoeing.


Continuing on, we find one of the popular Buzios beaches: Jericho. It is one of the most famous in the area as during the high season it is popular with celebrities who spend their holidays here. It is a large beach, almost two kilometres long and has a strip of white sand with good waves for surfing, kitesurfing, body surfing and other water sports.


Moving on past another cliff you will find another beach that is not to be missed, Tucuns. It is a strip more than 2 kilometres long where you can relax and sunbathe. Here you can try so many games and sports, like beach volleyball or tennis and soccer. A path starts above the beach that crosses the higher area of the hills, giving the visitor unique, spectacular views of the sea.

Praia Brava

Praia Brava is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Buzios, as well as being one of the most extensive and liveable on the coast. Not everyone loves it, as it has become rather chic, due to the many luxury resorts that have sprung up there. Despite the beautiful sea the water is always rough and the waves are very high. It is indeed the favourite destination for the most intrepid surfers. For all the others, beginners and those who have yet to learn the basics of the board, there is the possibility of booking private lessons. Naturist lovers can follow a path that starts right from Praia Brava, and leads up to the Praia Olho de Boi, a very famous reserved nudist beach in Buzios. 

Praia do Forno

A little treat, not yet discovered by everyone: Praia do Forno is perhaps one of the least frequented by foreign tourists, and is mainly frequented by Brazilians. The sea is always very calm, but the seabed descends rapidly, which is popular with snorkelers. The sand here is of a gorgeous soft pink colour: a perfect backdrop for spend a few hours in peace without the slightest confusion. The beach also attracts those who love diving. Here you can snorkel and spot many turtles. There is also a traditional oyster farm in this area.

Praia do Foca

Praia Foca is one of the most reserved and deserted beaches in Buzios. One of the area’s most enchanting jewels. It is a small strip of sand dotted with rocky boulders, on the shore and along the embankments, but is very characteristic. This formation makes it unique in the city, as it mixes the “violence” of the open sea with the calm of the water that enters the bay. When the tide is high, the rocks on the sand begin to form wonderful natural pools that are perfect for enjoying the sea in Buzios. In the late afternoon, when the water recedes, it is the best time for having fun. You have to watch out for the high tide and when diving into the areas closer to the beach; however, swimming away from this area can be a great opportunity for snorkelling and looking at the fish and corals in the area. There is a small bar, nestled between the stones, that makes barbecues and offers snacks and drinks to visitors who are located on the beach.    

Praia do Forte

The beach at Praia do Forte is one of the best known and busiest beaches in Cabo Frio, one of the oldest municipalities in Brazil. It is 7 kilometres long, and is striking due to its pale sand, the colours of its water and its natural scenery. The sea is calm, although there are no shortage of areas crossed by currents that attract surfers in the region. Praia do Forte is not the only beach in the area.

There is also Praia do Canto, a little gem that offers a bit of peace and quiet and is the starting point for sea taxis, boats and catamarans that carry passengers up to the other beaches. Speaking, instead, of more eventful beaches, there is Manguinhos, the most famous among water sports lovers, as it is almost always beaten by a strong wind that raises great waves for surfing and windsurfing.

Here you can also find beautiful pousadas and resorts but above all the best restaurants in Buzios, many of which offer great ocean views, perfect especially at sunset. Nearby we find the centre of the social life, Porto da Barra: This is where you will find the best-known clubs and where you can party until late at night.

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Buzios is small, but hides big surprises and many possibilities to have fun. Here you can go on excursions into the unspoiled Brazilian nature, play water sports, let yourself be lulled by the waves, but also entrance you with special tastes and traditions. The town is one of the Brazilian resorts preferred by young people, and this is why its nights are always very lively and festive. However, don't be afraid, there are programmes for all tastes and ages, from chic restaurants to live music venues, from nightclubs to beach parties until late night. A very popular and sparkling area is that of the Rua das Pedras, where Buzios' clubs, bars and restaurants are all concentrated, a tireless destination for tourists and Brazilians on holiday: this is the right place to find great venues with live music. But it is in the late afternoon when the street shows its liveliest face and turns into a place to take a walk. It becomes natural to admire the views and especially enjoy the night, whether with a delicious dinner, a good drink or an evening of music and chatter. All this without forgetting that it is one of the best places for watching sunsets over the peninsula.


Buzios is a diverse location: for those who need curiosities hiding in history, there is the curious church of Nossa Senhora Desatador de Nudos. It is the only one dedicated to the worship of this virgin, whose veneration originated in the early 18th century in Germany. Located in Geribe (just minutes from the centre), the church was inaugurated on 8 September 2001 and is considered a "small but huge work of art" as its interior decoration was made thanks to the collaboration of Brazilian artists. Now that you have clear ideas you just have to choose Brazil as your destination for an adventure that knows how to mix rest, contemplation of nature with a pinch of enthusiasm and social life.

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