Barcelona is a great Mediterranean city full of history, attractions and wonders. But it is first and foremost a seaside town where you can feel like you're on holiday, with the beaches that draw the urban landscape. The weather is beautiful. The unique atmosphere. Wonderful colours. There are so many beaches that you are spoilt for choice. 5 kilometres of golden sand beaches that follow on from each other. All within easy reach of the city centre on foot or by public transport. There is a platja for every need. The Barceloneta is the first beach that you think about when you think about this beautiful city. A special place to dive into by day and where to live the nightlife in the evening. But it's just the beginning!

The list is long and begins with Nova Icaria beach, much loved by families, Somorrostro beach, right at your fingertips, Bogatellbeach, ideal for joggers, Mar Bella beach, for the younger generation, Nova Mar Bella beach, loved by moms, Llevant beach, the smallest, Ocata, beach, which is very relaxing, all the way to the beach at Badalona, which is less crowded. Not forgetting the beaches just outside Barcelona, in quaint and evocative places: Garraf, Sitges, Calella, Lloret de Mar, Calella de Palafrugell, Cala Estreta. Costa Cruises takes you to get to know Barcelona even with its beachs that are so unique and special. Many itineraries at any time of the year, for you to experience all the beauty of the place and for you to fully grasp the essence of one of the most beautiful and beloved cities in the world.


Here's our guide to the 15 most beautiful beaches in and around Barcelona.

Barcelona: the most beautiful beaches

  • Barceloneta
  • Nova Icaria Beach
  • Somorrostro Beach
  • Bogatell Beach
  • Mar Bella Beach
  • Nova Mar Bella Beach
  • Llevant Beach
  • Ocata Beach
  • Badalona Beach
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Garraf
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Sitges
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Calella
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Lloret de Mar
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Calella de Palafrugell
  • Beaches outside Barcelona: Cala Estreta


La platja de la Barceloneta it is synonymous with the word beach in Barcelona, the widest, the busiest. Beautiful in every season. Barcelona boasts a Mediterranean climate, with pleasant temperatures all year round. There are those who bathe even in October! The beach of Barceloneta is located on the shore of one of the most characteristic districts, the ancient barrio of fishermen, which is part of the Ciutat Vella. Behind it, there are bars and clubs for a holiday atmosphere 365 days a year.


People jogging, people riding bikes, people skateboarding. A waterfront full of vitality with its restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea and staying open late. This area was profoundly transformed during the 1992 Olympics, by important architectural interventions with an eye to design, but the dimension of years gone by is still preserved in the orthogonal grid of the roads that flow from the interior to the marina, and that you will see on your Costa excursion.


On the beach there is the modern sculpture "Els Cubs" which represents the nostalgic homage by the artist Rebecca Horn to the shacks that constituted the panorama of this area of the city in the past, now totally reborn to new life.

Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria, located between the Olympic Port and Bogatell, is a very central beach that is easy to reach. It's one of the quietest beaches in Barcelona, so it's the ideal place for families who find all the safety and comfort they want here, along with a nice playground, but it's also the right place for groups of friends who can come together here and have fun even challenging themselves to ping pong or playing beach volleyball. By the way, beach volleyball is a much-loved sport in Barcelona, and from here on we enter one of the ideal areas to play it. Playa Nova Icaria is one of the busiest beaches in the city, from the beginning to the end of summer, but always a beach with a human dimension. And there's a Costa Cruises excursion that takes you right to Nova Icaria

Somorrostro Beach

The Platja del Somorrostro, located between Hospital del Mar and Calle de La Marina, is much loved by the Barcelona people and foreign tourists due to its proximity to the city. It was once part of the Barceloneta. It is also called playa de la Villa Olimpica because it is easily accessible from the Ciutadela-Olympic Villa tube stop.


Much loved by families and sailing enthusiasts, behind this beach stands the Centre esportiu municipal maritime, with its outdoor sports facilities, perfectly in theme with the Olympic world. For those who prefer fun, this stretch of waterfront is home to many trendy nightclubs and clubs. The city of Barcelona is a city that is very attentive to modernity and proves it with obvious symbols, many of which were created for the days of the Olympics. One of them, the Peix, the "Golden Fish" by the great American architect Frank O. Gehry, a big majestic and light sculpture in bronze steel that at sunset creates an extraordinary spectacle with its reflections of light.

Bogatell Beach

The Platja di Bogatell is ideal for those who go jogging, as here they can finish their run and take a nice swim or go back to running after enjoying the pleasures of the sea. You get there by running on a path that was created in the 90s , when the sea front of Barcelona underwent a major makeover that made the city more wonderful more than ever.


You can play beach volleyball and ping pong tables are also available. Bogatell is a quiet and safe beach, the perfect place to spend a beautiful day at the seaside in complete relaxation. Convenient to reach even by public transport, like all the beaches in the Catalan capital. Special attention has been paid to better accessibility by each category of bather.

Mar Bella Beach

The Platja di Mar Bella, located between Nova Mar Bella and Bogatell beach, was created for the 1992 Olympic Games. It is very popular with younger people. It boasts an audience of loyal residents in the district of Sant Marti. They enjoy the sea and drinks of chiringuitos. Probably the most gay-friendly in Barna, also frequented by nudists.


Close to the beach, near the breakwater located between Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella rises a play area reserved for children and there is also a volleyball court. On the promenade behind Mar Bella is the Skate Park, where you can admire the evolutions of reckless young people on scooters, bikes and of course on skateboards. Barcelona is full of ideas and things to do for everyone by the sea, even just as spectators. And there are always some Tapas nearby which is the perfect synthesis of the holiday idea.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Uncrowded and very equipped. The Platja di Nova Mar Bella, located between Mar Bella beach and Llevant, is another of the beaches created in Barcelona for the great Olympic event of 1992, thus offering new possibilities to experience the sea in the Catalan city.


Much frequented especially by mothers in the area who find a quiet place for themselves and for their children. The best guarantee for those who want to be at peace. A place to enjoy the sea, the sun and feel like children again, line when you enjoy a true holiday. The beach is also home to Biblo Playa, an intelligent and practical library service by the sea. There is no lack of imagination in Barcelona, it is a city of creativity even on the beaches.

Llevant Beach

La platja de Llevant is the northernmost beach in Barcelona, just after the beach of Nova Mar Bella. An hour’s walk from Barceloneta, but walking along the city promenade is a nice way to get to know it from the inside discovering at the same time the life and beauties of a big city along with its very special beaches.


This beach is also the smallest, less than 400 metres long, ideal for those who prefer to stay in a not too crowded place on holiday. It is a recommended beach for families and those who want to be blissfully alone. It's newer than the others, and maybe offers fewer attractions than the others, but it offers what matters: sun, sea and basic beach services. Including the classic Chiringuito. Not forgetting the original proposals, such as the climbing wall dedicated to the little ones.

Ocata Beach

A quiet place, a pristine environment. What more could you want, just half an hour's train ride from the centre of Barcelona? The beach of Ocata is the perfect place for those who want relax and have some peace. The sand is golden white and beautiful. The beach is beautiful and wide, so everyone can enjoy their privacy. And there are far fewer people compared to other beaches in the surrounding area. In short, the movida can wait. So it is well worth a visit. And if you want the classic beach comforts, there's no shortage of the characteristic chiringuitos or Restaurants where you can try some good fresh fish, which is part of the classic, inevitable things to do in Barcelona, a city that is unique in the world, and also by the sea you can see why.

Badalona Beach

Badalona is a seaside town with many topics of interest. Badalona offers three great beaches that, compared to those in neighbouring Barcelona, are much less crowded: El Gorg, a quiet beach in the centre of the city, and coming out of the centre, El Manresà, a beach that is not too busy, and lastly Platja del Centre, the busiest.


Badalona also boasts many attractions such as the Roman baths, a monastery and a Rambla, a tree-lined boulevard on the main street. The Pont del Petroli, the long wharf used in the past for the unloading of petroleum products from tankers has become a panoramic terrace, which is now a bit of a symbol of the town, perfect for a stroll and to admire a beautiful view by the sea.


Beaches outside Barcelona: Garraf

Playa del Garraf is a small cove, just under half an hour from Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia. A calm, quiet seaside village that stands out for its magical atmosphere and for the original touch of lending its characteristic cottages to the panorama. These are thirty-three wooden buildings coloured white and green that give the impression that time has stopped and that cannot be missed in the photograph album of an unforgettable holiday. A dream. Something that exists here and only here. And that's worth seeing live!


The name "Garraf" comes from its namesake mountain which is located behind the resort and which is home to an important nature reserve with countless varieties of flora and fauna typical of this part of the Mediterranean. The pleasure of being surrounded by the sea and all the beauty of nature.

Beaches outside Barcelona: Sitges

Sitges, also called "The Pearl of the Garraf" , is an elegant town about 40 kilometres from Barcelona. A historic holiday destination for the Barcelona inhabitants. It offers four kilometres of beach spread over various establishments, with an incredibly clean sea, considering that it is a city beach, a sea that has been awarded the blue flag many times. But Sitges knows how to win over its visitors for its architectural and historical features.


Sitges boasts a very well preserved old town, the Casc Antic, with a castle overlooking the sea. Sitges is therefore sea but also culture and art, with rich museums and several galleries, for a holiday that is good for the body but also for the mind.

Beaches outside Barcelona: Calella

Calella is probably one of the most beautiful resorts in the Maresme, the coastal part north of Barcelona, between Badalona and the Costa Brava. Long sandy beaches, clean waters and a quiet environment are all nice guarantees for anyone who wants to recharge.


Calella's most central beach is Platja Gran, comfortable, wide and spacious, located in front of the Passeig Manuel Puigvert, one of the city's landmarks. The Platja del Garbi, in front of the boulevard of the same name, offers many opportunities for recreation and sports and is perfect for families. A little further south, for those who want a quieter place there is Platja de les roques with its little beaches amongst rocks, pines and crystal clear waters.


Among the attractions of the place, you can't miss a trip to the Calella Lighthouse which from a height of 50 metres is the ideal vantage point over the beach, which is at its best at sunset.

Beaches outside Barcelona: Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is the best-known seaside resort on the Costa Brava, much loved by young people, especially for its number 1 beach Platja de Lloret, also known for the many possibilities of recreation. In and out of the water, from scuba diving to go-karting tracks. The nightlife is lively with lots of bars and discos, many of which stay open until the morning.


Leaving the centre you also discover quieter coves, Platja de Fenals and Cala Sa Boadella, which are distinguished by their white sand and crystal clear water. Lloret de Mar also boasts interesting monuments, such as the Castell d'en PlajaThe parish of Sant Roma built against Turkish pirates and the shrine of Sant Quirze. From the Santa Clotilde Gardens located at the top of the city you can admire a memorable panorama.


And for those who love it shopping, in St. Pere, there is the opportunity to satisfy your desires in elegant shops with storefronts full of prestigious signatures.

Beaches outside Barcelona: Calella de Palafrugell

The beach of Calella de Palafrugell, a town born as a fishing village, is a fascinating place to discover. Merit of transparent waters and typically Mediterranean white houses standing close to the beach.


The coast in this area is rocky and full of coves to explore. Here you can enjoy the holiday in the most perfect privacy. Calella de Palafrugell is also known for the fact that here each year gather fans of the habanera, a Cuban dance born in Spain, which is very popular in the area. The habanera is in fact a type of music originating from the fishermen who sought comfort in the taverns of the seaside villages and Palafrugell with its coves and its sea was an important place for this tradition.


The Jardi Botanic de Cap Roig is another beautiful place to visit, which lies around the palace built by a tsarist colonel, where a jazz music festival takes place every year.

Beaches outside Barcelona: Cala Estreta

Cala Estreta is one of the most famous resorts on the Catalan Costa Brava, a small stretch of coastline overlooking crystal clear waters. A wild landscape in the greenery and amongst the pines, with a rock in the centre that creates two crescent-shaped beaches.


A location that can be reached by a step path between the rocks: a feature that makes Cala Estreta the perfect resort for those who like to experience the beauty of holiday moments only for themselves, with the maximum of privacy, in a secluded place immersed in Mediterranean nature, which here is particularly rich both in and out of the water. The perfect place for snorkelling. All these peculiarities make it an environment very popular with naturists.


Living the beaches of Barcelona and its surroundings is an unmissable experience for those who want to get to know the Catalan capital more in depth, perhaps a bit like those who are local, getting in touch with the habits of its inhabitants and discovering the wonders of this city from the sea. Experiencing the sea of Barcelona: This is also possible with a Costa cruise.

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