There is an island in Indonesia that has continued to attract tourists since the 1970s. Thanks to its perfectly white beaches, its uncontaminated paradises, its natural beauty: it is Bali. If you are wondering what to see in Bali you should know that it is a place that will also surprise you for its history and attractions.

There are places where you can relax, where you swim and discover the wonders of the sea beds.  Come and discover with us the treasures you just can’t miss, the most popular beaches and perhaps the more secret and reserved ones.

Padang Padang Beach

The Bukit Peninsula will be your ticket to a world of wonders. You will be surrounded by a barren vegetation, much sparser than in other areas. Padang Padang is one of Bali’s most famous beaches for surfing, but it has other qualities too: golden sand and crystal-clear waters, and a sandy sea bed.

Pay attention to the currents, that may play tricks. You will have to climb steps and go past a temple to access the beach. You will also find stalls that sell all sorts of things, from fruit to local items, and handmade bracelets. In some case, you can also have a bite to eat  with freshly-caught seafood.

Keramas Beach

As the name says, we are on a beach in the village of Keramas, that is in the eastern part of the city of Denpasar. Particular characteristics? It is beautiful, starting with its unusual black sand. This area too has become a favourite of surfers, due to the strong wind and constant presence of waves. The best moment to go, as surfers well know, is during the rainy season.  There is no need to worry for those who don’t play sports. You will find the way and the space to rest and to enjoy the sun with your friends.

Jimbaran Beach

They say that a break from chaos is good for us every now and then. Many people need to leave lively Kuta, to come to this fishing village where time seems to have stood still. Here you can try the local delicacies at your own pace, you will meet the locals, enjoy the cafes and bars on the seafront which give off a unique play of lights.

The main attraction is Jimbaran Beach where you can be embraced by the waves and spend a relaxing day right up to sunset, when you will see the small fishing boats return.  At sunset, the beach often livens up with some music. Jimbaran is filled with attractions and is a convenient spot for visiting Bali.

Seminyak Beach

Here you will find  a place with plenty of amenities for tourists. Hotels, restaurants, bars: there is so much to choose from. You will find a village where you can spend some quiet moments. Seminyak Beach also offers all modern comforts, starting with the possibility of hiring sunbeds, deckchairs and kayaks. The beach, that is quite big, is also a place for long walks. Seminyak is ideal for surfers, given the strong currents and waves shaped by the wind.

Dreamland Beach

The name is a reference to the place, a real dreamland. This is what appears before you, in this jewel discovered by surfers, in the south of the Burkit peninsula. Close your eyes and imagine a stretch of white sand in a frame of limestone cliffs that touch the jagged coastline.

The beach has undergone some work, that transformed 400 hectares of land into two resorts. Visitors who come to this beach are extremely satisfied with the facilities in the vicinity. The area is much frequented, especially by younger people, as it is a zone full of bars and discotheques.

Bingin Beach

It is thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Reviews and comments from those who have visited are full of enthusiasm for a place where you will admire the coral reefs and where you can swim undisturbed, especially on the left hand side. Bingin's main characteristics is its capacity to maintain a wild and rustic soul in a tourist context, with bars, hotels and extremely popular clubs. You won’t find parasols and deckchairs, but it is not such a bad thing sitting on the rocks and watching the sea change colour from green to blue.

Uluwatu Beach

This area is filled with mysticism, beauty and magic. We have already spoken about the famous temple of Uluwatu, but the beach is truly unique. Perhaps because of the cliffs that drop straight into the sea, and where steps have been hewn leading down to the waves, even crossing through caves. Here the waves break on the rocks and narrow culverts. It is not, in fact, a place for families or children, but for enthusiastic, expert surfers. There are also some small beaches in the area where you can stop and rest.

You will find some great glimpses, set between the coves and you will be able to enjoy a wonderful view.  You can relax and enjoy what you see before you. Sometimes, you will see couples who decide to get married, making the most of this dreamlike landscape. For those who are tired of wandering around, there are some very simple kiosks where the food is excellent.

Green Bowl Beach

In the south of Bali you can go on trips that will take you into real contact with nature. Green Bowl is one of those beaches you will not forget. And not just because of the 300 steps to get to it, but more so because of what you will see afterwards. Get ready to enjoy a breathtaking beach with soft sand and crystal-clear water. If that is not enough, there is also a cave inhabited by bats.

Green Bowl is an isolated pearl, ideal for slowing down and relaxing in nature, enjoying the colours of the sea and the lights, perhaps also the sunset. You will never be completely alone, however. The area is inhabited by some fun monkeys, who might play tricks on you.

Canggu Beach

Canggu is an area that knows how to combine tourism with a dimension that is still liveable and not too crowded. This is an area that is growing and expanding, that is implementing its facilities and attractions for tourists. The beaches are becoming a must, and amidst the slight differences in colour and consistency of the sand, there are common elements that are a part of the beauty and peace of the landscapes.

With its clean sea that is mostly suited to surfing, and diving, one of the most popular beaches is Echo Beach: you can enjoy an afternoon on the dark sand with its relaxing atmosphere. You can’t miss the sunset here, and while you watch, why not take advantage of one of the kiosks in the area. You will find other beaches to visit on the coast, such as Berawa Beach, and Batu Bolong.    

Nusa dua Beach

We are in the eastern part of the Bukit peninsula. Nusa dua rhymes with elegance. This corner of Indonesia is especially for couples or for families. There are several luxury resorts in the area. Even the beaches are exciting. Imagine a long strip of sand, surrounded by trees and protected by the coral reef. The waters are crystal-clear, the waves are quiet and gentle, ideal for children.

Here, you can relax, walk or even try a few sports, such as volleyball. The main beach (Geger beach) is split into two parts, but there are no big differences.  You can easily rent deckchairs, parasols and sunbeds and take a break in the extremely popular restaurants, especially for brunch.

Sanur Beach

Here you can enjoy a coastline that has a number of beaches all with different names. Sanur is well known for being the oldest beach resort in Bali. The beach here is very big with long stretches that can be freely occupied, and others that are private and managed by hotels and resorts. There are several activities you can try: from cycling to kayaking.

There is one point in particular, Mertasari Beach, that is the favoured spot for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and the take off and landing point for paragliding. A piece of advice: enjoy the sunrise, on a clear morning, you will be able to see Mount Agung and even the outline of the island of Nusa Penida.

Serangan Beach

Serangan Island is a much sought-after destination: it boasts a lush nature in a fairly quiet context. The beaches are small jewels in white sand contrasting with the blue waters. It is a favourite with surfers, but you will also see people fishing or enjoying a bike ride along the paths close to the beach.

Here, you will also find some stalls that sell local produce. The island is a popular place with runners too, who make the most of the 17 kilometres of length to train along two paths. Another special feature of the place is that sea turtles come to nest here. And, there is also a specific centre that organises trips to inform visitors about species at risk. During the trips, some animals are released into the ocean. In another centre, there are some small white fin sharks.

Amed Beach

Amed is the name of a number of  fishing villages along a strip of coastline that continues for 10 kilometres. Jameluk is the largest centre where we find most shops, restaurants and windsurfing centres. The beach is small and narrow at the start, but towards the end of the village, it opens up into a bay with crystal-clear waters, black sand and water that is great for snorkelling.

You will find great diving sites in Amed, given the proximity with the Liberty shipwreck. The sea bed hides a colourful coral reef, a large number of coloured fish, and a constant, pleasant water temperature.

Lovina Beach

Lovina is also a number of different villages, as there is no real centre. We are west of the city of Singaraja, which was discovered several years ago, mostly due to the arrival of tourists “armed” with backpacks and a lot of willpower

The beaches here are all black sand, the waters are calm and they are more suited to swimming than surfing. The favourite activity here is the tours that go searching for dolphins and allow snorkelling. It is no coincidence that you will come across a column on the promenade with stone dolphins on the top of it. Nearby, there is also  the Menjangan Islands Marine Park.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is in the Bukit Peninsula. It is famous for being and ideal surfing destination. The area is characterised by perfect waves that attract sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Balangan is a destination that still maintains an authentic atmosphere and is a little wild. There are huts where you can stay and sleep, as well as several restaurants on stilts. During high tide, it is possible to have surfing lessons with local teachers.

Nyang Nyang Beach

This is an unspoilt, hidden beach that will give you strong emotions. To reach it, you must have a lot of breath and willpower to walk for about twenty minutes.  The landscape is enchanting along some lush vegetation and some glimpses that will take your breath away. Once you have reached your destination, the final result will be even better: imagine a cloak of golden sand and a sea coloured cobalt blue where you can just go for a swim. A place to appreciate if only for its sounds and fragrances. There are no bars or kiosks in the area.

Gunung Payung Beach

You will have the impression that you are almost some lucky survivors on this beautiful beach. Gunung Payung is near to Kuta. Here, you will be struck by the green hills that merge into the deep blue of the Ocean.  There are also some viewpoints from where you can look at this white-sand beach in its setting that gives such peace and beautiful colours. It is an area reserved for those who want to recharge their batteries in contact with nature.

Kelingking Beach

In Indonesia there is a beach, in the shape of a dinosaur. Kelingking will surprise you with its white sand and pretty cliffs, that when seen from above, give the impression of a  predator emerging from the depths of the sea. Therefore it is no surprise that it has also been nicknamed the “Tyrannosaurus Rex” view point. The beach is a part of the Island of Nusa Penida, which is uncontaminated and especially suited to those who want an adventurous holiday in contact with nature.

There aren’t many infrastructures. The area is famous for being an area where several bird species are protected, including the Java sparrow. There is another magical place to visit on the island, called Crystal Bay: here you can swim in the blue sea, with eels, turtles, moon fish or parrot fish.

Atuh Beach

This jewel appears at the westernmost point of Nusa Penida Island,  bordered by rocky formations. There are two ways to reach it on foot, by steps or by path. You will come across a wonderful sea, filled with all the hues of blue. A relaxing beach where you can sunbathe or just enjoy a day in the name of quiet rhythms.

Soka Beach

We are on the road to Gilmanuk, north west of Denpasar. In this small jewel of a place, where the lights fade and the riot of colours is simply beautiful, you will be surrounded by a magical setting. You will find your corner on this small, quiet volcanic beach. A moment of tranquillity amidst dark sand and lush vegetation. There are many hotels and restaurants in the area where you can have a short break trying the local delicacies. Soka is one of the beaches that has increased in popularity in recent years.

Kuta Beach

It is a festive, bubbling place, full of night life, entertainment and clubs. Welcome to Kuta. It is not a place for anyone searching for peace and quiet. Even the beach will be a surprise. First of all you will find surfing fans everywhere: a little because of the waves, and a little because of the number of schools that rent out equipment and offer lessons. In Kuta, nobody gets up before midday, so in the morning you can find a corner to relax in. The early afternoon sees the start of the preparations for the fun. You may find unexpected music and even a few small parties. The calm, shallow waters are ideal for children and families too, who watch and have fun.

The ideal decision is to stay until sunset, perhaps eating in the kiosks or having a massage. You may find a special handmade souvenir or find a flying snack from the sellers on the beach. As soon as night falls, the entire place is transformed. Cross the street to find international restaurants, with their meat, sushi, or street food, while the clubs offer cocktails and themed evenings. Kuta is the homeland of discotheques, where the night time always finishes the day after.

Legian Beach

Twelve kilometres of fun, with bars, restaurants, clubs and discotheques for all tastes: this is Legian Beach, a very popular place with the young people. It is a very popular beach among surfers, and well-known for the beauty of its sunsets. The beach has white sand and is not too crowded. It is on the west coast of Bali, north of Kuta. Those who don’t love surfing or sport, can just rest in the sunshine. There will even be opportunities to walk around on the paths and discover nature.

Pandawa Beach

This has always been known as the “secret beach”, right from the early 2000s, when it began to open up to more and more tourists. This stretch of coastline is near to the village of Kutuh. A majestic setting of large smooth stone rocks, that provide wonderful view of the ocean. To reach the beach, you must travel along winding paths in the middle of nature. The hard work will be worth it when you see the tropical postcard view. White sand, deep blue waters, ideal on days when there is little wind for a swim with a friend.

Karma Kandara Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, surrounded by one of the island's most elegant resorts. A real paradise where you can relax in crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush vegetation and soft sand.  If being lazy is not your style and you prefer to move around a little or try a water sport, there is no problem. You can try kayaking, windsurfing or snorkelling. There are hotels in the area with spas and all kinds of facilities.

A real tropical oasis where you can spoil yourself and enjoy a holiday in an ideal climate, perhaps sipping a cocktail or losing yourself in the sunset or in the sky that merges straight into the sea.

The magical beauty of Bali

Sun, sea and beauty Bali is this above all else. It is the right place for a totally relaxing holiday. Even if you change beach often, the result will be the same and you will be surprised just like the first time. Whether you go snorkelling or simply relax in the crystal-clear waters, whether you choose surfing or trips at sea, your holiday will always be framed in picture-perfect landscapes. If you need to take a trip into nature, you will be able to do so. There will be several paths to discover and several trips that will allow you to be the real protagonists. Start to dream about your perfect holiday

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