The first word that comes to mind when we think of the crystal clear waters and the white sand is probably "Bahamas". And it's no accident! Over two thousand islands and atolls to explore, a perfect tropical climate and heavenly scenery. The Bahamas embody the quintessential perfect holiday and no doubt about it, they are the exotic escape par excellence. Those who choose the Bahamas for their holidays have very clear ideas about what they are looking for from their well-deserved weeks of relaxation: the sound of the waves, the cool of palm trees and a sand so soft as to look like a cloud – of those lazy, sporadic ones that pass through a sky that, compared to the turquoise sea, also seems a little faded.

Every Bahamas island and beach has a unique attractiveness. Below, we show you some of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, in the hope that we can help you formulate an irresistible itinerary for your holidays in one of the most coveted Caribbean destinations in the world. So put on a costume and flip-flops and get ready for a daytrip!

Here are the 23 most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas that we're going to see together:

  • Grand Turk Island beaches
  • Balmoral Island beaches
  • Blue Lagon Island Beaches
  • Paradise Island beaches
  • Grand Bahama Beaches
  • Bajari Beach
  • Atlantis
  • Cable Beach
  • Beaches of the island of Eleuthera
  • Cove
  • Pink Sand Beach
  • Gold Rock
  • Saunders
  • Ten Bay
  • Fortune
  • Radio Beach
  • Pleasant Bay
  • Coco Plum
  • Tropic of Cancer Beach
  • Lucaya
  • Three Sisters
  • Bonefish Bay
  • Cabbage Beach

Grand Turk Island beaches

Of all the spectacular places you can visit during a holiday or during one of the many stops on a Caribbean cruise, Grand Turk is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago of Turks and Caicos, just a few miles from the Bahamas. This lovely island is surrounded by white sands and crystal clear waters, but there is more than just an expanse of beaches waiting for the knowledge-hungry tourist. The area is, in fact, a concentration of finds and fragments of the history of the islands – a jewel nestled in the endless sea. It is no coincidence, then, that Grand Turk is also one of the most important cruise ports in the area.

One of the most important things to do here is a trip to the beaches of Grand Turk, wonderful and full of beauty (and also tourists). Those who want to delve into the wonders of the archipelago must take a trip to Her Majesty's Prison, dating back to the 18th century: here you can observe the state of preservation of a prison of the time and it is understood how the guests were treated at the time they were. Even the Grand Turk Lighthouse is worth a visit: Built to guide British and American naval traffic, it offers a special view of the island and the sea that surrounds it. Another notable location is the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the only museum on the island located on Front Street in Cockburn Town. Here you can find the remains of the oldest shipwreck ever found and many other treasures not to be missed.

But back to you and your fairytale beaches: if you're tired of doing snorkelling, scuba diving, riding a horse and participate in all the small big activities on the island, it's time for a bit of relaxation at one of the island's eight main beaches. Those who don't want to stray too far from the cruise ship can stay at Cruise Centre Beach, where young and old can enjoy a well-equipped establishment and a simply lovely sea.

Those looking for a more exclusive beach can instead go to Governor's Beach, about a kilometre away from the docking site. Here the creamy clouds merge with the green of the palms and the crystal clear waters from which to admire the seabed. Not far from here there is also English Point, Oxford, a less frequented and somewhat rocky beach that offers an ideal spot for collecting shells and relaxing amidst nature. 

Balmoral Island beaches

In the heart of the commercial capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, the Balmoral Island beaches lie, a place of heavenly peace and beauty that will captivate you with its infinite beauty. Pearl-white sands and deep blue waters invite relaxation and attract thousands of tourists every year eager to have an experience that is one of the best in the world. This is where you have to come if you want to indulge in some time on a sunbed, doing water sports or beach volleyball, or you have always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and stingrays. The location is accessible by ferry from Nassau and, for those who don’t know, was one of the sets of the 1965 Beatles film "Help!".

The area is also equipped with services, pools, parasols, cabanas, aquarium tubs and a market full of small shops where you can buy food, souvenirs and kiosks to rent water sports equipment. In Balmoral, there is also a small tour for swimming with the island pigs – a fun 30-minute experience with these curious creatures. 

Blue Lagoon Island Beaches

This is one of the most beloved beaches in the Bahamas. Blue Lagoon Island, also known by the official name of Salt Cay, the "real Bahamas." In addition to being a very important part of the archipelago's history, Blue Lagoon is also one of the main natural attractions of the place, located a few kilometres from Nassau. In addition to the various accommodations, Salt Cay is the home of dolphins and sea lions.

Here's everything you could want from a location in the Bahamas: warm sun, turquoise water as far as the eye can see, a hidden lagoon and refreshing shade from hundreds of coconut palms. Colourful birds make you take your eyes off the beauty of coral and tropical fish, and there are so many details to photograph that you'll have to optimise space on the memory card.

In addition to excursions to meet dolphins, the island offers incredible opportunities for relaxation – based on parasols and dips in the water – and culture too. Here you can embark on a boat trip that reaches the historic port of Nassau, for a view of the city that is something that few manage to enjoy at least once in a lifetime. 

Paradise Island beaches

The beaches of Paradise Island (Nassau) are the perfect destination for all those who love the sun, sand and sea. The Paradise Island beaches are strips of paradise that extend as far as the eye can see and throw themselves into a turquoise water that looks like it comes from a photograph. With sun 300 days a year there is always time for a dip, regardless of the time of year when you decide to visit this unmissable location.

If you don't believe it, we can give you proof that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world: Hollywood thinks so too, as it has set films such as "The Pirates of the Caribbean", "Casino Royale" and "Thunderball" by James Bond and many other films in this location. Many of the locations you've always dreamed of visiting are a short walk from the accommodation. So no matter where you stay at Paradise Beach, it only takes a few minutes to reach unforgettable landscapes. Among the most beautiful beaches on Paradise Island we remember Paradise Beach, Cabbage Beach, Cove Beach and Arawak Beach.

In addition to relaxing under a parasol, tourists come here to be tempted by the local cuisine and restaurants run by some of the world's most famous chefs. It is a great point for diving and snorkelling too. Paradise Island is the perfect opportunity for swimming with dolphins and discovering their extraordinary habits. If you want to experience the thrill of adventure, spend an afternoon at Aquaventure Water Park, a water park with slides and attractions for the whole family. Those who love photography should stroll along the Marina Village and get to go shopping at the Bahamas Craft Centre and Cottage. I mean, there's something for all tastes!

Grand Bahama Beaches

One of the most popular and beloved islands in the Bahamas is certainly Grand Bahama, where the welcome of the bars and restaurants is mixed with luxury hotel facilities, soft pearly beaches, golf championships and many other attractions for all tastes and ages.

The island of Grand Bahama is surrounded by a spectacular white sandy beach and is a centre of nature and beauty that will leave you breathless. Here it was decided to preserve the natural beauty, the cultural varieties and all the magnificence of a corner of paradise. In Grand Bahama you can relax under the umbrella and enjoy the sun, take a kayak ride, paddleboard, observe dolphins or embark on one of the many eco-safaris by jeep or bike.

If you're reading this article, however, like us you must be a real diehard of the perfect beach. That's why Grand Bahama is the right place for you too! Those looking for the enchanted beach that plunges into the crystal sea must go here, where the coral reef protects the inland waters and makes them calm, perfect for a safe swim. There are usually two types of beaches on this island: those for activities, where the local organisation organises water skiing, snorkelling, windsurfing, diving, fishing, navigation each day and those that have entertainment and music activities.

These include Lucaya Beach, Xanadu Beach and Taino Beach. And then there are the more hidden and quiet beaches, where tourism is less rampant and you can enjoy a nap under a parasol and a dip in a sea without ripples. Take a leap to Gold Rock Beach (located in Lucaya National Park): When the tide is low, the sand that is uncovered resembles a beautiful welcome carpet ready to welcome tourists to the island. 

Bajari Beach

Those arriving in Grand Turk must stop by Bajari Beach, one of the most beautiful pristine and wild beaches in the Bahamas. Yes, we've said that about almost all the beaches mentioned so far, but how do you resist the sparkling crystal clear water that laps sand where sinking your bare feet is an endless pleasure? And how do you resist the lovely view of the reef just a few metres from the coast?

The area is accessible for those staying here or for those who decide to book a day in Grand Turk, paying an all-inclusive ticket with parasol, lounge chairs and meal included. The hot water is also perfect for children and the staff are always friendly and available to the public, ready to satisfy requests.

The use of rock shoes is highly recommended as the coral-filled seabed can hurt the bare foot. Bajari Beach is also the perfect location for safe snorkelling: several lifeguard stands make sure tourists can move around in the water without taking any risks. Here you can also participate in matches of beach volleyball or book your own kayaking excursion.


Eight kilometres of pristine beaches and a spectacular view of the Caribbean. Of all the lovely beaches on Paradise Island, Atlantis is probably one of the most beautiful and exciting. It's the perfect mix of comfort, affordable prices and incredible scenery: this is your go-to place in the Bahamas if you're looking for a holiday without too many thoughts, in total relaxation under the parasol, with beach walks and a tan guaranteed.

In short, there is just everything you need if you are looking for a magical moment to share with friends, family or a special person.

Cable Beach

Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and exciting beaches in the Bahamas, Cable Beach stretches over a coastline of breath-breaking beauty, on a sandy tongue surrounded by luxury resorts. In 2014, the Baha Mar property was renovated and transformed the area into a water park with golf courses and a casino. Cable Beach, on the other hand, is 5 kilometres from Nassau and is famous for its calm and clear waters, and of course the fine, white beach.

The vast majority of tourists come here to relax and enjoy a moment of peace and serenity away from everything and everyone. The sea is also suitable for children and is perfect for a swim in total relaxation, especially on week days. Several polite, friendly street vendors walk amongst othe guests to sell T-shirts, shell jewellery and many small items that can turn into the perfect souvenir.

Beaches of the island of Eleuthera

The island of Eleuthera is a magical place of sand, magic and crystal clear waters.
The term "Eleuthera" comes from Greek and refers to the concept of Freedom. It is an island that in the 1600s was the destination of English pilgrims who left an indelible mark on earth. On this island in the Bahamas, don't miss the Glass Windows Bridge, the spot where the Caribbean Sea meets the Indian Ocean and forms a simply unforgettable spectacle. The island of Eleuthera is about 2 kilometres wide and over 160 kilometres long, and has over 500 kilometres of coastlines full of beaches, coves, inlets and small bays that alternate with delightful villages.

The island's exploration route starts at Rock Sound, to the south, famous for the famous Ocean Hole, the lake that joins the ocean through an underwater tunnel. From here you continue to Bannerman Town and Tarpum Bay, then go up to Governor's Harbour – which is the most loved village – to Gregory Town.

The contrast between the deep blue of the Ocean and the turquoise of the Caribbean Sea is a characteristic image of Eleuthera, which would be worth visiting just for its glass bridge. The beaches, however, make this location a simply unforgettable destination. Imagine them with a soft pink colour colour that embellishes the already extraordinary landscapes. Those who choose to spend their holidays here do so to go to Lighthouse Beach, south of Eleuthera, a pink sandy strip of land embellished with a majestic lighthouse positioned on a cliff overlooking the sea. Don't miss Ten Bay Beach, perfect for barefoot walks, and Surfer's Beach, which by great imagination is the mecca of many surfers every year.

Eleuthera is also famous for its seabed. Hundreds of diving enthusiasts come here to admire the underwater beauty of the archipelago. Don't miss the deep Blue Holes (Tarpon Hole, Blow Hole, White Hole and Grouper Hole), a complex of caves full of wonderful corals, the perfect habitat for a multitude of fish. The island is perfect for following the countless sailing courses offered by the locals.

In Eleuthera you can only move around by cart and bicycle, which are the only means allowed on the island. This not only keeps the environment clean, but you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens with tropical flowers that grow in every green corner of the island.


Do you want to go swimming with sea turtles and take memorable photos of a Caribbean-style panorama? Come to the beach of Cove, in Grand Bahama. Transparent waters, white seabed, sunny sky and a marine fauna that leaves no room for doubt: you are officially in paradise.

Here the reef is so close that you can see it at any time, and there's nothing like a dip in the water with snorkelling gear for discovering a world definitely far from what we're so used to.

Pink Sand Beach

Have you ever seen a beach like this? We tell you: absolutely not, if you've never been to Pink Sand Beach, one of the Bahamas "in pink" havens. Come here with your partner, family or friends and leave them all speechless due to the pink shade that characterises the sand and landscape, typically Caribbean, with an extra touch of magic.

Pink Sand Beach is part of Harbour Island and is fully made up of fragments of pink quartz that make it a daydream. From Pink Sand Beach it's worth visiting the city of Danmour, where some of the island's main historic buildings are located.

Gold Rock

You have arrived in the Bahamas with your expensive camera and need the perfect location to take the best picture of your life. All right, it's true that one place is worth the other here, but there's a corner of this paradise where you just want to take one shot after the other. We're talking about Gold Rock, the pristine beach that stands in the heart of the Lucayan National Park.

Admission costs about 5 dollars, but it's worth every single penny paid: Gold Rock is 10 kilometres from Grand Bahama and is an easy place to get to but, at the same time, little-visited by tourists. Here you can spread out your towel and enjoy the Caribbean as if you were (almost) on a desert island.

Getting to Gold Rock takes a car and a little patience: the journey takes 45 minutes and a short walk through the mangroves, but it's worth every single minute of your time. From here you can take another walk and explore Ben's Cave, snorkel or just enjoy the view and the sun. If you're looking for an empty place to put up your parasol, this is the right location.

A short drive from Gold Rock you can visit some special attractions, including the Grand Bahama Labyrith, or the "Museum of Underwater Exploration" and fool the weather in the hottest hours of the day. There aren't many hotels near Gold Rock, and that makes it an even more exclusive place, perfect for an afternoon of photos without too many people in the frame!


Saunders Beach: soft sands like clouds, shady palm trees, crystal clear waters. This is the beach where tourists and locals meet and experience a unique seaside experience. Like all of Nassau's beaches, this tropical beauty offers warmth and unforgettable dips in the water all year round, so you can freely choose the time to get to the Bahamas.

The white sand is soft under your bare feet and the scent of the salt water fills your lungs leaving you galvanised. The protection of Coral Island, a short distance away, means that the waters around here are always calm and ideal for a dip, even for the little ones.

Saunders Beach lies a short distance from Nassau, east of Cable Beach, and is always amongst the first beaches in the Bahamas for public appreciation. Among the most popular activities at Saunders are walks and the interminable collection of shells. When lunch or dinner is approaching, just pick up your belongings and walk to one of the many bars or restaurants in the place to enjoy some good food and lots of entertainment. Whoever wants to, can take a taxi and reach the lively nightlife in a matter of minutes.

Just before sunset, Saunders is the perfect place to find tranquillity: there is no water sports equipment hire here, so that's all calm and peaceful. Who wouldn't want to watch the sun go down in the company of their partner in such a beautiful and isolated location? The place is also perfect for diving and snorkelling: here you can admire the turtles and incredible schools of fish that await the curious tourists – who are not too intrusive!

Ten Bay

Ten Bay is the perfect location for a picnic on the sand or a dip in the turquoise water of the Caribbean. Those who want to snorkel will find some perfect rocky stretches for the purpose and, above all, ideal for the sighting of tropical species.

Ten Bay beach is located in the middle of Eleuthera Island, 7 kilometres from North Palmentton Point. Those looking for quiet beaches and glimpses of unspoiled landscape must come here, where the distance from the city creates a truly enchanted atmosphere with few tourists around.

In the morning you can enjoy the refreshing shade of the casuarina trees, while during the day you can find a re-release in one of the bars installed in the area. If you're tired of sunbathing and diving into a dream sea, you can take a ride nearby and reach the Great Palmetto Point Tree, Bannerman Lighthouse or Tarpum Bay Castle.

About 3 kilometres from Savannah Sound you will find signs to access to the beach, which can also be reached by car. From here you get to the parking lot to reach the beach of Ten Bay


Fortune Beach takes its name from the wreck that sank a few kilometres from the coast, where items worth millions of dollars were found. It is a secluded beach with very few visitors that, has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, however.

Located a certain distance from Freeport, in Grand Bahama, it's a little harder to get to – but those who don't break down will discover a paradise they will fall in love with forever. The area is not currently equipped with bathrooms or amenities of any kind, so those who want to stay here for a full day should take with them refreshments and a packed lunch.

Radio Beach

On a small island between Bimini North and South we find Radio beach, a location dedicated to resorts, luxury villas and the good life. Located near Pigeon Cay, Radio Beach is perfect for those looking for a quiet, not-too-crowded spot just a short walk from the major attractions of the Bahamas.

Thanks to the vastness of the place, tourists will have no trouble laying out their towels and enjoying a beautiful beach without too much crowding. In addition to the lovely waters and sand the same consistency as clouds, there is a small bar-restaurant on site without tables. Many people buy their meal there and consume it directly under their parasol. The area has bathrooms.

For those who want to tour the Bimini Islands you can take advantage of attractions such as Resorts World Casino or Shark Mound, one of the most important historical spots in the place. 

Pleasant Bay

See Pleasant Bay and fall in love with life in the Bahamas. Located on the island of Andros, Pleasant Bay beach is also worth seeing by tourists who aren’t staying nearby. In addition to embodying the perfect essence of a Caribbean beach, this location is perfect for the tourist who does not want to spend his days in over-populated waters. Pleasant Bay is accessible from Pleasant Bay Road, and has ample parking. 

Coco Plum

Coco Plum, a beach that has become famous for the large presence of shells that can be found when the tide is low, can be found on the Great Exuma road. And after a morning of shell collecting, there is nothing better than enjoying the refreshing shade of palm trees lining this stretch of coastline with its magical sand. The water is calm and you can bathe in peace.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

The Tropic of Cancer Beach is one of the most beautiful of the Exumas, and a stretch of sand that has remained almost untouched despite the advent of mass tourism. Also known as Pelican beach, it is the coast for which most tourists come here: lovely beaches that can be accessed via rock steps, and a fairytale climate. Bring a packed lunch and equipment for diving, and don't forget to take a picture of the line of the Tropic of Cancer, clearly visible on the rocks.


A short distance from Lucaya, this spectacular beach is the perfect place for any kind of water sports and for a fun day together with the whole family. Very popular with tourists, it is here you come to learn to snorkel and to stroll in complete serenity in a magical place which, at the same time, is easily accessible. Lucaya is a short drive from Coral Beach, another beach to visit if you're in the Bahamas. 

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are the three sisters that dominate the coast: Three Magnificent Rocks that guard the beach and create one of the most romantic atmospheres of Great Exuma. The sand is white and soft, and you can enjoy the spectacle of an extraordinary location without the crowding of some of the more popular locations. Pass by here if you don't want to move too much but are still looking for a glimpse of paradise that few still know.

Bonefish Bay

Bonefish Bay takes its name from the overcrowded presence of the bonefish that inhabit it and have made it a perfect natural habitat. The long beach is perfect for accommodating a large number of tourists without creating an crowd. 

Cabbage Beach

Don't be fooled by the name Cabbage Beach, one of Paradise Island's most famous beaches. This tongue of white sand continues towards the horizon as far as the eye can see and offers space for all, without too much crowding. Despite being one of the most popular places on the island, the area is relatively free of amenities. There are no public bathrooms and you can't take advantage of the hotel bathrooms unless you buy a drink on site.

Those who do not plan to rent a car come here, to Cabbage Bay, as it is so easy to access and for the large number of activities provided by the organisation.

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