Any excuse is good for buying a ticket and making a long trip to Aruba, any time of the year. There is, however, an element of this extraordinary destination that always manages to bring everyone together: the beaches. The wonderful sand that plunges headlong into the turquoise sea is a paradise few people are able to resist, and especially the constant temperature never below 27-28 degrees C makes Aruba the ideal place for a stay in all seasons.

Aruba is universally recognised as the home of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and that's because in addition to the pearly sands, the mild breeze and the palms that cast their shadow over the endless sea, the location offers a perfect destination for anyone who loves diversity. Yes: there is a beach for all occasions and for all your bathing desires. Are you in Aruba on your honeymoon or are you looking for the perfect location to propose to your partner? This island offers a number of views of landscape that will make every moment of love unforgettable.

Travelling with family or friends? Aruba offers a number of beaches equipped with all comforts and all services required, for a stay not only comfortable, but also in the name of fun and entertainment.

Are you a sportsman? You're still in the right place. Aruba offers you courses and ideal locations for all kinds of water sports. Let's think about kitesurfing or windsurfing, but also diving and snorkelling at every level, whether to test yourself with a new adventure or take the next step on your training path.

In this guide, we will try to shed light on Aruba's most beautiful and beloved beaches, on this island in the Caribbean Sea that enchants thousands and thousands of tourists every year.

Here are the 21 most beautiful beaches you can admire in Aruba:

  • Baby Beach
  • Eagle Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Moomba
  • Arashi
  • Druif
  • Malmok
  • Manchebo
  • Surfside
  • Rodger's Beach
  • Dos Playa
  • Hadicurari (Fisherman's Huts)
  • Grapefield
  • Boca Catalina
  • Mangel Alto
  • Andicuri
  • Boca Grandi
  • Boca Prins
  • Wariruri
  • Conchi
  • Flamingo Beach

Baby Beach

Let's start from Baby Beach, a beach that – already from its name – lets you easily guess its destination. It is one of the best children’s beach areas in Aruba, and one of the 3 most beautiful beaches ever in the location. Its warm waters remain shallow for many metres from the coast and the beautiful crescent of sand offers tourists a beautiful view of the whole bay.

Watchwords: relaxation and privacy, as well as of course all you need for entertaining the little ones and enjoying a comfortable stay. Baby Beach is for underserved from the point of view of areas of interest and accommodation. As a result, those who arrive here should bring with them towels and a parasol, and possibly even a packed meal.

Eagle Beach

You don't go to Aruba without going to Eagle Beach, known for being one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Pearly-white beach, boundless, bright blue sea and sparse but shady vegetation. The atmosphere is completed by the classic Aruba breeze which makes the sun less strong and turns every day at the beach into a comfortable moment. Even if it is not as luxurious as Palm Beach, Eagle Beach offers plenty of family-friendly solutions and a few small luxury pearls to experience at least once in your life.

The protagonists of this beautiful beach are the Divi Divi, Aruba's most photographed and beloved trees. With their twisted structure, these beautiful plants are slightly curved towards the sea due to the strong trade winds that have tamed them during their growth. Eagle Beach is the perfect destination for a swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, a picnic in the shade and a beautiful sunny afternoon and relaxation. 

Palm Beach

Aruba's most touristy and beloved beach is Palm Beach, a long coastline of white sand, turquoise water and a hotel skyline for all tastes with their comforts, that stand just a short walk from the sea. In Palm Beach you never get bored, not only because of the great comings and goings of people, but also because this is the ideal centre to practice all kinds of sports or water sports. For example SUP Yoga, but also pedaloes, beach volleyball and much more. Palm Beach's 3 kilometres of coastline are also perfect for children, who can swim in the island's beautiful waters safely.

There are also plenty of boat trips from here for snorkelling activities, catamaran trips and explorations of the wrecks of old Aruba – dedicated to those who want to immerse themselves in the history of the place. Nightlife lovers will appreciate Palm Beach's many offerings, as it is the capital of fun from happy hour until the early hours of the morning. In short: if you want to spend the afternoon sunbathing and in the evening let loose on the dance floor, this is the Aruba for you!

Despite being one of the busiest places in Aruba, Palm Beach (like all other beaches on the island) has no beach facilities. This means that all beaches are free, and no one can stop you from leaving your towel where you see fit. Those who want to rent a parasol can do so at the cost of 35 dollars per day, or more for those who want to combine it with lounge chairs.

Palm Beach is Aruba's luxury destinationThis is where some of the most beautiful resorts are, with infinity pools, wellness areas, and casinos for a thrill of adventure. Those who are not interested in luxury can still consider other more "family-oriented" options, smaller and more welcoming hotels that still offer a level of service that lives up to expectations.


Moomba beach is the strip of coastline that stretches close to the Moomba Beach Restaurant in Aruba, on the south side of Palm Beach, between the Marriott Aruba Surf Club and the Holiday Inn Resort. Although the beach itself is public and offers free access, for access to all the facilities you need to get an admission bracelet.

With this pass you can use the swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and lounge chairs. Access is otherwise only allowed for those staying at one of the two aforementioned properties, and to do so you need to book a room. 


Of all the wonders of Aruba, the beach of Arashi is perhaps the ideal destination for the whole family who want to embark on an adventure based on snorkelling, swimming and – of course – endless sunshine. Particularly popular with locals, Arashi is famous for itsmild currents and abundant marine life which makes it perfect for looking below the surface.

Arashi is located north of Malmok Beach, just off the California Lighthouse, and offers beach huts, a bar and ample parking. New facilities have also provided access to showers, lounge chairs and occasional live music shows.

Arashi is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy the Aruba sun and relax on sand as soft as cotton, or enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the coast. The lack of surfers makes swimming activities safer.


Druif is a long, oval, ivory-coloured beach which is home to a number of cheaper resorts in the Eagle Beach area. A few metres from the Caribbean Sea of Aruba, Druif boasts a skyline of hotels and bathing facilities. Druif beach is just a few hundred metres from Oranjestad's busy life, but it is a quiet flap of land full of relaxation opportunities. Directly connected to Eagle Beach, Druif is a haven of white sand and calm, crystal clear waters ideal for sea walks and long days of sun and sunbathing.

You swim so well that it is almost a shame to indulge in one of the motorised activities offered by the location, however available and fully enjoyable. The most active can get involved in beach volleyball matches while others can just sunbathe and relax in the beauty of the scenery. Arrive early in the morning and, with a bit of luck, you will be able to spot some pelicans resting without a problem in the world on one of the poles on the water’s edge.


Aruba's fairy tale continues in Malmok, a rocky beach that plunges into the warm water of the Caribbean and forms a series of small bays where you can enjoy some privacy. Malmok Beach is a sandy area amongst these rocky coves where you can dive in to fully enjoy the stunning sea. The shallow waters also provide easy access for snorkelers, who arrive every day aboard catamarans or tourist ships, looking for a perfect spot to observe sea life

The coral formations and the ancient wrecks are also other important underwater attractions on site. Malmok also gives its name to the residential area that has arisen around it, and which is built around the road leading to the California Lighthouse. Malmok is a favourite stop for tourists in the hottest hours of the day, where you can enjoy not only water sports, but also a number of hiking paths for a daily workout.


A village of well-being, natural beauty, romantic views and endless luxury. Manchebo Beach is located in the paradise that is Eagle Beach and offers a Resort with Spa with more than 50 years of history behind it. Of all the resorts, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful and activity-rich in Aruba, where loyal visitors to the area arrive every year in search of the perfect wellness experience and meet new generations of beauty lovers.

The property offers luxury stays, 4 different restaurants for delicious and different dinners, a sushi bar, yoga and pilates classes, a spa and many other attractions. For those looking for a romantic getaway, Manchebo is the right place: the staff help lovers plan an unforgettable experience for proposals, anniversaries and honeymoons, with special packages for two that will leave you an eternal memory of such a magical place and – of course – a truly once-in-a-lifetime moment.


Be thrilled by the endless beauty of the calm waters of the Caribbean sea in a location like Surfside Beach, a favourite of Aruba residents. Relax under the refreshing shade of the Kwihi trees and enjoy the sunset while cruise ships and fishing boats cross the horizon.

Surfside beach is a long, narrow pearly flap of sand just perfect for stopping for a picnic or enjoying the calm of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can go canoeing and you can enrol in courses for all types of water sports. Surfside is also home to a wide variety of venues, bars and restaurants including Pincho, the Barefoot and Reflexions Beach Club. Surfside is located a short distance from the airport and, like all other beaches in Aruba, is free. Sunbed rental is allowed at the Beach Club, while children can enjoy an unforgettable day at the floating water park available on site.

Rodger's Beach

Those who come to Aruba have to stop by Rodger's Beach, California, a hidden gem that offers a soft beach and a calm sea, ideal for a swim at any hour of the day. Rodger's Beach is a narrow white sand tongue not too far from Baby Beach that still manages to retain the original spirit of the island and has not yet been completely conquered by mass tourism. This is where fishermen dock with their colourful boats in search of a calm and safe harbour.

During the week, Rodger's Beach is the perfect place to enjoy some tranquillity away from the more touristy beaches and enjoy reading a book in peace in the warm sun cooled by the breeze. On the weekend, however, the local population reigns supreme. Those who love peace and quiet will surely appreciate the mild and quiet atmosphere of this beautiful beach which still, in part, retains a wilderness far removed from the luxuberries of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.

Near Rodger's Beach you can go shopping or rent whatever you need to throw yourself headlong into snorkelling lessons on offer here. A minute's drive away, Baby Beach awaits the tourist who wants a change of perspective and a bit of movement. Rodger Beach takes its name from the British Captain Rodger, the first to open an oil refinery on the island, in San Nicolas: the "Aruba Lago Refinery" – in 1928.

This refinery, expertly run by the captain, was able to bring great benefits to the inhabitants of the island. The refinery is fully visible from Rodger beach.

Dos Playa

Wild and unspoiled nature in Dos Playa (the two beaches) of Aruba. These are beaches that arise close to two limestone caves excavated on the island. Visitors to Arikok National Park will be amazed by the beauty of Dos Playa, an area that is still untouched and surrounded by nature where you should not expect tourist facilities of any kind. The destination is perfect for small and large hikes and also offers the opportunity to admire the dunes of Boca Prins.

The area can be reached by car, even a small car, and has a hotel where you can have a drink or enjoy a snack. Dos Playa offers access to a beach with very strong currents and a disjointed seabed where bathing is not recommended for inexperience swimmers. The beaches are separated by a small coral formation on which the waves constantly crash, creating a magical atmosphere that will take your breath away. 

Hadicurari (Fisherman's Huts)

Soft, white beach and waves that, if you are a surfer, will make you fall in love with Aruba forever. Hadicurari, also called Fisherman's Huts, or The Huts, is the perfect location for its windsurfing schools and tasty dining areas. The location can be reached after a short drive on a dirt road, so it requires a suitable vehicle.

Those who come to this beach can decide to enjoy the sun and the sea or embark on the various activities offered by the local organisation, including fishing trips, transparent kayaking excursions and a thousand other sports of all kinds that will win over even the most timid traveller.

In this strip of rock located shortly after the Marriott Aruba Resort you can admire the colourful sails of windsurfers and the attempts of paddleboarders trying to tame the waters.

Here, the Aruba Hi-Winds, the most important windsurfing event in the Caribbean, takes place, in July at The Huts. The shallow, calm waters also allow less experienced swimmers access to the water and, why not, children as well. This is where Sarah-Quita Offringa, multi-champion of freestyle windsurfing, comes to train when she is not involved in internationally renowned competitions. Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet her?

Relaxation lovers should not, however, just simple disregard Hadicuraries: the sea is flat and crystal clear and a nice swim here can turn into one of the most unforgettable experiences of Aruba and its beaches.


Mostly empty, beautiful and almost magical: We are talking about Grapefield, little considered by tour operators and, at the same time, one of Aruba's most precious hidden gems. Grapefield is a beach of crushed corals that offers a sea of somewhat irreverent waves, ideal for experienced swimmers and not only for kitesurfers. Grapefield beach can be reached by car, which must be parked on the high ground near the bathing area.

Grapefield is a bit far from the typical sandy beach with coconuts and cabanas, and is perfect for those who want to do snorkelling with few people around. But only on days when the sea is calm! Due to the presence of strong ocean currents, it is also not recommended to bring children who want to swim to Grapefield. If you are planning a long walk, the view here is breathtaking and worth a walk.

Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina is the landmark for all tourists dreaming of crystal clear waters and snorkelling for all ages. The calm, turquoise waters of this beach are the ideal destination for those who don’t love crowds and want a quiet place to enjoy the sea wildlife, sun and breeze of Aruba. The sandy and white beach is accessible on foot, within walking distance of a large parking lot on the street that allows maximum comfort.

During weekdays, out of peak season, you might be lucky enough to have the beach of Boca Catalina all to yourself with just a few inhabitants of the island. The huts and parasols located on the beach offer shelter from the sun and create a Caribbean atmosphere which is, at the same time, intimate and beautiful.

This beach is perfect for tourists of all ages who want to try their hand at snorkelling in a very quiet location, where even beginners can experience the thrill of spotting the wonderful tropical fish inhabiting these waters. Boca Catalina beach is a 5-minute drive from Palm Beach, on the main road.

Mangel High

If you're in Aruba looking for a thrill of adventure you have to go to Mangel High, the perfect place to try your hand at snorkelling, kayaking and paddleboarding. This somewhat secluded beach offers its guests one of Aruba's most interesting marine wildlife vantage points. Low, transparent waters mingle with the dense tangle of mangroves, the perfect habitat for many marine species that can only be seen here.

Mangel Alto beach is also the perfect place for sunbathing in a natural and almost unspoiled environment. Here you go for the beautiful view and for privacy that the tangle of trees offer, and wait for the sunset (which unfortunately always comes too early!) in one of the beautiful picnic areas.

Divers must travel here, near the reef and dive for admire beautiful specimens of parrotfish, sponges, anemones and many more. Mangel Alto Beach is a 5-minute drive from Palm Beach on the main road.


Be surprised by the infinite beauty of Andicuri beach, an authentic paradise on earth where you can escape from the daily grind of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach without giving up your own slice of enchantment in full Aruba style. A few hundred metres from the Natural Bridge, we can find Andicuri beach, easily accessible in an off-road vehicle from the main island road. This is the ideal place for those who love a rebellious sea and bodyboarding in full style. Enthusiastic and experienced swimmers can dive into the waters of Andicuri, watching out for the strong and somewhat dangerous currents.

Those who arrive here have to continue a little along a dirt road and take a look at the Black Stone Beach, a wonderful beach overlaid with three beautiful natural arches of limestone rock. Andicuri is a perfect location for taking unforgettable photographs of a holiday that are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The wide, semi-deserted bay is enclosed in a stone and coral cliff.

The inhabitants of Aruba come to Andicuri for the beauty of the place and its relative tranquillity, facilitated by the complete absence of amenities for guests. Those who want to spend a day here, therefore, must bring their packed lunch. 

Boca Grandi

Those who arrive in Boca Grandi are overwhelmed by the somewhat wild beauty of the landscape and the hypnotic movement of the kitesurfer sails that populate the waters of this beach. The sustained winds offer a perfect challenge for the lovers of the sport, who gather on the beach of Boca Grandi to show off their skills and talent. More and more tourists choose to arrive here to admire the spectacle while the kitesurfers dance on the water.

Although entering the water to swim is highly discouraged – given the presence of the strong currents – many tourists love to come to Boca Grandi to stroll along the enchanted beach and collect shells, sticks and corals that the ocean has washed up on the shore. A small bar has also recently been installed that offers refreshments and iced drinks to patrons eager for some refreshment from the hot sun. Boca Grandi is one of the perfect locations for photography lovers: this is where you for take unforgettable images of the Sea of Caribbean.

Boca Prins

Wild nature, unspoiled beauty and white sand dunes. We have described many of them like this, but Boca Prins is a gem that can't be missed on a visit to Aruba. There is something magical about the rocks that welcome the waves and mingle with an enchanted landscape: you have to come here to believe it. Located in the northeast part of Arikok National Park in Aruba, this beach is a perfect glimpse into what the island was before the intense urbanisation and advent of mass tourism.

The white dunes are in great contrast to the rock formations that rise close to the water, and although the sea here may seem particularly inviting, swimming is strongly discouraged. Deep currents can mislead even the most experienced swimmers.

A series of wooden staircases give access to the beach and bay that takes the name from Prins, the ancient plantations that stood along the coast of Aruba. A small restaurant gives well-deserved refreshment to tourists who come here to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.


Pearly sands as far as the eye can see and magical dunes. A natural limestone bridge and a strip of beach that takes the name of Wariruri, Aruba's enchanted gem. Mother Nature has been generous with this island, and especially with Wariruri beach, where you can take pictures to make your work colleagues envious and enjoy an amazing day at the beach. Located in the north of Aruba, Wariruri attracts surfers, both locals and tourists, but also fishermen attracted by the generosity of the ocean. The location is accessible by car following a dirt road.


Conchi's natural pool is one of Aruba's most beautiful and special shows. Not everyone knows it exists, and this offers added value to the location. The volcanic rocky formation that embraces the beach, creates a small depression that fills with salt water forming a calm pool in a otherwise very rough sea. The beach of Conchi lies on a deserted strip of the coast, a corner of paradise surrounded by very high waves that barely touch it.

The area, located within the Arikok National Park is reachable after travelling along a rocky and bumpy road that gives the idea of having made a sensational discovery. It is advisable to reach the location by car, on horseback or – for the most adventurous – on foot. Those who do not want to walk the road alone, can take advantage of the numerous safaris organised by the island facilities. 

Flamingo Beach

If you go for Aruba you have to stop by Flamingo Beach, a name that heralds the spectacle that can only be admired here. The white beach (which plunges into a crystal sea) is in fact densely populated with palm trees, parasols and tourists, but also wonderful pink flamingos that saunter, contemptuously, amongst the sunbeds.

Unlike all the beaches of Aruba mentioned up to this time, however, this is not free, but is part of the Renaissance Hotel complex, on a small island not far from the coast. If you have decided not to stay here but still want to treat yourself to a wonderful stay amongst the flamingos, you can buy a daily pass that includes lunch, sunbed and transport to the location. 

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