Boundless, wonderful and heterogeneous: Argentina is not just a state, but a veritable concentration of wonders that will give you the impression that you have embarked on a tour of the world. The variety of this South American country manages to satisfy the tastes of the most diverse travellers and each location, and with its characteristics, landscapes and peculiarities, there is no adventure lover that comes back unsatisfied from a nature path like this.

There are thousand reasons to visit Argentina: whether you have decided to go as far as Patagonia, almost at the end of the world, where the earth gests confused with the ice of Antarctica, or go riding in the endless expanses of the Pampas, know that your only limit is your imagination. You can decide to embark on an unforgettable exploration of one of the most famous glaciers on the planet, the Perito Moreno, extraordinary not just for its beauty but for its size too.

You can take a picture in Iguazù, where the 275 waterfalls over 70 metres high overwhelm you with their moving beauty. Are you a city type? Take a tour of Buenos Aires and book a tango night in one of the many milongas that are dotted around the city: immerse yourself in the local culture like a true native and, we are sure, you won’t want to go home.

Before diving into the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, you'll also need to take a trip to Buenos Aires, a city where you can breathe the true Argentinian spirit and where you can dive into an ancient history full of emotions. Pass by Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada, have a look at the Colòn Theatre and immerse yourself in the colours and deafening music of the Feria de San Telmo, the weekly antiques market on the streets of the Barrio.

If you are an art lover, you also need to stop by the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, which are very close together in Plaza Dorrengo. They can be visited in just a few hours and leave you with a sense of deep belonging to the local culture that you can complete with a visit to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Malba Museum (of 20th century Latin American Art). For the more adventurous, we also recommend a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery, one of the most beautiful and exciting in the world. Here, all the prominent figures of Argentine history, including Maria Eva Duarte de Man, rest in peace.

Last but not least: if you are looking for the sea, you are still in the right place. The coasts of Argentina stretch for more than 4,700 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean and, during the hottest season – from November to March – these beautiful beaches are filled with life and tourists from every corner of the world, who come to enjoy one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. There are many attractions and facilities, so there really is something for all tastes: from equipped beach establishments to unspoiled nature. In this guide we have decided to compile an extensive and accurate list of what you have to see in Argentina and the 20 best beaches in the place, so we can help you choose the ones that will suit you during your wonderful Argentinian stay based on sun, sea and dips in the ocean.

In this way, you can discover the 20 most beautiful beaches in Argentina:

  • El Doradillo
  • Mar del Plata
  • Las Grutas
  • Pinamar
  • Carilò
  • Villa Gesell
  • Mar de las Pampas
  • Claromecò
  • Monte Hermoso
  • Necochea
  • Valeria del Mar
  • Orense
  • Mar Azul
  • Playa de Toro
  • Varese
  • Las Toninas
  • Playa Brava
  • Cotanera Sur
  • Costanera Norte
  • Mar de Ajò

El Doradillo

You can't say the word Argentina without someone mentioning the beach at El Doradillo. This wonderful glimpse of the coast is located 17 kilometres from the city of Puerto Madryn. This is where curious tourists flock to the water to carefully survey the horizon in search of the southern right whale.

From July to December, this place becomes one of the breeding habitats of this extraordinary mammal, facilitating sighting of specimens directly from the coastline. If you really want to get closer, you can book one of the amazing boat tours and take unforgettable photographs as the big whales pirouette around you, lifting their gorgeous tails or blowing between courtships.

This is the ideal location for beach-loving tourists and, above all, the beauties of nature. Whales give birth to their young in this place and teach them to perform their acrobatics in the water, creating a simply unforgettable spectacle. If you want to learn more about the wonders of this boundless gravel and sand coastline, head to the Madryn Ecocentre, a three-story maritime museum located near the ocean.

Here there is not only a rooftop terrace from which you can enjoy privileged views of the coast, but also an area equipped with a library, art exhibitions, an aquarium of sea creatures and a room where you can feel like you are underwater, amongst the whales, listening to the sounds they emit as they swim. Just outside Punta Loma you can book a snorkelling course and immerse yourself in the beauty of a pristine ocean, where you can swim with sea lions. You'll discover that these are curious and playful creatures that let themselves be approached and will interact playfully.

Near Punta Norte, near el Doradillo beach, you can instead immerse yourself in the beauty of a rocky beach dotted with many small penguins waiting to be admired from a distance, in the heart of the Punta Tombo reserve. Magellanic penguins populate the coasts from September to April and gather here to mate and give birth to their young. While they are not particularly frightened by the presence of human beings, it is right to leave them the space they deserve and the tranquillity they have come to seek.

Beaches near Puerto Madryn are also a great location for enjoying the sun and the sea peacefully. The area is well equipped for bathing and frequent events make the location an ideal destination not just for relaxing holidays but for ones full of entertainment too. There are many areas where, thanks to the favourable wind, you can take part in kitesurfing or windsurfing lessons. If you want peace and quiet, also stop at Parana beach and relax in a much less touristy climate. 

Mar del Plata

After Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata is probably the most visited city in Argentina, and it is certainly no accident. Moreover, it is also the most sought-after seaside destination in the country. The locals affectionately call it "Mardel", and this sun-filled city is dotted with restaurants that offer fresh seafood at all hours, local craft markets, nightlife and – unmissable – many wonderful sightings of sea lions who sleep lazily in the quieter areas of the coast. It's also a great idea to pop into the museums, local shops and enjoy the nightlife of theatres, casinos, aquariums and wonderful parks.

The best time to visit Mar del Plata is certainly between December and March, when the beaches are filled with sun- and sea-loving tourists. There are many free access points to the coasts, but you have to arrive early so you can get the best areas. And if you want some privacy you can also rent a tent to pitch just a few metres from the water. If you prefer resort comfort, you'll find everything you like: some beach clubs offer infinity pools and luxury amenities to make the most of the holiday. Take a trip to the beaches in Varese and Iglesia for a full immersion experience into the local culture. If you like wide beaches, you should spend at least one day at the Grande beach, where the facilities also offer surf courses for beginners and experts.

If you are not made for beaches full of people, go south of Mar del Plata, near to Punta Mogotes (near the lighthouse), or to Serena beach, where the peace and quiet will drag you into a paradise on earth. Those who want to have a natural type of holiday can go to Escondida, the nudist beach about 25 kilometres from the centre.

If Mardel is a perfect destination for its beaches, you need to find some time to take a look at the hidden beauties in the city: take time to visit the Tanque Tower, the Cultural Centre Villa Victoria Ocampo, the Aquarium, the water park and – for the connoisseurs – the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Las Grutas

Elected by some magazines and industry categories as Argentina's best beach, Las Grutas is a beautiful coastline in the province of Rio Negro, in the department of San Antonio. Here the enchanted beaches blend with a clear sky and a wonderful sea, amongst the hottest on this country’s coast with its 27 degrees C.

The cliffs mitigate the winds and create perfect rest areas for sunbathing and immersing yourself in nature without any problems whatsoever. Its name comes from the presence of rock caves close to a beautiful sandy beach. And if you've never been there you have to go at least once: in addition to being one of the most beautiful areas, in fact, it is also one of the relatively most unknown destinations of Argentina, still not affected by mass tourism.

Las Grutas is not a particularly large town, but it offers everything for the tourist eager to discover something about the local traditions. Check out the local bars and enjoy tasting the day’s fresh catch, including "pulpitos", the small meatballs that are one of the typical dishes of the place.


Pinamar is a coastal city in the Buenos Aires province about 400 kilometres from the capital. Its main attractions are the characteristic architecture of buildings and, of course, the pristine ocean that you can enjoy in the various bathing facilities. Beautiful for summer visits based on sea and sun, the city offers a breathtaking sight even in winter, when there are fewer tourists and you can fully enjoy some of the attractions.

Pinamar stands out from all other Argentine cities by way of its rigid urban code: it has been transformed from an expanse of dunes to a lush pine forest – and that's where its name comes from. The city plan was developed by the architect Jorge Bunge and maintained over the years, with an eye for pine trees and for lush parks and gardens.

In addition to the amazing sandy beaches particularly sought after by tourists, to the north of Pinamar there is also a sandy area particularly appreciated by those who practice extreme sports. Other attractions in the city include the church of Nuestra Senora de la Paz


In the heart of an artificial forest Carilò, a spectacular town near Pinamar that never ceases to amaze for its enchanting beauty – and of course for the wide layout of wonderful beaches. For years, access to the village was tightly controlled by the government, but now everyone can access Carilò and enjoy its still somewhat wild beauty.

Here you can not only enjoy exotic beaches that are somewhat reminiscent of those of the islands of Central America, but you can also enjoy a luxurious stay. Among the main activities in the area we can certainly remember quad biking, and despite the intense urbanisation work the sand dunes are still beautiful and full of opportunities for relaxation.

Villa Gesell

Of the best beaches in Argentina, we must mention the ones in Villa Gesell, a tourist paradise that, thanks to the great reforestation work by Carlos Gesell, has turned into a green lung full of natural wonders. The land of sand dunes has turned into a vast expanse of pines and eucalyptus trees that frame the vision of Gesell City.

The icing on the cake, of course, are the beaches, which every year host thousands and thousands of tourists who flock to the high-quality accommodation to swim in the water, play beach volleyball, go jet skiing or windsurfing and many other activities. Those who come to Villa Gesell must stop by the house of Carlos Gesell, founder of the city and great naturalist. His house, surrounded by nature, is still intact and visited by tourists, who can admire photos of his public and private life. 

Mar de las Pampas

There is little to say, in Mar de las Pampas you fall in love with the beauty of a pristine ocean, a lovely beach and sandy hills that create an almost hypnotic effect. Every day, many people flock to Soleado, the only beach with a bar in Mar de las Pampas, on Virazòn Street. You arrive here in the morning, several minutes before dawn, and you can watch in silence the first miracle of a day that promises to be unforgettable.

As time progresses, Soleada fills up with tourists and families eager to explore the beauties of the place and have fun with traditional beach activities. The location is also perfect for the children, who will love to build complex sand castles by the sea.


Wide empty beaches, ideal for the whole family and perfect for immersing yourself in the beauty of a boundless ocean while the sand caresses your feet. Here nature has been lost in eternity and time seems to have stood still in a perfect union of peace and harmony. Claromecò is the ideal destination for those who don't like crowds and over-populated beaches. 

Monte Hermoso

In the south of the province of Buenos Aires, Monte Hermoso is a small town east of Bahìa Blanca and offers its patrons a magical world made of colourful umbrellas, fantastic sea and endless stretches of beach. The area is famous for the ideal accommodation facilities for the whole family and – undoubtedly – for its infinite 32 kilometres of beach. It is the only seaside location in Argentina where you can admire both sunrise and sunset, and its waters are ideal for swimmers of all ages not only due to their calm nature, but also for the warm currents that make it even more comfortable. 


Let yourself be enchanted by the barren expanse of Necochea, the seaside resort in the south of Pampas where most tourists arrive on a pilgrimage to enjoy an alternative experience from all the others. Here visitors are teeming for the serenity and beauty of the location, where the crowd is often much bigger than you would expect.

Yet the surreal atmosphere of beauty that you feel here has nothing to do with that of the super-busy beaches, and the experience turns out to be so interesting that it leaves you breathless. In addition to countless accommodations ready to welcome visitors, you can enjoy shows on the coast and entertainment every hour of the day. Even hotels here are no joke, with luxury options at very affordable prices.

Valeria del Mar

Valeria del Mar is one of the most coveted locations amongst families who choose Argentina with its beaches and seaside resorts. Located between Ostende (to the north) and Carilò, (to the south), Valeria del Mar is a magical and beautiful place. Its name comes from Valeria Guerrero, the original owner of these lands.

The city is an ideal destination all year round, but in summer it is full of people attracted by the beauty of the ocean. Valeria offers a mild and forest-rich beach that hides a rather commercial heart of bars, cottages and restaurants ideal for the visitor who needs lots of facilities and services. Despite its considerable growth in recent years, Valeria still preserves its traditional charm of a somewhat unknown destination, and it is worth exploring.


In the district of Tres Arroyos, southeast of Buenos Aires, is the small village of Orense. This young village surrounded by unspoiled nature has in recent years become a popular destination for tourists who want to stay away from the crowds and seek pure relaxation.

In addition to its extraordinary natural attractions, people go to Orense for water sports, fishing, horseback riding or taking long walks immersed in a timeless atmosphere. Among the locations not to be missed are the Julian Falls and the Cristiano Muerto river – to be visited strictly by car due to the high dunes that surround it. 

Mar Azul

350 kilometres from Buenos Aires, we find Mar Azul, where a simply amazing seaside resort has been set up. Reforestation has made Mar Azul a lovely pearl in the heart of the Argentine coast. The waters here are warm and range from 17 to 27 degrees C in summer, and reach as much as 30 degrees in the warmer seasons. For years, this was the only place in Villa Gesell where you could bathe, but now the area is a lovely location to bathe and enjoy nature all year round. The main show is the ocean, which offers tourists a paradise of diving.

Playa de Toro

A beautiful Patagonia beach where the ocean gets to touch the forest in a wonderful sight. Those who can enjoy a boat ride should not hesitate: this is the perfect location for an unforgettable stay by the ocean. The natural and unspoiled beauty of the place will win a place of honour in a traveller’s heart.


Located near Mar del Plata, Varese beach is probably one of Argentina's most popular and popular beaches by way of the beauty of its water (crystal clear and perfect), and the hospitality facilities close by. Perfect even for the children, it is the ideal destination for the tourist who wants to enjoy the beauty of the place and at the same time absolute comfort.

Las Toninas

Las Toninas is a small town of La Costa Partido, in the province of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1960, Las Toninas is immersed in the tamarix plant, a plant that is used to create immense natural mazes as tourist attractions. In addition to the beautiful, uncontaminated sandy beach that stretches for many kilometres, we recommend that you take a trip to the Parque Acuatico Poseidon, a facility equipped with slides and pools perfect for fun and relaxation for both young and old. 

Playa Brava

The Playa Brava is a paradise for surfers thanks to the extraordinary waves that meet the shore here every day. This "fierce beach" is home to "La Mano", a work of art by Mario Irarràzabal, one of the most important attractions of the location located in Punta del Este. The work symbolises the hand of a swimmer who is about to drown and serves as a warning to the dangerous nature of the waters. 

Costanera Sur

Just a few minutes from Buenos Aires, there is an oasis of trees, lagoons and verdant wonders which are home to a myriad of animal species and birds. The Costanera Sur ecological reserve stretches for 360 hectares between Rio de la Plata, the world's widest river, and Puerto Madero. The area identifies the original beauty of Argentina and retains a glimpse of what the country once was. The trails through this beautiful reserve offer a very interesting view of the unspoiled nature.

In the early part of the twentieth century, Costanera Sur was quite different from how we can admire it today: at the time, in fact, it was the ideal location for bathing. In 1950 unfortunately the water quality deteriorated, and slowly tourist activities moved elsewhere, leaving the area in a state of abandonment.

A few years later, around 1984, nature had already taken control of the area, turning it into a spectacular garden of Eden. With the lower temperatures and the extraordinary beauty of the wild greenery, the area began to be frequented by joggers, bird watching and yoga practitioners. Now, the area has been completely redeveloped as a park and is one of the coolest and most exciting locations in Buenos Aires.

Costanera Norte

Costanera Norte is the coast north of Buenos Aires running along the Rio de la Plata, one of the widest rivers in the world. In this strip of coast line from Ciudad Universitaria to Palermo you can not only relax on the beach, but also venture out to discover fantastic small shops, bars and exclusive clubs.

Featuring clean air and the green areas around it, Costanera Norte is the perfect place to enjoy the vegetation and walk in maximum reflection and relaxation. The area, open to tourists, is also home to Parque de los Ninos, a great place for letting kids roam free in a park full of spectacular attractions. The location is also ideal for sport: here you can skate, bike, swim and there are some areas dedicated to fishing. 

Mar de Ajò

Among the most beautiful towns on the Costa Argentina, we can't forget Mar de Ajò, suitable for the family and ideal for a holiday of pure relaxation. Featuring numerous campsites and well-equipped beaches, Mar de Ajò offers tourists a large museum and access to historical archives for a look into the local culture. There you can take a look at the selection of vessels that arrived in the port and a rich selection of historical photos of this pearl of the sea. 

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