Corsica is known as a mountain on the seas. It is not easy to follow its never-ending coastlines and choose a beach. You risk becoming drunk on its bays and coves, long dunes, and uncontaminated places. The capital is a treasure where you can go crazy amidst the monuments and natural beauties: if you don’t believe it, take a few looks to find out here what to see in Ajaccio.

Do you prefer soft sand or rocks with spectacular settings? Are you used to busy beaches or do you like to look for the rarer beauties? Don’t worry, in Ajaccio you will find the right one for you. What’s important is that you want to rest and you are ready to appreciate natural beauty. We have chosen the beaches that have struck us more with their beauty and will make your holiday personal and unmissable.

St-François Beach

This is the certainty of Ajaccio, that if you choose it, you will be sure and not make a mistake. It is the city beach, easy to reach, set between the bastions and the fortress. An abundance of sand, space for everyone, and on sunny days it is a sight to behold. The water is crystal-clear, the sea bed falls away gently, especially to the east, which is quieter.

It is not especially busy, not even in the summer. It has no bathing establishments and is ideal for anyone wanting to get away from the noisy city and free themselves of everyday stress. It is ideal if you want to be idle, but also if you want to go off and explore or if you want to try a little sport with friends.

Minaccia Beach / Capo di Feno Beach

The most common word to describe it in recent reviews and comments is “fantastic”. A wild, unspoilt place, where sand, sea and nature will be the ingredients for a perfect cocktail on any occasion.  This beach, in the Minaccia cove, will take your breath away and will encourage you to fully relax. It continues for over a kilometre and is one of the ideal, and most sought-after destinations for surfers, due to its waves and deep waters. The sea includes all the possible hues of blue and merges with the green cliffs. There are also several kiosks in the area for snacks and breaks.

Sevani Beach / St-Antoine Beach

We are still close to the Sanguinarie Islands, near to Minaccia Cove. Here, you will find another pretty beach, set in a fairytale frame, continuing for about 300 metres.  There are plenty of restaurants and hotels. The sea is often rough and crossed by strong currents. That is why the beach is supervised in the tourist season and we recommend you pay attention while swimming. It is particularly loved by surfers.

La Terre Sacré Beach

Even if just for the backdrop of the Sanguinarie Islands and the Parata Tower it is worthy of the prize of one of the best beaches in Corsica. Terre Sacrè beach is one of those that could be called picture-perfect: thank to its crystal-clear waters, soft sand and pink granite rocks, and lush vegetation. It is possible to alternate walks amidst the rocks and cooling dips in the water, with relaxing moments under a parasol that can be hired here. The beach is easy to reach from the centre of Ajaccio, either by car or by public transport.

Ariadne Beach

This is one of the most crowded beaches in summer, thanks to its turquoise sea, soft sand, and the activities it offers, including renting jet skis. The beach allows relaxing walks and it is ideal for a moment to share with friends. Nearby there are several restaurants and bars. There are, of course, all facilities, hotels and all types of tourist accommodation. In this case too, the area is well-connected to the centre of Ajaccio and is well served by public transport.

Barbicaja/Barbicaggia Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches in Corsica, on the Sanguinarie road. This beach has fine, white sand, crystal-clear water and rocks jutting out from the landscape. It is one of the most frequented beaches in summer,  which is also thanks to a special feature. To the right, there are two private beaches and a restaurant. The left side maintains its wilder atmosphere and has sandy areas, separated by rocks. Here, you can enjoy glimpses of the panorama, with some little coves.

Trottel Beach

A small sandy cove, just over 350 metres long in a residential area: this is Trottel beach. A little pearl, ideal for relaxation, perhaps during the week. The beach, almost at street level, was awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of its waters. There is also a chance for sports activities here, (football, volleyball) and water sports such as kayaking. This beach was one of the first to ban smoking, following the example of the Cote d'Azur.

Ricanto Beach

This is another city beach, near the residential centre of Ajaccio. It is long, but has few facilities. The shoreline continues for several kilometres, without any cliffs, apart from at each end, and is perfect for anyone wanting to walk or just needing to switch off, rest, sunbathe or wait for the sunset. It is a beach for everyone: Families with children and water sports lovers. The calm, clear water is great for snorkelling, and discovering the sea life just a few metres from shore.

Porticcio Beach

On the Gulf of Ajaccio, the town of Porticcio is a fashionable seaside resort. The beach has become very popular in recent years.  Here you will find an arch of fine sand that dips into a turquoise sea that is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The beach is full of attractions and amenities for visitors. You will have the chance to rent sunbeds and deckchairs. Nearby, you can find restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as large car parks and supermarkets.

There are many places to enjoy something to eat while you watch the beautiful sunset.  It is possible to organise trips amidst nature, into the mountains or even diving from Porticcio.

Agosta Beach

This beach is close to Porticcio. It is also a rather long beach, winding along the coast for about 2 kilometres. The central part offers several restaurants and hotels. The two ends are more rugged, especially to the north. This is a beach that is not really suitable for children, given that the sea bed falls away steeply in just a few metres from shore. On windy days, strong currents develop. In the summer, it is possible to try several sports here as well as water sports.

Isolella Beach

A beach that is for certain one of the most beautiful in Corsica and that will fill your eyes with wonder. When you take the path that leads to Isolella beach, you will come across a turquoise sea with a background that opens onto the city and the Gulf of Ajaccio. Don’t miss your chance for some snorkelling and for watching fish of all sizes swimming before your eyes. You can walk along Isolella beach and find unforgettable corners at the foot of the tower, that has recently been restored. You won’t find many people here, and you can enjoy a relaxing day.

Medea Beach

 South of Isolella close to Cala Medea Bay, there is a small, quiet  and pretty beach. It is not very big, but it will show you a corner of paradise, with clear waters and lush vegetation.  You should come early in the morning to enjoy the magical atmosphere and exciting lights. It is a romantic beach that will gift you glimpses and moments to frame, at sunset too. There are facilities and restaurants in the area, so you can enjoy your holiday all round,

Ruppione Beach

A perfect beach for surfing and windsurfing but that is spectacular to look at too. We are south of the village of Porticcio. In Summer, Ruppione comes alive and is a very busy area. The waves break onto the soft, fine sand in a spectacular manner. You can come here to rest or for a break in one of the local kiosks. During the summer, the beach is supervised by life guards, as it there is often a strong wind and strong currents and high waves develop as a result.

Sun and Sea Beach

The fine, shiny sand has given this beach its alternative name of “Silver Beach”. The Sun and Sea Beach, close to the town of Coti-Chiavari, in South Corsica, will come as a real surprise. Sea, sunshine, relaxation, in a place that is not so crowded. You can also make use of the several kiosks where you can enjoy a break or a snack. In fact, it manages to maintain its wild, rustic heart, also thanks to the lush pine foreststhat frame the beach.

Don’t be scared, but you could also come across some cows, that often venture into the area.  A relaxed, country environment that will allow you to spend a relaxing afternoon in the middle of nature.

Portigliolo Beach

Portigliolo Beach is one of the largest, given that its shoreline continues for over two kilometres as far as the mouth of the River Rizzanese. We are between the municipalities of Campomoro and Propriano, in an unspoilt area that still preserves its beauty, in spite of being just a few kilometres from the airport.

Here, we find relaxing water and a peaceful, relaxing setting that characterizes the beach, and nearby there are also some ponds that lend an exotic touch to the area. Here, the sea is perfect for surfing, and many people come here to chase the waves on their boards. One area of the beach is frequented by naturists.

Santa Lina Beach

One of the most popular beaches with tourists. It is one of the most beautiful and easiest to reach in all Corsica. Santa Lina Beach is located on the Sanguinarie Islands road, in the Gulf of Ajaccio. You will feel like you are lost in time and have landed in the Caribbean. In front of you there will be soft sand and calm, turquoise waters. These are the reasons why it has become a popular beach with families, who can allow their children to swim and play in the shallow waters.

The long shoreline continues for about one and half kilometres, also ideal for a walk for anyone who doesn’t like sitting still under a parasol. It is possible to rent a jet ski, canoe or pedalo for that extra bit of adrenaline for your afternoon. There are kiosks or restaurants for all your needs in the area.

Le Crêtes Beach

This is one of the beaches in the centre of Ajaccio. A quiet place: it is usually empty and is not far from the marine cemetery. The landscape is made of sand and rocks. You will find lush vegetation here, with Mediterranean scrub being predominant. Given the currents and the constant presence of waves, the beach is mostly known and frequented by surfers. You can climb onto the rocks here to enjoy an amazing view 

Lazaret Beach

One of the first beaches in the Corniche area, in Sète. It is a quiet place, where you will find a wide beach with several facilities. A sandy beach about one kilometre long, mainly made up of salt marshes and vineyards, which lends it a pleasant and unusual appearance.

You can do sport here, beach volley, football or water polo, or just relax on a sunbed and get a tan. Sète offers up to 12 kilometres of sand, all for you to enjoy your holiday. There are specific protections for children, so that they can have fun in a protected bathing area and sliding platforms to aid access and mobility of pushchairs.

Moorea Beach

Another place for people wanting to enjoy some relaxation in a quiet place in contact with nature. This beach provides, peace, a quiet sea and lush vegetation. The shoreline is made up of pebbles and sand. Moorea Beach is reached along a path. Nearby there are several restaurants where you can taste seafood dishes. This is a beach especially popular with families. Here you will also find bars right on the beach, where you can sip cocktails and look at a breathtaking view.

Macumba Beach

Little coves, rocks, sand... Macumba Beach, also known as Vignola Beach, is a place of surprises, activities and fun. It stretches for 600 metres along the Sanguinarie road. As well as its special sea, you will be able to experience the lush nature and unforgettable sights, while exploring the isolated coves. You can hire sunbeds, parasols and even equipment for water sports, from snorkelling to canoeing.

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National Parks, mountains, but above all, a thousand kilometres of coastline. Corsica is a paradise of beaches, a long list of wonders, comprising bays, gorges, and uncontaminated beaches. Ajaccio is just as attractive, with its many sights and attractions, but also offers a special sea. Sometimes it is suitable for surfing, other times for a swim, and in some cases it becomes the perfect setting for admiring a sunset or for sharing a special moment with friends. You will also have the chance to walk in nature or just spend time being perfectly idle.

Even in busy periods for tourism, you will manage to find your space, or a perfect corner. You will discover Ajaccio's identity through its cuisine too: strong tastes are predominant, like cold meats, and the elegant soups and fish dishes. Some of the desserts to try are the fiadone, a ricotta cake and a chestnut-flour sponge. Choose Ajaccio and Corsica, and go on a few of the trips organised by Costa Cruises to get to know its treasures from a different perspective.

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