What Clothes to Bring on a Cruise

Are you wondering what to pack? Have you already asked all your friends who are also cruise enthusiasts, and you’re still not sure?

Don't worry, we're here to help you with any advice on what to bring, what not to bring, and what you can find on board.

The closets in our cabins are very spacious, and don't forget that each ship has its own extensive shopping arcade where you can find clothing, perfume and accessories, a hairdresser and a beauty centre for all your beauty requirements. A daily laundry service is also available.

So, if you embark with bags that are not too full, you'll have more space for souvenirs and gifts for you and your loved ones.


Preparing your suitcase! You’ll need to pack different items depending on the countries included on your cruise itinerary: here are a few examples.

The Mediterranean in spring-summer

Lightweight luggage! The climate is pleasantly warm in all the countries we visit on our cruises. Don't forget sunscreen for your skin, sunglasses and beach wear. And a bag is very useful for when you go to the beach.

The Mediterranean in autumn-winter

Even if the climate is not ideal for the beach, it is the perfect time for exploring cities and culture. We recommend comfortable shoes, sweaters and rainproof outerwear, and an umbrella you can keep in your bag.

Northern Europe

Don't forget hiking boots and clothing for sports and outdoor shore excursions, a camera and a backpack as hand luggage. Summers in Northern Europe are mild, but in the mornings and evenings a jacket is essential.

Exotic destinations

Summer clothing for a tropical climate, with waterproof clothing for sudden downpours, swimwear, sarong, sunscreen. In Muslim countries like the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives, we recommend that you respect the local customs and do not wear revealing or provocative clothing.

World Tour

So many places to visit on a cruise round the world... you won't be able to bring your entire wardrobe from home! Don't forget: all the necessary documents, passport, visa, camera and some good books.

Far East

The climate can change from mild Japan to tropical Vietnam, so don't be caught unprepared: t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and sunscreen for sunny days; raincoat, closed shoes and a sweater for the wetter days.

Check the list

Essential for any trip

What is provided on board

What not to bring

✓ Personal documents and travel documents

✓ Bed linen

✗  Weapons, ammunition, explosive substances

✓ Medicines and medical devices

✓ Towels

✗ Fireworks, gases, infectious or poisonous substances

✓ Credit card or cash

✓ Soap, shampoo and body wash

✗ Food and drink (with the exception of food for young children)

✓ Chargers

✓ Hair dryer

✗ Animals (except guide dogs)

✓ Sunscreen, sunglasses and swimsuits

✓ Beach towels

✗ Home appliances (iron, coffee maker, kettle, hair dryer, hair straightener)

Nappies, bottles and specific foods for young children

✓ Cigarettes, tobacco (available from shops and bars on board)

See the complete list of prohibited items

✓ Comfortable shoes to enjoy shore excursions with happy feet

✓ Crib, cot, high chair and baby bottle warmer (on request and subject to availability at the time of booking)


✓ An evening dress and white clothing



✓ A sweater or wrap



✓ Camera



✓ Protective masks and hand sanitizer gel




And other things you need to know

How much can my suitcase weigh? How is my luggage delivered to my cabin?


The weight and size of your luggage will differ depending on whether your trip includes a flight. If you have to take a flight, the rules stipulate a single piece of luggage and a small item of hand luggage per passenger. We suggest you contact your airline to check the rules you must observe.
If, however, your holiday starts from the port itself, in addition to the item of hand luggage, each passenger can bring one additional item of luggage for a cruise period of a maximum of 7 days, two items for a maximum duration of 14 days and three items of luggage for cruises exceeding a period of 14 days.


Baggage drop off

Once you reach the port of boarding and when you disembark, it has never been so easy to transport your luggage. You simply affix the luggage labels that will be provided with your cruise ticket, and we will deliver your luggage directly to the cabin.
Be sure to carry personal effects, routine medicines and anything that could be useful during boarding in your hand luggage.


If you require further information, please contact your Travel Agency or our Cruise Experts.

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During the day, in the evening, on shore excursions or playing sports, every event and experience during your Costa holiday needs the right outfit. Forgotten something? Each one of our ships has its own extensive shopping arcade where you can find what you didn't bring.