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Il toboga a bordo delle navi Costa Crociere 2
Descending at speed from a water slide on the top deck of the ship is really exciting. From speedy bends to fast descents, you can test the courage of your friends or play with the whole family. You can slide down the articulated pipes and discover a new concept of fun every day during your Costa cruise. The water is always fresh, the sun will shine and the ship will constantly be guiding you safely through new seas to your next destination.

Life on board

Life on board

Experience a dream vacation on a Costa Cruise, deals and activities for everyone.

LAB - Kitchen Lab

for a fee

Are you ready to be one of our “Chef for a day”? You can put your skills at the oven to the test and share your most creative recipes at LAB. And if you need some inspiration, be amazed by Bruno Barbieri’s dishes!

Restaurant Tutti a Tavola


With a view over the sea and... your little travel companions, it's the first restaurant dedicated to families. Located a stone's throw from Luna Park, it has a comfortable interior space and a beautiful exterior overlooking the sea.