Special diets

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Diete speciali a bordo di nave Costa

The pleasure of a gourmet holiday is also provided for coeliacs, allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans, with dishes that do not compromise on taste and creativity.

If you follow a special gluten-free diet because you suffer from celiac disease or diabetes or have some kind of allergy or intolerance, prepare to enjoy all the tastes of a Costa holiday. If you're vegetarian or vegan, we can serve dishes prepared especially for you. Special menus are available in the restaurants, served at breakfast, lunch and dinner or, alternatively, you can bring your own products that the Costa chefs can turn into delicious dishes. Even when you go on a trip, you can request a packed lunch to suit your needs. We are happy to meet these specific needs; simply notify us at the time of booking. Enjoy the holiday while you follow your normal diet!

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Life on board

Life on board

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LAB - Kitchen Lab

for a fee

Are you ready to be one of our “Chef for a day”? You can put your skills at the oven to the test and share your most creative recipes at LAB. And if you need some inspiration, be amazed by Bruno Barbieri’s dishes!

Restaurant Tutti a Tavola


With a view over the sea and... your little travel companions, it's the first restaurant dedicated to families. Located a stone's throw from Luna Park, it has a comfortable interior space and a beautiful exterior overlooking the sea.