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Caffè Illy a bordo di nave Costa
The Italian sense of style is present every day and at every event on Costa ships, in bars and at your restaurant table with carefully selected products and brands. Food, drink, ingredients and brands of great Italian tradition are part of Costa’s selection and will add style and quality to your cruise. Costa has partnered with Illy coffee, Ferrari Spumante, Aperol and other major brands, because every moment at the bar is special. Our cuisine uses raw ingredients of Italian excellence like olive oil, Fassona beef for burgers or curds from Sele for the mozzarella, freshly made on board. Barilla pasta will be the queen of your starter dish. And Agrimontana ice cream, Gobino and Biasetto chocolate and pastries will make every moment on board even sweeter.

Life on board

Life on board

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LAB - Kitchen Lab

for a fee

Are you ready to be one of our “Chef for a day”? You can put your skills at the oven to the test and share your most creative recipes at LAB. And if you need some inspiration, be amazed by Bruno Barbieri’s dishes!

Restaurant Tutti a Tavola


With a view over the sea and... your little travel companions, it's the first restaurant dedicated to families. Located a stone's throw from Luna Park, it has a comfortable interior space and a beautiful exterior overlooking the sea.