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Are history and culture your passions, and do you love exploring the cities to discover their beauty and curiosities? Or are you a sporty type who can’t resist the thrill of adventure? Or maybe you’d like to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the wonders of flora and fauna while relaxing? Whatever your desires, we have organised over 2500 shore excursions to satisfy your wishes and inspire new ones. We want to offer you the best of every destination to explore in the way you prefer. Competent and certified local guides will accompany you in a world of breath-taking itineraries and engaging activities: from trekking to kayak tours, from the food and wine tour to the desert raid, from a city visit to a panoramic walk, while always putting your safety and your wellbeing first. And to offer everyone an unforgettable journey full of excitement, here are the new “Adagio Tours”: group excursions dedicated to guests who wish to experience dry land at a relaxed pace, admiring enchanting places and magical attractions, enjoying them, unhurried, to the full. The “Adagio Tours” leave behind the frenetic rhythms and remove the architectural barriers to give each guest the memory of a unique holiday!

“Adagio Tour”: at the right speed

The “Adagio Tour” is a programme of shore excursions for those who want to experience dry land at their own pace. Exclusively on the Costa Smeralda each tour guarantees the total absence of obstacles and architectural barriers.

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