Best Time to Cruise

It's always the right season for cruise. Discover the ideal destinations offered for every time of the year. With Costa it is easy to leave every season.


Winter can be the best opportunity for spend the Christmas and New Year holidays surrounded by beaches and islands in hot and sunny destinations such as Caribbean, Indian Ocean, but also Dubai and South America.


What is the best time for go to the Caribbean? Generally, you prefer to leave when temperatures are warm, i.e. from mid-November to mid-May. You can celebrate Christmas and New Year in white beaches and crystal clear water.

Indian Ocean

The Seychelles with temperatures unlikely to drop below 24 degrees Celsius in our winter season are one of the most popular destinations. Check out all departures on crociere in the Indian Ocean.


The tepore of spring opens the door to the magical Baltic Capitals and with the awakening of nature you will be ready for celebrate Easter with a cruise in the Atlantic Sea for admire the wonderful landscapes Canaries.

North Europe

The spring period between March and June is ideal for enjoy the North Europe. You'll see the beauty of the Baltic capitals and if you're planning to go further north, you'll see the wonderful sun-sun at midnight.


The Canary Islands are warm destinations all year round, but in Spring you'll find the perfect climate for enjoy your beach holiday with nature excursions and perfect for surfers.


Where to cruise for enjoy the summer to the full? Spend a refreshing August in the magnificent fjords of Norway. If you love the beaches, the sea and even a bit of culture, the Greek Islands are your choice.

Norwegian fjords

The Norwegian fjords are an alternative to the classic summer holidays. Admire the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness and epic scenery such as: the picturesque Norse villages and towering glacier waterfalls.

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are the spearhead of Greece. This summer relax in the sun, take advantage of the beautiful sea and get involved with the monumental Greek culture. Start from June to August for a dream summer holiday.


With autumn approaching the big commitments of the year. To really disconnect, you can make your way to South America on a transatlantic cruise. If you have little time you can choose our mini-holidays in the Mediterranean.

South America

The best period for go to South America is definitely from November to March, namely the southern hemisphere summer. Choose then to spend spring warm with Costa Cruises.


Discover the Mediterranean in Autumn you can enjoy a mild climate, fascinating landscapes and visit historic cities such as Barcelona, Santorini and Naples.

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Take the rewards of the season thanks to the great Costa proposals. Discover all the destinations of Costa Cruises and organise your cruise and choose to leave whenever you want!