We take many thousands of tourists to the finest destinations all over the world and show them splendid cultural attractions and natural scenery. We are well aware of the positive role played by Costa Cruises and our unique wealth of diversity enabling us to build solid relations with local organizations and to create economic and – above all – social value for local communities.


Together for Genoa

The Morandi Bridge collapse is a tragedy that has affected Genoa and Italy as a whole deeply; the city has been largely cut in half by the loss of this key artery. Genoa has always been the home...


Heading for 50,000 portions of food donated and counting: Palermo joins Costa and Banco Alimentare’s program

It’s already a year since the start of the joint project...


Heading for 30,000 portions of food donated and counting

Marseille and Bari join the food waste reduction program run by Costa Cruises and Fondazione Banco Alimentare. Costa is continuing to extend its...


Costa reveals Italy’s most picturesque small towns

For us at Costa, promoting responsible tourism is a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability. An example of this is...


Costa and Fondazione Banco Alimentare: Civitavecchia joins the program to donate surplus food from Costa’s ships

Our project has come to Civitavecchia and so...


Pink is Good comes to Naples

To coincide with breast cancer prevention month, once again this year Costa supported the project Pink is Good , which has been promoted by the Fondazione...


COSTA CRUISES: a partnership with Fondazione Banco Alimentare

As part of Costa’s ongoing efforts to combat poverty and social exclusion in the local communities ...


Costa Cruises and the Giffoni Experience for responsible water consumption

Water has always been vital for life on Earth...


Costa and Fondazione Rava – N.P.H. Onlus: opening of the new kindergarten in Norcia

Right on schedule, on May 9 this year, the official opening...

World of Costa

COSTA CRUISES: Impressive In-Presa in the Galley

Corporate Chef Stefano Fontanesi meets
youngsters from In-Presa for a day of training


Together with Fondazione Francesca Rava – N.P.H. Italia for the reconstruction of the areas hit by the earthquakes

Costa has joined a project mounted by...

World of Costa

Employee volunteering program underway

As part of its welfare initiatives designed to enable the active engagement of its workforce in community support efforts...