Cutting-edge R&D, innovation and a long-term vision for the complete integration of sustainability are the cornerstones of our approach. Our stakeholders expect tangible results and eco-sustainable solutions in all our fields of operation. We work with a great sense of responsibility and passion in order to create the ships of the future and deliver new travel experiences.


Costa Crociere at the Champions 12.3 annual meeting in New York

During the UN Climate Week, world leaders met on September 25th in New York to review progress achieved over the 2030 Agenda...


Costa Cruises becomes a part of Friends of Champions 12.3

With the 4GOODFOOD programme, Costa Cruises has put at the center of its sustainable development strategy a path to...


Reducing food waste: 4GOODFOOD program

Efforts to reduce food waste are at the center of Costa's commitment and constitute one of the top priorities on our path....


Reducing food waste: our partnership with Winnow

The need to reduce food waste is one of the most pressing challenges facing the international community. The urgency of this issue is readily apparent...


Costa joins forces with Fondazione Banco Alimentare to donate surplus food

For Costa, the battle against food waste is one of the central challenges of sustainable development and support...


Together with UNISG to promote a sustainable food model

Costa Cruises’ path to a sustainable food experience is facilitated by its partnership with UNISG - Università degli Studi di Scienze...