Contributing to the preservation of the environment in general and the marine environment in particular is one of our top priorities. This commitment is reflected by a series of specific actions and the constant pursuit of innovative environmental protection solutions. For us, planning sustainable growth means guaranteeing that future generations will continue to be able to enjoy all planet Earth’s natural beauty and benefit from its precious resources.


Costa Cruises signs the “Alliance for the Circular Economy” Manifesto

One of the promoters of the initiative, Costa was yet again one step ahead and - together with other major businesses - was one of the signatories to the MANIFESTO...


No ordinary cruise: testing the state of health of the Mediterranean

A team of researchers from the Italian National Research Council’s Institute of Marine Sciences in Ancona spent a week on board the Costa Luminosa...


CNR Researchers on board Costa’s ships

We are joining forces to further the cause of research in the fields of oceanography and marine science. Starting in June our ships will be available for the CNR...


"Message in a can": presentation of a model of excellence for the collection and recycling of aluminum

CiAl (Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio, Italy’s National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminum)...


Township of Savona: yes we can

The alliance between the Municipality of Savona, Costa Cruises and CIAL has given rise to "Savona, Message in a can"...


Carnival Corporation leader in climate change reporting

The combined total of metric tonnes of CO2 produced by each cruise brand constitutes Carnival Corporation’s carbon footprint...