Contributing to the preservation of the environment in general and the marine environment in particular is one of our top priorities. This commitment is reflected by a series of specific actions and the constant pursuit of innovative environmental protection solutions. For us, planning sustainable growth means guaranteeing that future generations will continue to be able to enjoy all planet Earth’s natural beauty and benefit from its precious resources.


June 8: World Oceans Day

The sea is Costa’s lifeblood: a natural element that is a source of life, wellbeing and inspiration. The oceans produce half of the Earth’s oxygen...


Water conservation

Water is an essential building block of life but it is a limited resource and one that must be protected. March 22 is World Water Day...


Costa Cruises: a model for the circular economy

To put the circular economy at the top of the political agenda and to put forward proposals in order...


The Festival of Sustainable Development comes on board

We believe that it is important to build public awareness of sustainability issues and we are in the front line of ...


“Feeding the world from the ocean”- our sustainable partnership with Camanchaca

The world’s seas and oceans with their flora and fauna influence the global ecosystem as a whole, and all life on...


Costa Cruises signs the “Alliance for the Circular Economy” Manifesto

One of the promoters of the initiative, Costa was yet again one step ahead and - together with other...