The Samsara Spa

A haven of wellness that overlooks the sea

At the Samsara Spa, guests enjoy a wellness experience of complete bliss and rejuvenation. The spa features treatments from around the world that reawaken the senses and ignite a deep mind-body connection. The spa is a paradise where time stands still; the ideal place to unwind and relax after an exciting day exploring a new destination.

Cabins and Suites

For guests who desire a wellness experience at sea that continues beyond the spa, the Samsara Cabins and Suites are the perfect option. Rejuvenation begins with tranquil, serene surroundings, and guests who choose a Samsara-class cabin enjoy an intimate, refined and exclusive experience. All Samsara Cabins and Suites are located in an exclusive area of the ship within the Samsara Spa; a small oasis where a private glass elevator provides direct access to the spa area. Each detail is designed with pampering in mind, from shower filters and luxurious soaps and lotions to organic cotton sheets, a pillow menu and delightful assortment of tea.

Samsara Cabin fare includes:
Thermal access, bathrobes and slippers, amenities kit Elemys
Samsara Suites fare includes:
Thermal access, bathrobes and slippers, amenities kit Elemys, scale, aromatic diffuser, shower filter, water boiler and tea cups.

And if you wish to enrich your own Samsara experience, you can decide to add extra features choosing among several options*:

- Samsara Restaurant
- Thalassotherapy Baths
- Facials
- Therapeutic Massages and Nourishing Wraps
- Beauty Salon and Barber Shop

*available with additional cost.

Samsara Restaurant

For guests who want to try something different! In an elegant setting, the Samsara restaurant combines the creativity of Costa chefs with traditional ingredients from Pacific and Mediterranean cuisines. Fresh, mouthwatering flavours and innovative cuisine, full of the aromas and fragrances of Asia and South America, but prepared with the Mediterranean style at heart. The Pacific fusion menu is a real explosion of flavours!

Gym and Fitness

Costa’s state-of-the-art fitness facilities and group classes offer an enjoyable way to stay energized and balanced during your cruise. From dawn until dusk, choose from a variety of exercise activities like group yoga, Pilates and cycling to tailor-made weight lifting sessions and personal training.

Thalassotherapy Baths

The healing properties of thalassotherapy baths have been recognized since ancient times. With each immersion, guests experience an energetic reawakening of the body’s vital energy points and divine muscle relaxation. Costa’s thalassotherapy baths are precisely heated to body temperature and enriched with Dead Sea salts.


The skin is one of the most precious and delicate areas of the body. It is affected by everything you do during the day. Regenerating facial treatments offer the perfect protection remedies for the harsh elements we are exposed to on a daily basis. Costa Cruises offers guests a wide range of facials to choose from that promote a radiant and youthful glow, enhancing skin heath from the inside out. Among the most popular are Collagen and Hydralift treatments.

Therapeutic Massages and Nourishing Wraps

Massage is a therapeutic treatment that has been used for healing and balance since antiquity. Each treatment, from Balinese massages to aroma stone therapy and reflexology, encourage the flow of energy and revitalize the body. Guests may also choose from blissfully nourishing wraps and steam clay baths, the perfect additions to enhance the healing properties of a massage. With one of these treatments, guests need only to unwind and relax.

Ayurvedic Rituals

Ayurvedic massage is used to restore physical and mental balance and well-being. All areas of the body are massaged with harmonizing movements, taking into account the different elements of which they consist of: air, water and fire. Guests choose between various rituals such as Shirodhara and Shirobhyanga to achieve their ideal path to inner balance. After, enjoy a delicate ayurvedic infusion in the Japanese Tea Room.

Beauty Salon and Barber Shop

Treat yourself to the pleasures that come with caring for your image. Allow expert hands to refresh your hairstyle with a new cut, color or the perfect shave. Among the most popular beauty and barber treatments are exquisite scalp massages, as well as manicures and pedicures — all while overlooking the magnificent blue sea.

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