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Discover Costa’s new cruises for 2013. Join us on our unique itineraries to tropical havens where it feels like summer in the heart of winter: Red Sea, Dubai, Caribbean, South America, Transatlantic, Mediterranean and Far East... and if you don't know which itinerary to choose, our Round the World voyages are back!

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Come along on a journey throughout Northern Europe to off-the-beaten-path ports of call and timeless lands surrounds by stunning backdrops.
Or perhaps you would like to take an enchanting holiday to the Mediterranean, surrounded by diverse cultures, history steeped in tradition, exciting adventures and powdery beaches.

Plan your next holiday today! Select the itinerary that excites you the most from all of our global cruises.

The Red Sea with Costa Voyager from November 2012 to February 2013

Petra, Luxor, Jerusalem, some of the greatest wonders of the world and the crystal clear waters of Sharm El Sheik, all in a single journey.


Dubai and the Arab Emirates with Costa Atlantica from December 2012 to April 2013

A journey to futuristic Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the charm of the Omani desert. A world of wonders and a unique experience.


The Caribbean with Costa Mediterranea and Costa Luminosafrom November 2012 to April 2013

The best of the Caribbean in a week: Antilles, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the Bahamas...
a dream come true.


The Mediterranean from November 2012 toNovember 2013

Explore our cruises to the ancient civilizations of Greece, the most beautiful sites of the Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands, Morocco and Portugal), the stunning Balearic Islands and many other exotic places — where excitement and unique experiences abound.

Discover the Eastern Mediterranean Discover the Western Mediterranean

Northern Europefrom May to September 2013

The impressive and unspoiled landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords and the magic and tradition of the Northern Capitals.... A breathtaking natural environment waiting to be explored.

Discover the Northern Capitals Discover the Norwegian Fjords

Transatlantic November 2012, March and April 2013

Intense itineraries, crossing the Atlantic Ocean through 16 and 28 days cruises.
An ideal gift for a special holiday, where the journey pleasure becomes an amazing adventure.


South America with4 flagships from December 2012 to April 2013

Lots of new itineraries in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.
A journey to South America means nature, adventure, charm, elegance, rhythm, life.


The Far East with Costa Victoria from November 2012 toNovember 2013

Unusual itineraries to discover ancient civilisations and fascinating distant worlds.
Routes to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, lands of truly incalculable value.


Costa neoRomantica's great journey to the antipodes of the world

Dubai/United Arab Emirates

East and West, past and future, discover Dubai and its futuristic architecture, and the United Arab Emirates, for an unforgettable experience that is really out of the ordinary.


Indian Ocean and Mauritius

Be amazed by magnificient landscapes and colours: a journey into another world through the wonderful scenery of Indian Ocean.


Pacific Ocean

Live a wonderful experience in an unforgettable journey towards islands and atolls of the wolrd's biggest ocean. Dream beaches, blue sea, unconventional sunsets.


Grand Oriental Cruises

Untouched paradises, enchanting islands with infinite shades of green and turquoise, fascinating landscapes: an unforgettable journey of discovery seeking Mother Nature's treasures.


Round the world trip with Costa Deliziosa 100 days departing in January 2013

An incredible circumnavigation to be experienced in all its beauty, following in the footsteps of the greatest explorers in history.


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