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Costa Cruises - Eco-excursions: respectful holidays

Travelling can be an endless source of personal enrichment: not only does it allow you to discover unspoilt nature, but also to encounter local cultures and traditions. By choosing Costa Cruises you can combine the fun, relaxation and adventure of a cruise with a responsible and more environmentally-friendly way of travelling.

Parks, oases and nature reserves

An eco-excursion in a protected park or an ecological oasis provides opportunities for amazing encounters with nature and unforgettable thrills!

You can explore spectacular coral reefs with hundreds of multi-coloured fish and the magical plant life of the depths. Or the beauty of the tropical rainforest where the bright colours of exotic birds lurk among the branches.

Zero environmental impact

An eco-excursion allows you to visit the places you call at on your holiday in a different way: you can be a tourist using means of transport that have zero environmental impact!

Just look around you to notice the difference: exploring Helsinki by bike gives it a completely new kind of charm. How about a trip on a mountain bike or horseback in Barbados? Whether you're snorkelling, trekking or riding in a gondola, whether it's an adrenaline-inducing adventure or a romantic outing, getting around with zero impact on your surroundings is good for yourselves and the environment.

Develop new interests

An eco-excursion allows you to experience all the wonderful local traditions of the places you visit, and provide support to the people you will meet and help preserve their culture at the same time.

It's a great feeling knowing that you can have an adventure and support local development too! No book or guide can ever match experiencing hospitality first-hand in close contact with the local population and nature.